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Brody Jenner and a Laguna Beach Star (Not Kristin!)

10/12/2006 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brody Jenner is making the rounds with all of Hollywood's young hotties. Who's the beauty de jour? None other than his ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari's nemesis Lauren Conrad. Brody and Conrad were caught last night at Mel's Diner in Los Angeles cuddling up.

Reports have been swirling around that Brody and Kristin are both hanging on to hopes of reuniting. If that's the case, then this next twist in the true-life soap opera is almost a guarantee that reunion won't occur.

Kristin and L.C.'s rivalry goes back to their days on MTV's "Laguna Beach". Here's the recap: Kristin stole L.C.'s then-boyfriend Stephen Coletti and the girls haven't gotten along since. Is this Lauren's way to get back at Kristin or is this an attempt by Brody to get Kristin's attention?

Guess we'll all have to sit back and watch the drama unfold.


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TMZ has it wrong. Steven was Kristin's on and off again b/f. When him and Kristin were "off" he would run to Lauren. He always chose Kristin over Lauren, however.

2942 days ago


Kate Hudson you are a turd. Wishing anyone would die from aids even if you are only joking is stupid. You need someone to take you over your knee and give your hide a good tanning! Grow up!

2942 days ago



Who the heck ARE these people and WHY do we care???

2942 days ago


I liked them both, Kristin seemed more upfront and open with how she is and feels, Lauren seemed more reserved and more down to earth about things. I dont really care who they are dating, but i dont think you should date someone just to get even. If Lauren and this guy like each other and are happy then whats the problem? but if she is just doing it to get a rise out of kristin i think she needs to be the bigger person and get out of highschool.

2942 days ago


Didn't Brody just recently break up with Nicole Richie? He sure does move fast.

2941 days ago


FIRST OFF TMZ,If u're going to report stupid stories like these,at least get your story straight.KRISTEN DID NOT STEAL STEPHEN FROM LC.LC & STEPHEN were BEST FRIENDS but she's always had a crush on Stephen but he never really pursued it. Then he met Kristen & started dating her. The only reason why he use to give LC any time was when Kristen GIVE HIM A HARD TIME.STEPHEN WOULD CRY AFTER KRISTEN when they broke up..SO IT'S LAUREN WHOSE ALWAYS AFTER KRISTEN'S SECONDS..

2941 days ago


Who the Hell is this Guy and why is he famous?

2941 days ago


# 22 - all wrong? Who was it that didn't have a prom date and was practically begging / crying on her pillow for Talan to ask her? Remember, Talan failed (dropped) out of school in the spring so he wasn't around all the time (the last part of the season). The answer, Talan. Yes, he took her. Sure she dumped him soon after they got to prom, but he did hit it for about 5 months..

Lachey - Yuck! Do you think he didn't settle for half of Jessica's money because he DIDN"T bring a STD into her house? LOL! Him and AJ were banging strippers for the last few years.

2941 days ago


I also remember that Stephen was with Kristin first and then startet dating LC- so started the feud between the girls...and after that when he was single he was paying attention to both but did it with a way that Kristin was an "ex" and Lauren was a good friend- something like that-
I also agree that LC looks like a low self esteem girl and Kirstin looks more dynamic but I think LC is a sweeter and nicer person-

2941 days ago


Brody is handsome. His MySpace page is chill. He seems like a decent guy (especially for coming out of Malibu). You think he'd have the sense to be dating somene with more to offer. Regardless, it is clear to see that Lauren is desperate. I have a friend that goes to FIDM and apparently shes 'taking time off.' So to the comment above saying she is intelligent... the girl uses the word like 100 times per minute. She has 0 personality, 0 self-esteem, and from what I have seen 0 sense of style. Then again, it is Hollywood. I wouldn't doubt if the whole thing was orchestrated by some PR team. But I have to agree with the comment above. Lauren is clinging to Brody while he talks away on his cell (probably to Kristin, haha). The body language says it all. She wants him. He wants sex (I'm taking a guess on that part because he IS a guy) or just a photo-op to piss off Kristin.

2940 days ago

duh...totally !    

people are ripping the LB chicks...but who is this turd? Wasn't hs lame show cancelled after 2 episodes? and now he tries to stay in the press by who he's dating????
thank God for TMZ or No One would know who this turd is !!


2938 days ago


F*!k LC! First off, Kristin is hotter w/100 times the personality of LC. Second off, LC looks like Marsha Brady----no wonder she has to take Kristin's sloppy seconds!

2936 days ago
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