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"Dancing" Star Claims Abuse By Sex-Crazed Hubby

10/13/2006 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Evans and Craig SchelskeNASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Country singer Sara Evans alleges in divorce papers that her husband committed adultery, was verbally and emotionally abusive, drank excessively and frequently watched pornography in their home.

Evans, 35, filed for divorce Thursday from Craig Schelske and announced through a spokesman that she was quitting ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" to "to give her family full attention at this difficult time."

The couple married in 1993 and have three children ages 7, 3 and 2. Schelske, 43, who is currently unemployed, ran for Congress as a Republican from Oregon's 5th District in 2002. He is a native of Salem, Ore. He could not immediately be reached for comment.

In the filing in state court in Franklin, a Nashville suburb where the couple has a home, Evans alleges that Schelske watched pornography on the couples' computers and has at least 100 nude photographs of himself in a state of arousal. She also alleges that several photographs show Schelske having sex with other women, and that Schelske maintains "Craigs Lists" on his computers, some of which involve requests for three-party sex and anal sex.

According to the court documents, the oldest of the couple's children confronted Schelske when he was watching pornographic material on the television in their home.

Evans further alleges that Schelske frequently threatened her and "told her that she is crazy," threatened to take the children to Oregon and "continually interferes with (Evans') possession of and parenting time" with their children.

Evans requests child custody, possession of Franklin home and child support.
Evans was among 11 celebrities who paired with professional dancers to compete on the third season of the popular ABC reality series. "Ms. Evans hopes that her fans and TV viewers who've supported her in recent weeks and throughout her music career will respect and understand her need for privacy in the face of these recent events," Allen Brown, her representative at Sony BMG Music Entertainment, said in a statement Thursday.

The Missouri native was recently nominated for female vocalist of the year honors by the Country Music Association. She made her recording debut in 1997 and her 2000 album "Born to Fly" went double-platinum. Her hits include "Perfect," "Suds in the Bucket," and "Real Fine Place to Start."


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"Sheeple" do not exist and if they did, they would surely not be moronic enough to listen to opion of one who could not spell the most basic of words"- Poster 60 LIVEWIRE ASS LICKER, Oct. 15, 2006

SHEEPLE do exist, my ASS LICKIN' GROUPIE. They are moronic enough to listen to the opinions (spell it right ASS LICKER) of one who cannot spell the most basic of words. The SHEEPLE listen to CHIMP "DUMB F**K" Bush!


2875 days ago

Georgia Peach    

WTF Over - You are still an idiot. You said nothing in your original comments about there being two sides, what you said is "Perhaps she should have been at home taking care of her man's "special purpose" instead of rubbing her ginormous bazoomies all over some strange "dance partner". I learned a long time ago that people do what they want to, and to take responsibility for one's own actions. Any creep that is verbally abusive, reads pornography, and is unfaithful does so because they are only about themselves and not grown up enough emotionally to have any impulse control. To blame a wife when a husband cheats, or vice versa, is absolutely ridiculous! Men cheat because they want to cheat, and nothing a woman does can or will stop them once they have decided to cross that line. Her dancing in a contest on TV had nothing to do with his porno habits or infidelity. To blame her shows how ridiculously ignorant and childish you truly are.

2875 days ago


A classy woman would not take this public, for the sake of the children. Even if and that is a big "IF" all her allegations are true--it is hard enough for a child to know these things about her/his father without knowing that everyone else knows it too.

2874 days ago



With all due respect, divorce petitions are legal court documents, and as such they are PUBLIC. This was a hard choice for her to make, but it will ultimately benefit the children to get them away from this multi-addicted verbal abuser. What would you expect her to do? Have you ever been through a divorce? Have you ever filed a court document? Don't come crying if and when you do, because any such document is PUBLIC. Sheesh.

2874 days ago


I saw Sara's concert and she had this segment where she plays video footage of her family..children and husband. She was very gracious, appreciative, and had nothing but loving words for her supportive husband as she had recently gave birth to their youngest child. Its so true how your life can completely fall apart over night. So many men just dont get it. Sexual indescresions being the subject here. Putting their sexual needs before their love and respect of family is bound to end up in tragedy. and as usual...they blame the wives for being led to their choices. ...and the wives are left with the dificult responsibility of "forgiveness" or "divorce". It's time for some men to take control of themselves and grow up! Stop blaming sexual indescresions and sexual addictions on "nature". There are good men out there and it sounds like this creep doesnt deserve Sara or her children. Sara Evans should know that she has the support of many.

2874 days ago


Being a person who abides by the laws of my Heavenly Father...doesn't it amaze you , how you could be so wrong when you made this man your choice for life?
Isn't it scarey when you think your instincts could be so far off base? You have made the right decision in leaving this man. How will you ever be able to give this man visitation rights without going nuts? These men never admit they have a problem.....they try and blame it all on the wife...oh woe is me? Well his woes were not normal in nature and I pray, for his children's sake that he get help and stay in the help for the rest of his life to avoid ever being trapped and owned by such ungodly actions. Some people do not believe in consequences...funny what happens when you get caught with your pants down!
Good luck to you, and your children and May God Bless and Protect You, Sara.
I will miss you in the Dancing with the Stars...but Im sure there will be other opportunities when the show sees your supporters behind you.
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
Resist the enemy. Thank God, his powers are limited.

2874 days ago

Carol Dudley    

This is so sad, especially for the children. I do wonder, however, if the political party of the husband would have been so prominently discussed if he was a Democrat. I think not! I also think she went way to far in what she put out there for the media because of the children. I'm sure there is more to this story than we know but the children should be the primary concern and their lives are being turned up side down.

2874 days ago


What a loser her husband is. If it was legal to kill the basterd she should do it. Maybe he will hook up with a dirty old hooker.

2873 days ago


What a loser her husband is. If it was legal to kill the basterd she should do it. Maybe he will hook up with a dirty old hooker.

2873 days ago


What a loser her husband is. If it was legal to kill the basterd she should do it. Maybe he will hook up with a dirty old hooker.

2873 days ago


What a loser her husband is. If it was legal to kill the basterd she should do it. Maybe he will hook up with a dirty old hooker.

2873 days ago



2873 days ago


Ms Evans, get a good democratic lawyer to tear him a new one. He a typical republican.

2873 days ago


This internet porn is addictive and affecting all levels of society. Its ruining the sex lives of couples; and causing good marriages to go bad. I know I have been there.
God Bless you Sara Evans for coming forward. I can relate to everything that you are saying. If you did a search on the internet for other wives that are suffering,
you just wouldn't believe it. The porn on the internet is not the old looking at Playboy magazines, this is taking the place of husband and wife sex. Yes, I agree that some of the other comments are just plain stupid. They don't have a clue of the real world.

2873 days ago


Hey Janet... You talk about Sara and her wedding vowels...saying quote"Sarah agreed to married this man for better or worse till death due they part. She decided to have 3 children with this man." OK...Did he not make the same vowels saying "To honor" I am pretty sure that in my wedding vowels there was no talk of cheating and porno and abuse. So are you actually saying that Sara has to honor her wedding vowels and her perverted ex doesn't have to honor his?? Doesn't that sound a bit hypicritical to you?? She has to sit back and eat his sh"t with a knife and fork and he doesn't have to do anything but be an abisive pervert??

2873 days ago
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