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Mel Gibson Breaks His Silence

10/10/2006 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson talks to Diane SawyerMel Gibson says his anti-Semitic rant the night of his DUI arrest was the "stupid rambling of a drunkard."

Gibson told ABC's Diane Sawyer, "What I need to do (is) to heal myself and to be assuring and allay the fears of others and to heal them if they had any heart wounds from something I may have said."

TMZ broke the story detailing Gibson's tirade after his July 28th arrest in Malibu. He has since pleaded no contest to drunk driving and was sentenced to three years probation. The actor has also entered an Alcoholics Anonymous program.

The Sawyer interview will air this Thursday and Friday on "Good Morning America." Thursday's segment will feature Gibson's comments about alcoholism and drunk driving, and Friday's installment will deal with Gibson's anti-Semitic comments.


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little bill    

Hey, Mel, it's called Alcoholics Anonymous. As in Anonymous. We do that not necessarily because we're ashamed, but so that celebrity dipsticks don't tarnish a very effective program when they relapse. Please don't do us any favors.

2900 days ago


I didn't have a problem with Bill either. That was between him and his wife.

A Devoted Mel Fan

2900 days ago


God Bless Mel...AND the Jews!

2900 days ago


He said a whole lot of nothing in that repetitive babble his PR person had him memorize. This is purely damage control, nothing more. If he was really a man of his word, he would have extended his hand to the Jewish community or whatever BS he said.

2900 days ago


Tony, you're obviously a Christian.

2900 days ago


the jews israel in general have bacome the nazis and everything they once stood against. becareful of what you hate you will become it. just look at isreal now.
they OWN the media and america for that point. israel IS the PROBLEM! they've become what thet hated. f***em. a dirty nuke is on the way you watch. the chosen
well see. love to all

2900 days ago

Ron Brighmann    

I was born a tolerant man. Now, half a decade older my spirit is hurting at the feelings we have bottled up inside us. (No pun intended). I am afraid of young blacks because I'm older. If I apoligized what I be telling the truth. No. Because since I am older I am afraid of being hurt. Though statistics prove more blacks are beat up than whites. I can't speak for Mel, I can only say we are the same age. I understand his fear. Israel was at war with Hixbollah, People talk about the Jewish Lobby. He isn't sincere, he's afraid and he should talk about his fears as an adult and not a man who might risk several million dollars. He should, as well, renounce his father for his beliefs as a holocaust denier. Let's see him give us all strength to fight our fears. Truth or Dare Mel. Truth or Dare.

2900 days ago


At least he apologized, there are some people out there that hang on a cross like jesus to try and shock people because SHE is an old lady. Really to be honest with you madonna needs to stop living in the past, thinking she needs to shock people, if she thinks she is as good as she thinks she is, she would have grown gracefully like talented artists like Tina Turner, Diana Ross, and Donna Summers.Truelly talented women that don't have to exploit themseles and look like fools.

2900 days ago


People don't do random crazy things when they are drunk. When people get drunk, they do things they would do if they had no inhibitions.

2900 days ago


It takes a lot of courage to face the nation after such a controversial explosion. I am glad that Mel is addressing his behaviour. Truth be told, I support him because of the way that the VAST MAJORITY OF JEWS treated his film "Passion of the Christ." For anyone who may have seen it. they would know that it was NOT antisemitic. historically accurate, but not antisemitic.

THe Jewish Lobby tried to DESTROY HIS FILM. We have the right to our religion too! We support Jews celebrating Hannukah, and every other holiday that is celebrated...but judging by the way that "Passion" had been treated, the Jewish folks were none too supportive of our religion.

Maybe Mel WAS mad at the Jews for their treatment of him. ANd RIghtfully So. But it looks like he is healing. He HAS reached out to Jewish groups, some of whom HAVE forgiven him, so we should too. This needed to happen for him. Yes, he had some bottled up anger. So what? He should have been mad. What about all the racist things I have heard many Jewish people say about Muslims. I have heard them say that we should kick them all out of America, ALL OUT, kind of like Hitler. I have heard much racism expressed by some Jewish people. The point isn't that they are bad, or that they are good. THe point is that Mel had the right to be angry at them, and now is healing, so let's support him, and try to come together.

I also support all the hard work that Jews have strived for to acheive social justice for all.

2900 days ago


Hey a man and admit to being a is ok to admit to not liking certain minorities, or races of long as you don't do anyone any are entitled to like/dislike whoever you are entitled to your 'beliefs'.......the fact is your alcohol brought out your TRUE feelings...whether you or anyone one else wants to admit it or not...I am sure more than half of America or more is racist on some level.....whether anyone admits to it or not is another story...I am white and gay....a lot of gay guys make me totally f-sick to my rappers piss me off....blacks who cannot speak proper english piss me off....when I get on a plane yeah dammit, I check to see what other nationalities are on the plane..and get a little worried when I see some middle eastern sitting there...I also hate small minded white trash.......we don't have to like anyone we don't want to....I hate Paris Hilton for the mere fact that she is Paris Hilton...I hate lots of people....but I am not going to bring any harm to them or go around ranting about how much I dislike someone..even though I am doing it here, I am trying to make a point...just because we don't like, does not mean we still can't show respect for those we don't like......that may not make any sense to anyone, but....I think G. Bush totally f-ing sucks as a President, but I respect him as a person and fellow human being....I absolutely HATE Wilmer Valderama (who doesn't) but I would still shake his hand or hold the door open for him...

2900 days ago

Oklahoma Viewer    

#15 Did Clinton ask for forgiveness from the American people???

Mel was drunk and said things he shouldn't have......he is paying for it. If someone got a DUI and said bad things about Christians, I don't believe there would have been any consequences. I think Mel is a good guy who made a mistake. He has gone well beyond what was necessary. He has asked forgiveness for what he did wrong. We need to leave the guy alone. Who has the right to cast the first stone? The liberal media needs to shut up already!

2900 days ago


Come on let it go with Mel. I have not heard any celebs or others in the media condem the leader of Iran who said he wants to kill all jews in Israel. And what about all these other leaders that the entertainment and media love that have pretty much said the same thing. I mean they have the power to do it and Mel does not. Why is it so bad for one and not as bad for others?

2900 days ago


Mel's actions--over time--will demonstrate a man who is truly sorry or not. It concerns me that he is already saying "if" I hurt someone, when he knows he did. And by saying these were the "ramblings of a drunkard," he is minimizing the very pointed comments he made against the Jewish people. On the other hand, Jesse Jackson during a campaign was overheard referring to NYC as "hymie town" and he didn't seem to take much flack for it. There does seem to be a harsher standard for Mr. Gibson. Still, he needs to "live" his apology. I can't help but think he interview with Ms. Sawyer is well timed as he has a new movie coming out in November. Hmmm..........

2900 days ago


If the people in the Amish community can forgive the man who killed their children, then I clearly think that we should be able to forgive Mel Gibson whose "drunkard" rantings register nowhere near the aforementioned act. Yes, Mr. Gibson said some terrible things, but he is trying to get help for his drinking problem and hopefully will be able to find out why he said the things he did and learn a lesson from this and grow as a human being.
With everything that's going on in the world today, I think that Mel Gibson's ranting don't deserve so much coverage...

2900 days ago
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