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Nicole Richie

Kate Moss Wannabe?

10/9/2006 7:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The sunglasses. The shorts. The boy toy. Seems Nicole Richie has a brand new fashion influence these days, legendary supermodel Kate Moss.

Nicole was spotted cruising the streets of Beverly Hills yesterday with a new mystery man, who bears a very close resemblance to Kate's sweetheart, rocker Pete Doherty. Maybe Nicole is hoping the mimicry will land her on the same stellar career path as her hero ... minus the crazy drug scandals, of course.


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They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

dam,if Nicole turns side ways we would miss that skinny bitch,couple of tooth picks holding that bitch up,she is sick,thats for sure

2915 days ago


"who bears a very close resemblance" ...TMZ take the beer goggles off, they look nothing alike.

2915 days ago


Umm... no, TMZ. There's absoultely no connection what so ever to her. It's just pathetic desperate TMZ trying to stick in a let's-make-fun-of-Nicole attempt at a sighting. Nice.

2915 days ago

coco puff    

They look like poster girls for anorexia. I hope they were on their way to get a sandwich. GROSS!

2915 days ago

the wise old owl    

I don't know whether to LOOK at Nicole's legs...........or PICK MY TEETH WITH THEM !!! Does she actually think those things look good ? She is such a bad role model for young girls every where. She hasn't gained one pound.

I remember Karen Carpenter oh so well. So should Nicole 's Dad. Where the hell is he? Somebody help her before it's too late.... Lionel , Brenda DO YOU SEE YOUR DAUGHTER ?

2915 days ago


duh! she's totally a nobody! nobody fashionable wants her. but that's suburban hollywood. no taste -- clearly not of any artistic standard. oh wait. she could be a great sandwich artist -- maybe that's a hidden talent waiting to surface. other than that, a skinny worthless, back rack sale item nobody will buy this season, next season, or any season, and certainly never to come back in style.

2915 days ago

darn tootin    

Don't pick on Kate Moss, she looks fat compared to today's skinny minnies. And at least Kate Moss has style. Nicole, please make note that Kate Moss is doing a beatnik look wearing black flats with black tshirt ala Audrey Hepburn with her short-shorts, thereby she manages to NOT look like the streetwalker ho you are in your high high heels. Question - can ANY women in L.A. go one day without high heels? Or are they all too insecure to ever wear flats? Seems like it takes a way overly exaggerated display of sexiness for them to feel even slightly pretty.

2915 days ago


Why would you think Nicole was trying to be like Kate Moss? Just because they are both skinny and are wearing bluejean shorts in the picture? I see absolutely NO RESEMBLANCE.

You're grasping at straws TMZ.

2915 days ago

Lisa D    

Kate Moss is an old coke whorer, who can not seem to break free from that sweat bag Babyshambles quy,,,she should dump his he is always sweatty and grungy looking,,,and Nicole looks fine right now?? But if she keeps up not gaining any weight she will collapse from lack of nutrution,,,,her potassium level is really low for sure and will kill her if she doesnt't see a dr. soon......a, glad to see her and Paris are friends again,,,,girls will be girls,,,lol...

2914 days ago


Nicole Richie is a piece of garbadge.

2914 days ago


Kate worked being a model all these years. Nicole just lived off daddy's bank account. Nicole's boyfriend looks like a goofy turd.

2914 days ago

duh...totally !    

Kate is beautiful, her freak boyfriend on the other hand....yikes!

Nicole seems to have lost her spunk or something...she looks terrible...the hair? too much ! the lips? too bright !
I know these girls have stylists---must be over-paid!

2914 days ago


They BOTH look a HOT MESS!!!

2914 days ago


I think all of you people are jealous or something because you are so angry sounding...I think both look really cute but Nicole has an unhappy look on her face so much lately. Hope she is ok!

2914 days ago

Charisma Rules    

TMZ - You are forgetting that Nicole has already had a heroin addiction. Now she is killing herself with the anorexia. So sad.

2914 days ago
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