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Brangelina's Bodyguard on the Attack

10/9/2006 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brangelina's bodyguard attacks: Click to watchToday's lesson: Don't mess with Brad and Angelina.

A security guard for the couple attacked a member of the paparazzi waiting outside their hotel on Saturday in Pune, India-- and it was all caught on tape.

After yelling at the photog, who says he was a guest of the hotel and was being considerate, the bodyguard lunged forward and grabbing him by the throat, choking him.

The photographer, Sam Ralph, says he's considering taking further action, "I haven't decided yet, I'm considering it. But yes, I'm a guest at this hotel, I have every right to be here and it would be disrespectful to take pictures inside the hotel I know they wouldn't like that, but I was outside anyway doing my job along with everyone else."

Pitt and Jolie are in India preparing for Angelina's new film, "A Mighty Heart," which begins shooting next week.


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Ok, so to understand this correctly these folk SOLD the first picture of there kid and thought THAT was OK, but let there bodyguard manhandle a photographer because what, he didn't pay for the picture? The more times he hangs out with this chick the more his worth goes down. When he was with jen he was never so belligerent towards photographers. now look at him. I guess it's all in the company you keep.

It seems to all that she's leading him around by the short and curly's. making him look like a fool to boot. but then that's what he get.

2935 days ago

Georgia Peach    

#26 - you are so full of it!!! Yes, the paparazzi did swarm them on their Rickshaw Ride, but this was in front of the HOTEL you idiot! No matter what, it is against the law to put your hands on someone, and I didn't see any threatening moves (even on CNN) by this photographer. As a matter of fact, every report from CNN to FOX News disagreed with the way that bodyguard man-handled the photographer. Look, if they didn't want to be swarmed by the media, then they shouldn't make such a big production to the media about their travels. After all, they are the ones literally inviting the press as they publicly discuss every place they go before they get there. They aren't looking for privacy - only press, and lots of it. Give me a break - these two are ALL ABOUT THE PUBLICITY!!!! What world are you living in?

Also, I am highly disappointed in the fact that no public apologies have come out of either one of them for this bodyguard's behavior. Seriously, this was assault. No one can put hands on another person, particularly grabbing them around the throat like that and it be anything else. And, what if this had been a fan of theirs taking the picture?? I hope this bodyguard is both prosecuted and fired, and I sincerely hope that Brad and Angelina issue some sort of public apology for his behavior. After all, he does work for them.

2935 days ago


They have absolutely no reason to apologize they did not punch this loser it was the bodyguard and I'm guessing he doesn't feel the need to apologize to some loser photog that can't back off when asked. They owe nothing to the public, except to entertain us. And just because they do it doesn't mean we can send stockers out to hunt them down for photos and endanger their son life. What's wrong with you? You think just because you pay $8.50 to see one of their movies you and others are now allowed to follow them everywhere, photographing everything they do, stocking them endlessly, and never giving them or their children a chance to live their lives? You should think again.

2935 days ago


they are public people at a movie premiere etc. but when they are out with their son, that should be respected as family time just like anyone else. we don't buy their lives with a movie ticket. as to them selling pics of the baby, that was done for others, all the money went to charity, whole differnet issue.

2935 days ago

jolie fan    

cmyman-I am sure that if people magazine made you an offer of over four million dollars, you would not turn it down. I am also sure you would rather let children starve, then feed them. Since Brad and Angie gave every cent to unicef and other children charities.
Teresa- I just finished writing to you on a different Brad and Angie blog. Boy you just can`t get enough of this couple. I saw the video, I saw what happened. Yes, I believe all celcbrities are fair game out in public, but from a safe distance. The paparazzi created a dangerous situation. I know you NEED to believe that they alert the media so they can be hounded, I know this much about you from all the blogs I have read of yours. You hate this couple very much. So now you are consumed with spewing your hate for them, because the world revolves around you, and if you hate someone, then everyone must hate them as well. I would hate myself if I ever became like you and went from ja site to ja site just to spew my hate towards her. Let`s face it doll, you`re the idiot!

2935 days ago


I would love to see the reaction of Brangelina if the papparazzi left them alone for one full week. They'd be crying "COME BACK, COME BACK!!"

2935 days ago


jennifer i bet you are very wrong. they would probably love some time to just enjoy their family.

2935 days ago


Photogs aside (and pain in the butt they are at times). There is nothing in this world that permits this ape to assault this fellow. Angelina and Brad are soley responsible for his actions and therefore are liable. Methinks this 'Tog has a wonderful suit on his hands and probably can retire on it. If B&A are smart, they will fire the bodygaurd.

However, if they DO NOT release him, it sends a message they condone his behaviour and are setting themselves up to fail in all thier positive efforts.

2935 days ago


Ok they've made nice with the photogs now so can we all just drop it???

Brangelina turn ride into photo op

Brangelina took a second auto rickshaw ride in Pune, turning it into a photo-op for the media. Apparently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, in the city to shoot A Mighty Heart, were "fully aware" they would be pursued and caught on camera. There is speculation they took the ride to give the media something and to reduce the "constant harassment."

It seems to have worked and the media presence in the lobby of the hotel where the celeb couple are staying was considerably less after their rickshaw ride. "It's okay now. We have got the pictures," said one photographer. A source in the film unit suggests the couple now "expect some privacy after they made a public appearance of sorts."

2935 days ago


You need to take an India law class. A and J are not liable. They're not in your sue happy U.S of A. Sorry but that doesn't fly here. By the way we all love the couple, they've been polite and a joy to have in our Country. We'd keep them for you, if they'd stay.

2935 days ago


Whatever Mikey had to do I'm sure it worked, bet it'll be a while before that little weasle gets in his face again. Also, you would think a british photog would be a little more sensitive to this issue concidering what happened to Princess Di!

2935 days ago

jolie fan    

I would like to know how many of you Aniston fans were outraged when Jen`s bodyguard was very rough with a photographer a few months ago? He was just trying to take her picture, There weren`t any children involved, nor a near riot, He did not cause a dangerous situation. I did not read the comments, so I am not sure what the consensus was, but I am sure none of you were screaming foul play, If some of you Aniston fans did admit the bodyguard was wrong then I will apologize. When I saw the first clip of this incident, I will be honest I felt the bodyguard was out of line. After watching the full video, I understand why he lost his cool. I heard of the photographer that was roughed up in africa by Brad and Angies bodyguard for just taking a picture. I don`t know if this is the same one, but he should be fired. That is if the photographer was just taking a picture and not causing harm to anything or anyone. Brad and Angie are not the only celebrities whose bodyguard lost his cool. We hear these stories all the time. The paparazzi is out of control. Celebrities need to ban together and pass some laws, before we lose another lovely person like princess Di.
jt- if it was your family would you be on the photogs side? More than likely not!

2935 days ago


Celebrities claim to want "normal lives." But they still expect to have (totally undeserved) multi-million dollar a year salaries, multiple mansions all over the world wherever their hearts desire, and the like. If they want normal lives so much they can go out and get normal jobs that pay normal salaries.
And no matter how you slice it, they put themselves out into the public by going into their particular business. And it's not like they make movies purely for the "art" of it. If that's the case, they could just join up into a local theatre group or something, and that would satisfy their need for performance. They no doubt enjoy their huge salaries. They rely on the public for those salaries. And they also rely on media attention to draw in more public attention and to keep public interest up. So when will they learn to just go with it? Figure out a way tp deal with it, for crying out loud. If you fight it, you'll make things bad for yourself because then everyone will be crawling all over eachother trying to get your picture. Duhhhh......
Wouldn't you just love to own Brad's friend Goerge Clooney's beautiful Italian lakeside villa? The one that he lounges around in and complains about media attention all day in? He wouldn't have that villa to begin with if the media or the public paid no attention to him. Stop fighting it!! And appreciate what you have. There are plenty of people out there that could actually use their celebrity money for better uses than vacationing all around the world and buying 5 different luxurious mansions and buying thousand dollar t-shirts. So seriously, if they want "normal" lives they can give up their not-normal careers and not-normal salaries and lifestyles (ALL of it). Then will they stop complaining??

2934 days ago


Oh Maria!

Someone's turning green............

2933 days ago


Who are Brad and Angelina?

2897 days ago
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