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Hilary Duff & Joel Madden:

We're In Mortal Danger

10/12/2006 8:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

duff_madden-1Hilary Duff claims in court documents that she fears for her life, alleging she and her boyfriend are being stalked by two men -- one a paparazzi and the other a homeless man.

TMZ has obtained court documents, filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, in which Duff and Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden claim that a 19-year-old Russian emigre came to the United States "for the sole purpose of meeting and becoming romantically involved with Ms. Duff."

The court documents state the man, whose first name is Max, "admitted to being 'obsessed' with her, has stated his intention of 'removing' his 'enemies' (i.e., those who prevent him from being with her), has stated his intention of purchasing a weapon, and has threatened to kill himself and to engage in dramatic actions to get her attention."

David Joseph Klein and Max
According to the documents, Max "has stated his belief that Hilary is in love with him and that Joel Madden stands in their way."

The court documents also claim David Joseph Klein, a 50-year-old celebrity photographer who is roommates with Max, is also a threat.

The documents state, "Over the past six weeks, the defendants have engaged in an accelerated effort to make contact with Hilary, including visits to her neighborhood, to her mother's home, to her boyfriend's neighborhood ... to Mr. Madden's concert venue, and direct calls to Hilary's manager."

According to the documents, the police detained Max at least once at one of Madden's concerts and questioned Klein at the same event.

The stars are requesting a judge to order Max and David Joseph Klein to stay at least 100 yards away from Hilary Duff, her sister Haylie, Joel Madden and his twin brother Benji.

TMZ spoke with David Joseph Klein who denies claims that he is a dangerous threat. We were unable to contact Max.


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ok ima firm belivier that some stuff is the price of being famous such as all the media but when sick stalkers get involved enuff is enuff i say hilary gets a gun and they go stalk the stalkers

2895 days ago


ok first: Fat Jack you stupid bitch!!! you know wat you could go f*** a horse or somthing cauz HILLARY DUFF is dating JOEL MADDEN and if this max whore bitch is gonna kill joel then i will hunt him down and if you dont care then shove it up your ass!!!!


2895 days ago


i went to high school with max... he graduated from tottenville high school in staten island new york... he has alwasy said that he was going to move to california when he graduated but nobody ever took him seriously. I even sat next to him in class senior year.. he is actually a very smart kid having an average in the 90 and being in alll honors classes. I realy dont think he is a threat noing that he has gotten into countless numbers of fist fights and astcually lost to a girl in fist fight... he is crazy and and has problems but i dont think he is dangerous at all he has always just been a lot of talk.

2895 days ago


Why worry about Hillary? Joel is the one the guy would kill!

2894 days ago

someone.. somewhere    

I really feel for that poor girl, esp since that max guy resembles a guy who used to stalk me in high school! not the same guy obviously but it still gives me the willys... *cold shiver runs down spine*

2894 days ago


I remember Rebecca. I also remember John Lennon's obsessed fan who later felt like John had betrayed him. They are both dead now, and everytime they are eligible for parole they are denied. All precautions by the police should be taken. Yeah they are celebrities and should no it comes with the territory, but most of them just want to entertain us with their talents not with there personal lives.

2894 days ago


Entertain us with their talents???? You've got to be kidding.
95% of those in show biz are not there because they want to entertain us with their talents, *giggling*.....they are there because they have a need for attention or fame, period.
Why do you dummies stick up for them? They would never stick up for you, nor do they give a dang about you, they just want you to spend your chump change on their crap.
There are few in entertainment who have anything worthwhile to say or do, I have respect for those few, but they are few and far between. These dipsticks are not one of them.

2894 days ago

tottenville student    

I went to high school with this kid Max. Much of this story is made up, at least the backstory is all made up. He came to the united states about 7 years ago when he was young, so him and his family didn't come here just for him to meet hillary duff..(who isnt that great anyway).... that is rediculous. He might be different and weird and "obsessed" but they are making him out to be totally insane.

2893 days ago


I have gone to school with max since 7th grade( im in college now) and i gotta admit he is crazy. i used to make fun of him a lot and i always thought he would bring a gun in and kill somebody. but some part of the article is a lie. he didnt come here to america just a couple years a go hes been here for about 7 years. and he didnt move to LA until after he graduated which was this past summer. so he is a psycho path and unfotunately ivew gone to school with him my whole life, but hes been here longer than the article states

2892 days ago


I feel for Hillary. I'm technically a "nobody..." I'm certainly not famous or even well-known in my city. And yet, A man I had never met simply saw me driving a company-logoed vehicle and decided he had a problem with me...followed me home...and proceeded to harass me at all hours of the day for MONTHS. Showing up in my driveway at 2AM, trying to run my friends car off the road, telling a checker at the local grocery "that girl down the street has a problem - ME!" All because of the car I was driving. Oh, and the fact that I "didn't look like a threat." This man had a (public) record of criminal violence and several convictions, and I was scared out of my wits. I've never spoken to him - the closest I got was giving testimony in court (four times). Thankfully, Ohio has a stalking law. Many states do not. Considering his bail was set at half a mil when they first brought him in - a figure normally reserved for the type of person who hacks up other people and puts them in their freezer - Ohio takes the law seriously. I was VERY lucky not to be hurt. While he was in jail, I MOVED. Had two house payments for six months but at least I'm not dead! So when I see ANYONE make the assumption that it's not that big of a deal...or she deserves it....or even that she's SAFE...I want them to be able to walk 100 feet in her shoes and see how safe THEY feel.

2891 days ago

Max Myaskovskiy (Hilary's Ex-Stalker)    

Hello! This is Max “Doe” Myaskovskiy, the person who has everyone talking and worried. First of all, I have lived in America for 14 years not moved from Russia two years ago as originally claimed. I originally resided in Staten Island, Ny for several years and graduated from high school there before first coming to LA 3 1/2 months ago in July 2006. Originally, it was to pursue a career in the entertainment industry but after finding out the hard way that things did not work out that fast and easy in Hollywood, I immediately became deeply troubled and depressed and all of a sudden, I remembered the other motive that had first brought me out here to Southern California and that was to find, meet, and eventually get into a mutual friendship if not outright and immediate romantic relationship with my favorite actress, singer, and international superstar: the kind, compassionate, charming, beautiful, lovely, and magnificent Hilary Duff. I never threatened Hilary, Joel, or their families with direct bodily harm or acts of physical violence but instead asked my friend David Klein to make several calls to Hilary’s record label, music and film career managers, as well as asked him to try and get us backstage at Good Charlotte’s concert to explain to the guys my dire situation. I repeat my friend David Klein is entirely innocent of the allegations and accusations against him and unlike the court papers state, never drove me around to harass Hilary, Joel, or their family and friends. It was I who walked in Hilary’s Toluca Lake neighbourhood that day in July trying to find and meet her and thus, I instead bumped into her mother Susan Duff’s house. I never owned a car in my life so I couldn’t have been driving around in the late night and early morning hours around Toluca Lake. As for the shopping market in Glendale, Claifornia, I was just keeping in touch with a new friend of mine to ask him about the whereabouts of Joel and Benji Madden in order to try and meet them and state my peaceful purposes and intentions.
As for that day at the Avalon in Hollywood, my friend David Klein was trying to be as civil, calm, and collected as possible in explaining to the band’s security that I was indeed infatuated and obsessed with Hilary Duff, that Dave indeed tried to restrain me from doing anything stupid earlier on by recommending places such as Covenant House and other suicide hotlines as the ones that could help me deal with my deteriorating mental state and lovesick depression. But, I explained to him that being with Hilary would be the only thing of help to me and it was Dave who used to beat me with fists and hangars to once again, try and restrain me from harassing Hilary’s people to the point where both of us would end up taking a lot of heat in a seemingly endless quagmire of gossip, rumors, misunderstood intentions and beliefs, and sheer and utter uncertainty as to the future repercussions of such a scandalous affair. In the same way, Daivd Klein was courteous to Hilary’s manager Susan Curtis by asking her for an autographed picture, letter, or opportunity for personal contact with Hilary and to this, Susan Curtis “pretended” to be interested and rather than asking my friend to stop calling her, she said she would “see what she would do” and instead, helped turn the tables against two innocent and as of now, extremely agitated, human beings.
To conclude, I am going to say that David Klein, since the concert on September 30th, has quit the job and intends to remain so from this time hence.As for me, I still love Hilary and everything she is and represents and I must say I was significantly hurt by the news that she as well as her boyfriend field for restraining orders when I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. “Bad things would happen” was not what I said through my friend David, but I rather implied contemplatingly, that under similar circumstances, ” Bad things could unnecessarily happen” if my simple requests for a chance to meet and express myself to Hilary were to be denied. Still, I admit that i got carried away at times with my impulsiveness, persistence, and overall obsession for my dearly beloved angel Hilary and amidst the pits and chasms of my misery and despair, I felt so alone and betrayed that I began to feel that the whole world was against me and keeping from Hilary and by expressing this point, Hilary’s team and legal counsel responded by saying that i meant to purchase a weapon and get rid of such people as Joel Madden and Haylie Duff who were standing in my way. As for engaging “in dramatic actions to gain her attention”, I agree that by reaching out like this, I indeed did get her attention but not in the way that I had wanted or expected. The same thing is true in terms of my suicidal thoughts: I after going through and suffering a lot of personal and emotional turmoil in my life can

2890 days ago


hey if you really are max then what was your math teachers name your senior year of high school, and your english teachers name your senior year

2887 days ago

Max Myaskovskiy (Hilary's Ex-Stalker)    

my math teacher's name was ms.mulligan and my english teacher was mr.snitkin

2887 days ago

Max Myaskovskiy (Hilary's Ex-Stalker)    

my math teacher was ms.mulligan and my english teacher was mr.snitkin

2887 days ago


yo Max its Billy from math wat the f*** is going on with this sh*t

2887 days ago
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