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David Arquette Shoots Down Jen/Vince Rumors

10/13/2006 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A day after reports that Jennifer Aniston told Oprah Winfrey that she and Vince are "still on," David Arquette told the "Jamie, Jack & Stench Show" on Los Angeles radio station STAR 98.7 that rumors of Jen and Vince's breakup aren't true.

"That is complete horse doo-doo," Arquette told the STAR 98.7 morning crew. "It's so funny, they say stupid things like, 'Why'd Vince leave?' or something like that. And the answer is because he's doing a movie! I mean, come on people!"

Arquette, of course, is married to Courteney Cox-Arquette, Jen's good friend from their days on "Friends."

US Weekly's October 16 issue bared the headline "Why Vince Left Jen" and reported that Jen gave Vince back a $500,000 engagement ring. In addition to saying the breakup rumors weren't true, Aniston told Oprah the couple is not engaged.


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Comment made by lac, "Jennifer is OVERRATED. She is only on the A list because of BRAD. Otherwise she would be with C Cox (back of TV). So she has to keep reminding everyone that she is a victim . A No class person indeed." This was said soooo perfectly, lac! I couldn't resist my commenting on this. The JA as far as I'm concerned, is a HAS BEEN! If Brad would of never married her, NONE of this type of publicity would be taking place, on her part. Just like her co-workers from her Friends TV show; where they kind of amounted to VERY, VERY LITTLE; this is where JA would be. It is quite obvious that back in 2000, she was definitely going to make herself look like a STAR by getting Brad to marry her, and from her wedding pics; I think that she lied to him about being preggers; by the way he is looking at her stomach, and placing his hand on her tummy, kind of like the two of them were thinking a baby. Also, I strongly feel that she lied to Brad about having a miscarriage, too. This is what I see in those wedding pics of them. Too bad, only Brad knows the real truth, here. And, afterall he finally left, after being with her for what, 4 or 5 years. He had had enough!! To me, this JA has amounted to a 40 year old horrible liar, user, arrogant, selfish, self-centered and a TOTAL BORING TERRIBLE ACTOR. She really needs to GO AWAY, because too many of us (the public) can't stand her anymore. The way, I see it, IT WAS GOOD THAT BRAD LEFT HER, AND I HONESTLY DON'T THINK THAT HE WILL EVER GO BACK TO HER; LIKE SHE IS STILL HOPING AND WAITING. Even if he left AJ, I'm sure that he wouldn't go back to JA, FOR SURE!!! Why, BECAUSE BRAD RAN TOO, TOO, TOO FAST! It is unlikely that he would RUN BACK THAT FAST TO HER, OTHERWISE HE WOULD OF ALREADY DONE SO. Even Vince ran away pretty fast. So this just tells me, that this JA really needs some major help in her sad sack life right now. Its like she's always grasping for straws to get Brad to notice her and her life. Like always calling Brad's mom, and trying to get together with her, etc.. It's like she can't MOVE ON WITH HER LIFE. What happened to all of those friends that she claims that she has? Where are they? She needs to hang out with them, NOT BRAD'S MOM!!! How Sad! I'M SORRY, BUT SHE HAS BECOME REALLY SO, SO PATHETIC!

2884 days ago


CP, somethings funny here!! You seem to like to kiss ass here when it comes to JA. Whats going on? Could you possibly be the JA, or are you her new bed partner or something? Its really funny how you tend to kiss up to her about everything. Really! You are probably JA or you are very close to her somehow. All I have to say, is that she is not a good actor, and her movies have proved this. She has lost so much money for the Producers and Directors that give her a contract. The Director of Break Up only made money because of Vince, and I sure don't think that Vince will be going around her anytime soon. I think his mom, dad, and sisters, and friends let him know where they stood on him getting involved with this crazy, messed up almost 40 year old woman. Honestly! I don't think she could live with any man. Why? Because she is too messed up, and she needs alot of mental help. This is what I see about her.

2878 days ago


If Aniston & Vince aren't done, shoudn't she be in London instead of on Oprah????

2931 days ago


It sure is funny how come YOU never came out and even said they were dating in the FIRST place. You always avoided that subject when it came up. Now you are the first one to jump on this bandwagon to say that they are still together?!?!

What is Jenny's little group hiding from everyone????

2931 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

you people are pathetic. particularly with your little names you hide behind like "liarliar"

Just because you don't confirm something doesn't mean you deny it.

2931 days ago

showers of Blessings    

silence is golden.

Jennifer Aniston should take a look at nicole kidman. She did not spend her time bad-mouthing people or going to the media to address breast implants. She put her time into making good movies. Look, she got oscar.

the VF interview + a lot of other articles by Aniston was a bad PR move.

Jen should show graciousness and NOT putting your PR gear on overdrive.

Why went to Oprah and said you didnt have breast implant? Why not find something substantive to talk?

Take a look at Brad. His esquire interview and subsequent interviews NEVER mentioned you, no sniping , or side remarks on you. Do you think he wasnt upset at all the things you said after the divorce? But he followed the golden rule. Silence is golden.

2931 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Brad is NOT someone to hold up as a role model!

Remember he (probably) cheated on his wife, spent a lot of time with his other woman while he was still married, even playing housy in a magazine spread, and DENIED being involved with Angelina up until he got pregnant. If anyone is the LIAR it is Brad.

Brad is also nasty obssessed with AJ - he is trying to BE her. Brad lost all his cojones, for it is obvious that AJ wears the pants in that famiily.

I used to like Brad but no longer.

Nicole however is a talented classy lady unlike her ex-husband. She definitely deserves her hot new hubby!

2931 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

umm i meant SHE got pregnant. but with the loss of his manlihood, I could see Brad having a baby...

2931 days ago


i wonder how david would explain the photo of vince kissing a blonde this week in london?

2931 days ago


who give a flying sh*t about jennifer aniston. the only character shes meant to play until she dies is Rachel Green.

2931 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Obviously TMZ gives a flying sh*t about Jennifer.

Also, The good girl and Friends with Money were pretty good movies. Not a huge stretch from her Rachel Green character, but yes different roles. At least she is a working actress unlike most of the jealous 'can't get an acting job to save their lives' actresses here.

Thank god I am in a totally different industry and don't spit venom to disguise jealousy. I am just bored this week and like to point out how biased people are.

2931 days ago

Rena Hamrick    

HA! I also wondered about 'good time happy go lucky sometimes 'greasy' Vince locking lips with the blonde in London.................

2931 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Vince is probably just another cheater. Jen should run far away and find a down to earth guy with a regular job, or at least a behind the scenes one.

2931 days ago


hmm poor jen every guy cheats on her. wonder why?

2931 days ago


you know courtney made his ass do this....

2931 days ago
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