Offend Friends, Keep Grandma Happy With YouMail

10/13/2006 1:47 PM PDT
That sexually explicit, curse-word laden outgoing voicemail message you have on your cell phone might be appropriate for your friends to hear, but it's probably not so perfect for your family pastor. You could go the safe route and leave a bland message, but is it really worth it to up your cell phone's lame factor just to please your grandparents?

Well, a new feature called YouMail will help you keep those old fogies in your life appeased while allowing you to create a voicemail that truly showcases your personality. With YouMail, users can create a unique outgoing voicemail messages for every single contact in your phone -- including friends, family or the boss that calls at 4am to see if you can come in ten minutes early. The service even allows you to check your voicemail by way of the web. But the coolest feature has the DITCHMAIL feature, which will actually hang up on unwanted callers after your custom greeting for them is played. Perfect for that ex, friend who has too much time on their hands, or evil arch-enemies. Imagine this, "Hey Dad, thanks a lot for chopping my hand off, jerk. Hope your Deathstar explodes ... click."

If you act quickly, the company is offering free, yeah we said free, accounts for beta users. But before you all rush out and get your very own free YouMail account, remember that beta software is actually test software that's not quite ready for general use. So when your mom gets that naughty voicemail message intended for your girlfriend/boyfriend, don't blame TMZ.