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Tom Cruises Into Soccer Game

10/9/2006 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise: Click to watchTom Cruise knows how to make an entrance -- albeit a very slow one.

Cruise had a busy day Saturday watching his son Connor's football and daughter Isabella's soccer games, but in the time it took to get from his SUV to the playing field, you could have watched all three "Mission: Impossible" movies.

Due to heavy paparazzi crush and onslaught of fans, Tom took his sweet time walking to and from Isabella's game, warning photogs to "go slow" and "watch the kids."

Though inquiring minds kept asking about his impending nuptials to Katie Holmes, Cruise remained focused on his kids and only commented on their playing.


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duh...totally !    

the Stalk-A Razzi at kids soccer games is just freaking ridiculous!
These guys should be arrested or punched by the bodyguards!

no reason for them to be there!

Leave the kids alone!!!!!

2904 days ago



2904 days ago

blah blah blah    

That is so pathetic when you have to tells the paparazzi stalkers to watch out for the kids more than twice!!
I understand celebrities are put into some or certain media frenzies:
How many freaking pictures do they have to take before it becomes a hazard or possible chance of injury to innocent children????????????????????
This is a Soccer Field

2904 days ago

the wise old owl    

I see TOM is up to his same old antics again. Making good on those appearances promoting the image of a " Caring Father " watching his kids at games. Doesn't he realize the public is already on to this charade? Where's Kaite ? Oh yeah , she's busy with Posh running around romancing her while trying to pursuade her to join Scientology.

WHere's Nicole ? After all they are HER CHILDREN TOO. Oh that's right. She's much too busy to be involved in their lives now that she is divorsed. Who does that ? Leaves their children when they divorse? Only people in TOM'S SICK WORLD do that. He has got to be in CONTROL , doesn't he. He will tell those mothers when and where they are ALLOWED TO VISIT THEIR OWN CHILDREN. He is really screwed up. What a selfish guy.

I won't even bother to ask where Suri is. We all know she is bonding somewhere with her spanish speaking Nanny no doubt. Or else a scientology handler.( It's never too young to INDOCTRANATE someone. ) She must not even know who her real parents are. They are like strangers to her .She probably CRIES when they come to visit her once a month. These two are a real piece of work .
They are already living seperate lives. On and off the camera.

What is he going to do once scoccer and football season is over ? Oh that's right. Bar cruising season will start around that time. And Ramona will be out there in full swing. What a queer, what a loser and what a joke. I am so on to all this guys planned media events he creates for his own self serving purposes. WHAT A COLLOSAL JERK ! Enjoy your public acting jobs to convience the public your some kind of great guy. I don't buy any of it.

2904 days ago


I guess he needs all the attention, since he is now a has been actor.. He needs to hook up Victoria Beckham's husband. The 2 of them make a good pair.

2904 days ago


WOW! It's amazing how the paparazzi know EXACTLY where this guy is going to be and when.

I mean it's not as if he drives, oops, is chauffered in a really STAND OUT kind of car or anything like that. And it's not as if he JUST started going to his kids games and such in the past year or so.

OKAY OKAY, maybe he DOES get chauffered around in a HUGE BLACK CUSTOMIZED SUV, and maybe he has JUST STARTED SHOWING UP at his kids games.

But how does the paparazzi know when and where he is going to be????

What would happen if he were to dump the bodyguards and chauffer and act like a normal earthling? Maybe drive a Toyota Prius, with a carseat with Suri in the back.

Kurt Russell has taken his son Wyatt to local (Los Angeles area) youth hockey games all through out Wyatts youth and there has NEVER been a media frenzy. And you can't get anymore famous then Kurt and Goldie.

Tom is a sicko for needing so much attention. He can't even put his kids or others kids safety first. It's all about the TOM. UGH

2904 days ago


I don't care for this guy at all or his odd girlfriend but that is ridiculous for the photogs to hang out at a soccer field waiting for this famous parent.

Why always the black, long-sleeved clothes? This is California, right?

2904 days ago


You are right #4...where is Nicole Kidman? Why are people dishing her for not being involved with her children ? Although I am not a Cruise fan, kudos for him for supporting his children and being involved in their lives.

2904 days ago


L.Ron Cruise is on an intensive publicity compaign to restore his reputation. Part of it is to try to act like a normal person instead of the co-pilot of the Scientology spaceship. Good luck L. Ron, you freak.

2904 days ago


Hey wise old owl........ You know how they keep saying that toms peeps don't read these boards? But yet when ever we post something, in the next week or so, ole Tommy makes a change.

How many times, lately, have each of us posted about how Tommy leaves Conner and Isabella all alone in the park, as he and Katie drive off with the bodyguards? And now BAM! CONNER AND ISABELLA are allowed to leave the park with them!!

I LOVE IT!! NOW, How do we get them to dress like NORMAL parents?
They need to wear clothes with maybe a little color.

AND the BIGGIE, HOW? How do we get Suri out to see the light of day????

2904 days ago


Tom and Katie seem to enjoy all the attention. Espeically Katie. What a smart girl! She is enjoying being famous and rich. Don't be sorry and think she is innocent. IMO she is a golddigger. She looks happy than before she wasn't famous or rich. She is good at pretending in many ways. Tom, wake up and smell the coffee.

2904 days ago


he's so phony it's sickening. he's the one that invites the paparzzi to the park and then uses them for the only publicity he seems able to get these days.
He makes me sick.
Tom also controls when and how Nic can see the kids. You don't see her with them because when she has them she keeps them away from press.

2904 days ago


you all are right i truly believe tom is a closet'll never convince me that there really is a "suri" either, if you are so into your family, and your other two children, why not take the baby for a walk in a stroller, or just try to be "normal" with your "daughter" ?? that poor thing must be cooped up inside 24/7. all of it is a scam!!!! Tom is nothing but a freak!

2904 days ago


It is a shame that so many people are calling Hollywood parents bad parents, or saying they are doing it for attention or whatever the case may be. My question to each of yall is this, when was the last time you sat and spoke to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes? Nicole Kidman? I mean, what makes you such a expert on what they are doing with there lives? The only thing we see and we base our opionions on are what we are showed. I think it is a shame that these parents (regardless famous or not) cannot go to a soccer game of his kids without everyone else making speculations on what type of parent he is or he isnt....

2904 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 9 OAT : HI Oat, what's UP ? You are a very good observer. I too noticed that. For sure he has his CRONIES watching his back and these posts every chance they get. He's got moles everywhere. We are talking about some MAJOR DAMAGE CONTROL here.
He is not making movies so he has plenty of time to SNIFF around, show up at his kids games, and do what ever necessary to make his game look conviencing. Next thing you know after reading these posts he will be showing up with a short sleeve shirt. on........... ha

He cares what people are saying about him. BELIEVE YOU , ME . They don't come any vainer or any more narcistic then he is. He is getting wind of the public back lash and moving those pawns around his giant chess board. Manipulating and using anyone he can to present himself accordingly. We are just one step ahead of his sorry ass. I can't wait to see what he does next. He is so predictable.

( Maybe , just maybe after this he might bring SURI TO THE GAME .) NOT!!

2904 days ago
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