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Brangelina Cause Near-Riot on Rickshaw Ride

10/9/2006 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently unable to afford more sophisticated vehicular transportation, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took a spin in a rickshaw in downtown Pune, India yesterday – and almost caused a riot in the process.
Brangelina: Click to watch
The couple decided to take 5-year-old son Maddox out for a little ride into town, except that, this being India, a massive throng of fans, photographers, cameramen, and reporters surrounded their little rickshaw every time they stopped, and a security detail in the rickshaw behind had to jump out just to keep the hordes at bay.

It all got a bit too much for the Jolie-Pitts, as they had to cut their ride short after 20 minutes. No word on their destination, but the couple is in town to shoot scenes for "A Mighty Heart," which Pitt is producing and Jolie is starring in.

Anna Nicole Residency-Buying Charges as Son is Mourned

Native Bahamians are up in arms about the speed with which Anna Nicole Smith obtained residency in the island – and they're accusing her of paying off the immigration minister with a $10,000 check to fast-track her application.

The Bahaman Free National Movement is claiming, as MSNBC reports, that Smith was given her residency in three weeks, which is much shorter than usual, though Shane Gibson, the immigration minister, says that it actually took three months. Gibson doesn't deny that, whatever the actual duration, "this one was done very quickly," and he says that there was once a "Czech financier" in 1995 who had his application approved in just over two months.

Meanwhile, amidst all the sordidness, Anna Nicole's late son Daniel Smith, whose body is still in the Bahamas, was remembered at a ceremony on Saturday at the First Baptist Church in his hometown of Mexia, Tex., where Daniel's father, Billy Smith, still lives. Relatives, who had not seen the boy in years, recalled their interactions with Daniel, especially his love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

"Departed" Arrives As Scorsese's Biggest Opening Ever

The cop drama "The Departed," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson, took the box office crown this weekend with just over $27 million, making it director Martin Scorsese's biggest opening by far. "Cape Fear," the 1991 film starring Robert De Niro, scored $10 million in its debut.

Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook didn't fare so well with "Employee of the Month," which came in third with an $11.8 million debut, while the latest "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" installment shocked audiences into shelling out $19.1 million in its opening frame.

Party Favors: Wynn Tears $140 Million Picasso, Rapper Jadakiss Arrested on Gun Charge

Hotel king Steve Wynn may have put his elbow through an incredibly expensive Picasso that he had sold to a billionaire fund manager. According to Page Six sources, the casino mogul was hosting a cocktail party at the Wynn Las Vegas when he accidentally put a tear in a Picasso painting "from the Blue period," worth almost $140 million. "I'm glad that was me," Wynn supposedly told his guests, including Barbara Walters and Nora Ephron ... Rapper Jadakiss, whose real name is Jason Phillips, was arrested Saturday at a traffic stop in New York on suspicion of a weapons possession. In 2004, the rapper, who has performed with Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez among others, was arrested on weapons possession charges in North Carolina, on which he reached a plea agreement.

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No Avatar


love, peace, and harmony, you are so cool and so smart! i'm glad you wrote a serious intelligent remark. dumbass.

2899 days ago


Hey India is great place to take you kid for a vacation. I've been there several times it's a beautiful country with lots to see and do. Why don’t you get your behind out of America once in a while? Don't speak about things you obvious have no clue about, some of us actually travel.

Angelina and Brad, nothing bad there. I bet all the detractors have never spent one minute in a foreign country, let alone volunteer to help one out.

2899 days ago


I believe I said IMO, on most of the things I wrote, so if I offended your Idols, I don't care...You bottom feeders go on a Jen pic and tell the most horrendous lies you can think of, which are absolutely not true, so I have just as much right to be here as AJ and BP fans...It is mostly these two that piss me off, because they try to act like they are soooo great..and I don't think they are, and from a lot of these posts, there are many people who feel the same way that I do...Yeah, Im a JA fan, have been for many years...She has more morals in her little pinky than AJ has in her whole anorexic body..And Im not going any where..if you don't like my opinions, I don't care..and if you like AJ I don't care about that either...But i will say what I want...thats what this thread is are the ones who are upset because I don't have any respect for your idol...oh well

2898 days ago

jolie fan    

Judy, Your obsession with Brad and Angelina is a bit scary. You need to get a grip on your anger. You certainly do not have to like them, but to get so crazy with your hate towards them shows what kind of a person you are. You have alot of anger and hostility in you. Maybe you should seek help for that before you do something you`ll regret. It is never good to become obsessed with anything or anyone. It is definately never good to become obsessed with hating someone. You should consider channelling your hate towards more productive things like ending poverty, child porn, wars, aids, the bush administraion, bill o`reilly, or something not as serious, getting rid of cellulite. Everone hates cellulite! You would be a hero for that one.

2898 days ago


i'm glad Brad and Angie tried to take their son out on what was suppose to be a fun rickshaw ride. hopefully they get to see more of the beautiful sights of India w/ more peace.

wow that "judy" is a psycho

2898 days ago

jolie fan    

I just watched the video of the rickshaw ride on msnbc. The paparazzi completely swarmed them. There were dozens of photogs taking pictures, and practically falling on them. The bodyguard repeatedly asked them to back off. They (the paparazzi) almost caused a riot. They put Brad, Angie and maddox in a very dangerous situation. I am not for any kind of violence, but this photographer like all the others there, caused a very dangerous situation. He should count his blessings that no one was injured. What started out as a fun thing for them to do, turned out to be very scarey ride for them. Poor Maddox, the look on his face tells the whole story. Watching the full video will explain the bodygurads behavior. If anyone should get sued it should be this photographer as well as the rest for scaring the hell out of the three of them. Especially poor Maddox! The paparazzi needs to be held accountable for their behavior. I am all for celebrities being fair game when they are out in public, but from a safe distance. This was way too close. Photographers should never be allowed to get in anyones face, or create a dangerous situation. Brad,Angie and Maddox could have been seriously injured.
chickeepoo, they are there to do a film, and if you`ve ever been to india you would know, that like america there are parts you want to visit and parts you don`t.

2898 days ago


At least Angelina can keep a man!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

2898 days ago


brad and angelina are going about their lives with their family and appear to be very happy so JUDY, eat your heart out.

2898 days ago

Georgia Peach    

Hi Wise Old Owl - Glad to see you had some comments. You are pretty wise most of the time, and the voice of reason when everyone is freaking out on some of these blogs.

I won't say I totally agree with you here, though, but I know you will respect my thoughts. I don't dislike Brad and Angelina, although coming from a home that was destroyed through infidelity, I can tell you that Brad was totally wrong in the way he handled his affair with Angelina while married to Jennifer. I am a firm believer in walking away from the marriage before sleeping with others. That being said, I do believe he has the right to be happy and be with whomever he chooses.

At the same time, I do not believe that celebrities enjoy the right to privacy in a public street in front of a hotel, and I certainly do not condone the violence used by their bodyguard. I am sorry, but in no way was that anything but assault, and that bodyguard should be arrested and fired. Brad and Angelina should make some sort of public apology for his behavior, as well. They are the ones claiming to promote "peace" and what their bodyguard did was anything but peaceful. I believe that celebrities do deserve privacy at times, but this was a public ride through a public street, and in no way was this a "private" moment. They chose to take the child out in public, in the daylight, with the paparazzi swarming the hotel. It's not like the photogs were hiding in the bushes. Brad and Angelina knew they were there.

Lastly, they are CELEBRITIES! My God, these people are highly paid to be in the spotlight. Sorry, but I would trade with them any day of the week to never worry about paying a bill again for my entire life. I think they should be grateful, and learn to distinguish private moments from the public ones.

2898 days ago


What a couple of a**holes.

2898 days ago

jolie fan    

Teresa- The paparazzi was swarming the rickshaw. They are the ones that caused a near riot. The bodyguard was trying to get them to backoff because they were too close and could have caused an accident. You talk crap all the time. Brad waited until he was legally seperated from the lunatic he was married to before he hooked up with Angelina. That is the truth, but you don`t want the truth. You would rather hate Brad and Angie (along with most haters) just because it makes you feel good to hate and to condemn people. I am so sick of you Brad and Angie haters screaming about morals, when it is you that don`t have any. If that was your family in that rickshaw, I doubt if you would see things the way you do. Maybe someday, you and your family will be lucky enough to be put in a bad situation and we can all sit here and gab about what an a-hole you were for trying to protect your family. I am sure you must feel that princess Di was at fault for her own death even though the rest of know it was the fault of the paparazzi. Is that what you want, a celcbrity to die, hopefully Brad, Angie and their three kids? Quit the hating teresa. What do you know about peace, you are filled with hate and bitterness toward two people and their children just because they won`t live the life you want them to. Grow up!

2898 days ago

george vieto    

Hey Brad why don't you go on and makes faces at the camera mocking Mel Gibson's boo boo now? A joke is funny until you are the victim. Funny this never happened to the Mrs. World contestants back in 2005. They are head turners too. Nyuk nyuk nyuk oh wise guy.

2895 days ago


I think they are the two (2) most sincere and beautiful pair to come out of "Hollywood" in years. More power to them and keep up the good humanitarian work....

2886 days ago

Sally Wieck    

Don't know about all of the comments, do know that Brangelina are 2 people trying to be with their children - not our business how they got them - and WE are the watchers, the lookers, the curious seekers. They move on and we condemn them for it. Come on, guys, if we - any of us - decided to adopt a child, no matter from where, if people with cameras began to follow us and take pictures - what could we do but try to move on. They didn't invite us to watch their baby being born in another country, we chose to follow them there. They didn't invite cameras and papparazzi to be with them on a rickshaw ride. We, also, are the ones hoping to get that little glimpse of Shiloh - trying to see Brad and Angelina with some faults. We are the guilty party in whatever is happening to them, and to say they are ugly or that they should stop what they are doing is ridiculous. They are trying to live a life like you and me.

2884 days ago


Brangelina is the best thing that ever happened to promote human kindness in this sometime crazy world we have. We need these good celebrities so all ignorant and naive people can be aware of some of the worst atrocities being committed around the world. Brangelina is spreading throughout the celebrity community, like George Clooney's and Madonna's efforts. Anything that can do good for the world instead of war, praise the Lord.

2876 days ago
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