Andy Dick Blacks Out

10/11/2006 5:14 PM PDT
So the Gap might not exactly be burning up his agent's phone seeking his services, but there's no doubt that Andy Dick rocks out in appropriate fashion in this spoof of the Gap's recent "Back in Black" spot cooked up by Jimmy Kimmel and his staff, which aired on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" recently.

The gonzo comic-actor-provocateur channels his inner Audrey Hepburn -- replete with black top, black skinny pants, and black loafers worn sockless -- and replicates, in Dick fashion, the frenetic dance moves that Hepburn made famous in "Funny Face." Of course, instead of starting the scene in a club, as Hepburn does, Dick begins his reverie in ... the men's bathroom.

And though the iconic Hepburn died well over a decade ago, her style legacy lives on through a variety of performer -- Natalie Portman evokes the actress on the cover of November's Harper's Bazaar.