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Ellen's Emotional Breakdown

10/15/2006 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres: Click to watchIt's a different side of Ellen DeGeneres, shedding tears on national television.

The usually upbeat host gets emotional on Monday's episode of her talk show when talking to a hypnotist about her addiction to smoking cigarettes. After being asked by hypnotist Paul McKenna to think of four times she wanted to quit smoking, envisioning them clearly in her mind, he then asks her to then think of lighting up again and DeGeneres begins to cry.

McKenna explains the exercise, "Your brain's like a computer, what we're gonna do is reprogram it so that smoking doesn't mean the same thing again."

It appears the trick was a success, with Ellen exclaiming three days later, "I feel so good. I feel healthier! It seems ridiculous but my skin looks better, I just feel like, I feel healthy. I feel really good."

Paul McKenna's skills aren't just for top-rated talk show hosts either. If you'd like him to help solve one of your problems, click here.


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GO ELLEN! Your quitting will not only help you but others around you as well. I am glad you did the tape of your session so that others can see what the process is like. They can see that it is simple and harmless to go through. MORE POWER TO YOU! Do not be surprised if you do not want to be around others smoking now that you have a new perspective. They must understand that you are not avoiding them, just their cigarettes.Your avoidance of others smoking is a signal for them as well. STAY HEALTHY!

2899 days ago


I took a smoking cessation class in January, 1995. One of the things I learned was that most people try to quit between 4-6 times before they actually quit. I was one of the luckier ones. I stopped my nasty habit the first time! It takes a lot of hard work and you will get those "pangs" at times and that's when you must get tought!!! I used the deep breathing technique until the pang went away (usually in 1 1/2 minutes). Exercise helps, of course! It was easier than I thought it would be but it was difficult also. They told us we were addicted......was I??? Only way to find out is to smoke another cigarette and I refuse! It finally occurred to me that the only way to never have to quit again was to never start again. Good luck to Ellen and good luck to any of you strill trying....You can do it!

2899 days ago


hey dick willie ,,,is that what you call that thing ,,lololol...looks more like a small roach to the world ....but hey ,,,exercise ,,perhaps one day can reach down there and smoke it yourself ...

2899 days ago



2899 days ago


Good for you Ellen i have smoked off and on for about 10 years this time, my husband smokes about 2 packs a day ( i smoke about 10 -14 ciggs a day) we would both love to guit but are afraid that we would end up killing each other durring the withdrawls, Alot of the people writting comments here today seem to be in need of a ciggarette or something ,oh now i know what it is a , brain. Leave Ellen alone she is a breath of fresh air in the talk show arena, she has the guts to be herself (even if she isn't the best dancer ever ) Ellen seems to be one of the happiest, and well grounded clebs in todays world,so lighten up you guys. peedy

2899 days ago

LLR are fantastic. My husband and I quit somoing almost 5 years ago..and even tho we're 2 0 -30 pounds heaviner we are coping with it. I love your show..and hope one day to get into LA and see it. We live in Canada in the summer and Arizona in the winter.
Good Luck

2899 days ago


What's the problem Ellen? I smoked two packs a day for years and finally when I decided it was time to quit i just quit..cold turkey..and never lit up another cigarette again. That was 25 years ago and it was not a big deal. I don't know why some people have to make a big production out of things. If you want to smoke..smoke. If you want to quit..quit. You don't need to make a melodrama out of it.

2899 days ago


I met a guy about ten years ago who said after smoking for twenty five years and trying everything to quit, went to a Hypnosis Seminar. Not even a one on one thing and he said the there were around twenty people the Hypnotist worked with as a group. My friend had been free from smoking from that day until the day I met him a year later and when I last saw him he was stil, five and a half years later a NON Smoker. Even he couldn't understand how it worked because he'd really tried very hard before.
Good luck Ellen. Just consider it part of your past like a baby who's been weened off of the bottle.
Oh and FUNNY GUY WITH YOUR THING HANGING. Sounds like your a little obsessed with smoking some "Pole" it's always you guys who turn out to be the biggest latent Closet Cases. Why don't you go to a Hypnotist and ask him put you under. I'll bet anything you're in love with one of your best friends or coworkers. And I don't mean one of the OPPOSITE Sex. Jack off. Why do People love to proclaim their stupidity online. Do they think they should be any less embarrassed that they're so damn STUPID?

2899 days ago


I am behind you trying to quit! I will pray for you. I quit 20 years ago and it was a hard thing to do, I still want one once in awhile, but no better, as it tastes and smells nasty after you master quitting.
Good luck and I pray you can quit for good!

2899 days ago


She want s to quit smoking? What could be bad about that? I hope you hang in there, tobacco is one of hardest habits to kick. Good for you Ellen.

Oh and to all you pole smokers, Ellen if anything else, is definitely no pole smoker. If she was it wouldn’t be your poles. So why do want be all nasty about a good thing?

2899 days ago

Lenn K    

The number one thing you need to do is get a hobby outside of show business. Living in hollyweird, there will always be pressure to be better, faster, skinner, prettier, and younger. Buy a home in a place like Idaho or Montana to get away from the fruits and nuts of hollyweird. Oh, by the way, you're one of the fruits.

2899 days ago


To: #2. Grow up, get a grip and a life. You are NOT funny in the least bit!

2899 days ago


Maybe hypnosis could help Ellen quit loving girls. Maybe they could take her back to when "it first started"'s not the womb!

2899 days ago


Good for you Ellen!! My mother passed away two years ago this past week and was a heavy smoker for many years. Although she slowed down considerably when in her 70's, the damage was done. The one good thing that came from my mother's smoking was that our 11 year old daughter saw what she went through and will Never EVER try to smoke.

Hopefully, you will help many others by using your story to motivate people to quit.

Whether you like it or not, you have ENFLUENCE!! Thank you for using it wisely!!

2899 days ago


Thank God LIVEWIRE is back with his hilarious posts. I was about ready to give up on TMZ.

2899 days ago
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