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Tom Cruises Into Soccer Game

10/9/2006 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise: Click to watchTom Cruise knows how to make an entrance -- albeit a very slow one.

Cruise had a busy day Saturday watching his son Connor's football and daughter Isabella's soccer games, but in the time it took to get from his SUV to the playing field, you could have watched all three "Mission: Impossible" movies.

Due to heavy paparazzi crush and onslaught of fans, Tom took his sweet time walking to and from Isabella's game, warning photogs to "go slow" and "watch the kids."

Though inquiring minds kept asking about his impending nuptials to Katie Holmes, Cruise remained focused on his kids and only commented on their playing.


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Tom knows that " Seeing is believing" He is very calculating in many ways. (ex: He knows how to make Suri famous in the world and he did it. ) I totally agreed with Oat about Nicole. I am sure that Tom loves his kids so does Nicole. Tom wants people to think that he is a good father. Especially, at this time he might need that. By the way what's up with the black? I just saw the picture of Katie in black. They are REALLY weird. What a duo! She doesn't look comfortable with the famous people in Paris. Now she realizes that it isn't easy to be famous and rich? I also wonder why she always wears high heels. Just curious! Want to tell Katie that it isn't easy to DIG GOLD. I think she is doing great though.

2936 days ago


Hmmm........that lady standing next to Tom at the game is his Mother. Take a look at the video again. Tom's Mother always wears the same hairstyle as Tom. Neither Tom, nor Katie nor his Mother have EVER been seen with Suri. Suri's name comes out of the word Cruise. Leaving off the C and the e to spell Suri.

If Tom were such a good father, then he would be seen with his baby. He's so vain, he'd never be able to stop talking about a real baby if he was the actual father. And a lot of the anger everyone feels over being duped into thinking there may or may not be a real baby would not currently exist. Remember how he rubbed Katie's pregnancy in our faces?

Now Miss 'Supposed to be a Mother' Katie is out shopping in Paris? What kind of Mother goes to Paris without her child? Katie is now going for the fake boobs - notice - older pictures of her with the flatter hardly there boobs. And now she's going for the stiff Posh face. Can Tom and Kate become any more peculiar??????? Yes, of course break out the black clothes!!!! Not to mention Kate doesn't seem very 'smart' when she speaks. What is wrong with her?

2936 days ago

Mary Worth    

The reason Tommy wears black, is that he is very tiny! Black is the best color to make him somewhat bigger. Katie probably wears black to compliment her boss.

2936 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Jan at #28: The Maven is concerned about you, dear. He believes you should be quickly gotten into therapy.

2935 days ago



This is all Tom's fault if he would have not have acted like a total physco shoving down our throats how much he was in love with a 27 year girl after only knowing for less then month, then jumping around on couches, getting her pregnant when she was suppose to be a catholic virgin (Though I doubt he is the father and that is even worse) then not marrying her, then all the myster surrounding Suri's birth there is not even a real birth certificate, then hiding the baby for months, which is fine if he wants to protect her but don't you think that they could at least stay at home with her instead of traveling the whole country or for that matter the world without her she is a baby an infant who the hell is taking care of her would you have left your 4 children alone that much when they were that small. Then screaming about Brooke Shields taking medicine, now of his damn business if he doesn't like then he doesn't have to take medicine but to critize her, like he is the all knowing god. He has done this to himself now he does not know what to do to make us love him again. I am sick of him and his so called religion which is really a cult. I wish he would go away give us freaking break already maybe if he would stay away for a while and let this cool down things would be a little better.

jeeze that was a lot but I feel better.

2935 days ago


Don't blame the photographers blame tom cruise. With all his money and scientolgoy backing he could get them to stay away but he wants them there to photograph him so we will think he's not gay.

2935 days ago


Tom Cruise is such a good dad. Connor and Isabella are very lucky. Many kids' parents don't come to their games, or the kids wish their parents wouldn't come to the games because their parents freak out and blame everyone else when their kid doesn't win.

I'm glad TC didn't talk to the stalkarazzi. With all the hate-inspired slamming they've been doing on him recently, he doesn't even owe them the time of day. I kinda wish someone would've called the police though for the fact that the phothogs were almost trampling all over the kids!!! What creeps. They should be kept out of the parking lot for the sake of the children's safety - security should at least put them behind a fence! (or better yet, in a cage if they want to act like animals).

2934 days ago

Billy bob    

Katie should not get married in a catholic church. She has already commited a Sin by having pre marital sex with consent to a weido. By the way I live in toledo and know were the Holmes live. so She might as well get married in the back seat of a car for all that matters. Who really gives a Damn. That has got to be the weidest couple on the face of this earth.

2930 days ago

kat s    

the only thing that upsets me is that Suri is NEVER around....This is the most important time to bond with that beautiful baby and I hope Katie will start to take her our for walks or, I want to see more pics of her.........oh. and Tom is not a fag as much as you faggolla's would like to think so.....too ya Tom, Kat in Pensacola

2925 days ago
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