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Loves Her Some

Drag Queen

10/13/2006 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

aguilera_wireChristina Aguilera has always been loyal to her gays and they to her. In fact, she loves the gays so much, she's even willing to lend them her music.

Christina lent a local LA drag queen the tracks to her hit song "Ain't No Other Man" for an AIDS fundraiser held by Aid For AIDS in Los Angeles. After searching for the song without Christina's vocals on it and coming up short, the drag queen contacted Christina's management. With Christina's permission the performer was given the tracks and Aguilera's blessings.

Aguilera goes way back with the gays. In the November issue of Blender magazine she admits "It used to be, the only good relationships I ever had were with gay men. That was before I met Jordy..."


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So she loves gays and drag queens... Could this be why she looks like a drag queen herself???

2934 days ago


What's to hate about the gays? Absolutly nothing that's what. You go girl!!

2934 days ago


Will she PLEASE go away!!!

2933 days ago


Will she PLEASE stay forever!!!

2933 days ago

J Doe    

shes a nice person WHO DOESNT JUDGE people on their sexual orientation..she treats everyone with kindness.

she treats everone including gays with decency kindness and humanity and doesnt care if their gay.
how refreshing to know people like her exist.

haters..have an ice cool glass of hateraid and take your venom elsewhere.

2933 days ago


She looks like a drag queen.

2933 days ago


If drag queens looked that good, I'd be gay.

2931 days ago


The man of the hour, the tower of power, always sweet never sour, LIVEWIRE, the TMZ SUPERSTAR is in da house!

Christina Uglyera is overrated. First, she ain't that hot- she has a deformed slouching shoulders body that LIVEWIRE finds unattractive.

In addition, she can hit notes but her singing has no real emotion and her music sucks! Her music is the same corporate music industry drivel that is turning America into obedient SHEEPLE.

She also has the bad habit of trying to speak ebonics. Look nuthin' against black folks because LIVEWIRE has many black friends who would give LIVEWIRE the shirts off their backs, but white folks are silly when they try to sound "urban black".

On top of that, the twit promoted a slutty porn star image just a coupla years ago and now she is Doris Day? Yeah right! Once a ho, always a ho!

Finally, the lil twit married a goober nerd and won't stop yapping about him to the media! SHUT UP HO BAG! LIVEWIRE can't wait for her to cheat on him with one of her annoying backup dancers that go by the name of E-Love or Romeo.


2931 days ago


We all read your post Livewire (or skip by them more often) but you hate all women so it's no surprise you don't like her. You're either a nasty women or a women hating man which is it? Never mind I couldn't care less.

2931 days ago


LIVEWIRE loves women, and women love LIVEWIRE. But this ho bag is annoying as hell.

LIVEWIRE has no patience for overrated annoying not that hot STD bags.

Thank You,

The Doctor of Desire, LIVEWIRE

2930 days ago


I thought she looked cute with dark hair. I am loving her new fashion style. much better than the dirty girl days!

2930 days ago


i agree that she looks like drag queen herself. don't call her ugly!

2905 days ago


shes so nice

753 days ago

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