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Brody Jenner and a Laguna Beach Star (Not Kristin!)

10/12/2006 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brody Jenner is making the rounds with all of Hollywood's young hotties. Who's the beauty de jour? None other than his ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari's nemesis Lauren Conrad. Brody and Conrad were caught last night at Mel's Diner in Los Angeles cuddling up.

Reports have been swirling around that Brody and Kristin are both hanging on to hopes of reuniting. If that's the case, then this next twist in the true-life soap opera is almost a guarantee that reunion won't occur.

Kristin and L.C.'s rivalry goes back to their days on MTV's "Laguna Beach". Here's the recap: Kristin stole L.C.'s then-boyfriend Stephen Coletti and the girls haven't gotten along since. Is this Lauren's way to get back at Kristin or is this an attempt by Brody to get Kristin's attention?

Guess we'll all have to sit back and watch the drama unfold.


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These people just won't go away. Maybe all these screwing around and stuff is a sad attempt to score another reality show between Brody, Kristin and Lauren.
Lauren, I think, has an incredibly low self-esteem...and once a guy picks up on that he'll purposelly treat her like crap...she just can't seem to learn. Kristin is a pretty girl, but she thinks that's all she needs. Honey, the click is ticking and your 15 minutes were over last year. Move on to something else.

2910 days ago


From that picture - how can you even tell who the girl really is and why oh why is this big news?

2910 days ago


I love Lauren... we are so much alike.. but Yes, she's just getting played. Before you know it, Kristin and Broddy will be back together. Trust me. Been there, dont that!

Thats how the story goes. He's talking to Lauren to piss of Kristin and Lauren probably using him to stay in the spotlight.

2910 days ago


Kristen is just getting started, not going away. You all are sick of her now, wait till she's out next year promoting 3 different movies that she's got coming out. You can't knock her for trying to make it. It's what anyone else would do in her position. LC is pathetic. You'd think she would've grown up a little since high school. Doesn't she even care that he's Kristen's leftovers? No self respect at all.

2910 days ago


Lauren is way hotter that Kristin anyway!!!

Go Brody!

Lucky dude!

2910 days ago


I love the little kids who say "sloppy seconds". It makes me laugh. Here's why,
Kristin was used by Talan, then Matt Leinart (when Kristin was just 17 (as documented on Laguna Beach, season 2) - do I hear satuatory rape charges? NOPE! Kristin moves on to being Talan's booty call or as she puts puts "friends with benefits". He hits it for a few months then intoduces her to Brody in Sept. 2005 (Stuff Style awards - I think) . They have a cute thing going until she cheats while at fashion week in Feb. 2006. Brody dumps her. She has a fake PR driven romance with "Little dick Nick Lachey" who is best friends with Leinart and knows Brody. So it's pretty much a fact that Kristin was past around THAT group like a doobie at Dead concert....

So sloppy seconds? Yeah right.

2910 days ago


To #7 Kate Hanson: I totally agree with #10!!! You seem to be a very immature girl!! Grow up a little!!!! If you hate reality stars then why watch the shows or read these articles?! Get a clue and learn to spell!!!

2910 days ago


to #18 - You got that all wrong. As bad as it sounds it was Kristen using Talan. If you watched the show at all you would've seen that Talan was completely infatuated with Kristen. He always came to her no matter what she said or did to him. I'll give you Matt Leinhart, don't know a lot of details other than they were together.
You gotta give Nick a break! Even if he is a little dick, I'd let him have his way with me in a heartbeat (and I have a feeling Jessica would too now that she's washed up).
Maybe leftovers is a better word than sloppy seconds. The way I see it, it's ant attempt at LC for publicity or she's still very jealous of Kristen & is trying to prove somthing.

2910 days ago


Lauren! What is wrong with you? I bet if Kristen wanted Brody back, he would drop you on your a$$ PRONTO!

Brody is the male version of Paris. Herpes for everyone! LOL!

2910 days ago


Hey I watch Laguna Beach, Stephan and LC never were a couple. But they did fool around. LC actually was macking on him everytime he and Kristin would have a "break up".
I love LC, I think she's a good girl. But she can do better. However, the hollywood circle is tight and small, I'm sure everyone has dated everyone at one point.

2910 days ago


i have my opinion just like u, dont like it dont reply to me

2910 days ago


These two stool samples are news worthy? People who say team Lauren are gay.

2910 days ago


YES indeed you do have the right to voice your opinion, but your comments are very repugnant and childish.Plus you try to use big words that you have no clue as to what they mean or how to spell them. If you visit this site often you will find that people will single you out. So watch what you type.

2910 days ago


Kate Hanson
Have you ever seen anyone die from AIDS? You stupid foul mouthed little girl! Just by wishing that on someone, anyone, makes you lower then the scum at the bottom of the gene pool. Grow up, and for all of our sakes shut up!

2910 days ago


Sloppy seconds! LMAO! LC is such a clueless moron when it comes to dating! She and Kristin have both been used and abused by these guys who all have the brains of termites!

2910 days ago
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