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Ellen's Emotional Breakdown

10/15/2006 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres: Click to watchIt's a different side of Ellen DeGeneres, shedding tears on national television.

The usually upbeat host gets emotional on Monday's episode of her talk show when talking to a hypnotist about her addiction to smoking cigarettes. After being asked by hypnotist Paul McKenna to think of four times she wanted to quit smoking, envisioning them clearly in her mind, he then asks her to then think of lighting up again and DeGeneres begins to cry.

McKenna explains the exercise, "Your brain's like a computer, what we're gonna do is reprogram it so that smoking doesn't mean the same thing again."

It appears the trick was a success, with Ellen exclaiming three days later, "I feel so good. I feel healthier! It seems ridiculous but my skin looks better, I just feel like, I feel healthy. I feel really good."

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annie rowe    

hey ellen, if it works for you,, good, ignore everyone. i quit 20 yrs ago, i put my faith in jesus christ. whenever i thought of smoking, i asked god to help, something came up and another day was gone, each time and it worked. good luck--hang in there, don't quit, you will be tempted, just say god help me, it works.


2893 days ago

the wise old owl    

Yeah LIVEWIRE: What's with the disappearing act? I was begining to think there were other names you were posting under. You know you don't have to hide from the imbiciles on that go after you. You've got your posse here. Blog away.....

2893 days ago



It is good to be back! LIVEWIRE was away on business, but is now back on TMZ fighting the good fight against the brainwashed SHEEPLE!

LIVEWIRE is TMZ forever....


2893 days ago


You can do it , Ellen. Whenever I need faith to hang in there in life, when I am deperately sad or upset, I pray, of course, but I also always think of YOU. Your spirit and love you show to people has given me new faith and hope. I also want to tell you that I am 52 and I quit smoking nearly 20 yrs. ago. I don't miss it at all. And we women tend to want to eat more when we don't have the cigarettes, but you can keep that under control too. Find yummy, healthy snacks. I know you will succeed. Someone who has given me such faith has to have strong faith in herself. YOU GO, GIRL!! Always on your side, Connie

2893 days ago


I am going on 14 months smoke free. I tried Hypnosis and it worked for about 8 months...then a tragedy in my family occurred and I turned to after 14 months and many many urges...I feel I am free of it. Good luck Ellen

2893 days ago


Good Luck Ellen. My friend tried to quit 5 times. She really was a true addict. Finally it stuck. Smoke free for 7 years now. Now she can't even be in the same room with a smoker. It makes her sick..... Just keep trying !!! You'll make it.

2893 days ago


She must have been thinking about Anne Heche & her husband.

2892 days ago


Good Luck Ellen. I wish you much success in your efforts to stop smoking cigarettes. I know it's hard but you are tough! Hang in there!

2892 days ago

Belinda Fruge    

Congrats to you Ellen and thanks for sharing that you were a smoker! I have been told by doctors that the nicotine is more additive than heroin. I am continuously trying to quit even though I may smoke only 5 cigarettes a day, I struggle daily with giving them up totally! I have decided to try hypnosis!

2892 days ago


They do those seminars here in town for whole groups of people. They have it for weight loss too. Everyone I know that goes ends up smoking again or staying fat. I hope it works for Ellen.

2892 days ago


LIVEWIRE....You are digusting...TMZ should ban your comments!

2892 days ago


I took to heart what was said about "smoking not meaning the same thing" but in my case it was alcohol. I'm an alcoholic who took his last drink two months ago and had hit bottom on 6/12. I sort of viewed it as breaking up with a partner, I've always found that easy to do. I don't want to drink anymore but mostly because I have some chronic health problems now and I'm seeing a doctor to get to the bottom of them. Addictions are evil. I wish I had never started. I'm glad Ellen's trying to quit and I hope it's not too late in my case.

2892 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    


Thanks to all my beloved SHEEPLE for missing me while I was away at my "How to Suck C*ck and Really Love It" conference in San Francisco.

LIVEWIRE is TMZ Forever!

2892 days ago


HA! Another LIVEWIRE imposter (IMPOSTER POSTER #43) Keep it up! LIVEWIRE LOVES his name getting out! SO MANY SHEEPLE want to be the TMZ SUPERSTAR, but there is only one.....LIVEWIRE...

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Ellen- My first, guest folks is the world's first internet blogging celebrity, the man known as LIVEWIRE!

LIVEWIRE (just sittin' back, chillin') Hey yo....(in a deep baritone voice).....

Ellen- LIVEWIRE, you are considerd the most controversial and funniest poster on TMZ. What got you started in blogging?

LIVEWIRE (standing up to address the SHEEPLE) LIVEWIRE is the man of the hour, the tower of power, always sweet never sour! Ellen, LIVEWIRE is on a mission! LIVEWIRE is on a mission to make people THINK! To awaken the SHEEPLE from their trance! To make females cream in their pants! (Standing ovation from the audience)

Ellen- well, it won't work on me! I guess you might call me...DYKEWIRE...
(Ellen tries to be funny, but the audience doesn't find her "joke" funny)

LIVEWIRE- listen sugartits (audience howls with laughter), LIVEWIRE has a confession- the TMZ SUPERSTAR sleeped with your girlfriend Portia De Rossi last night!

Ellen- WHAT! LIAR! I hate you! FIRST, you make fun of me on TMZ, now, you lie about my HONEY BUNNY! Get off my show!

LIVEWIRE (whips out a video tape) LIVEWIRE has video proof right her baby! Move over "1 Night In Paris" the hot new video coming out is called "Driving My Portia". Exclusive clips on TMZ coming soon!


2892 days ago


Are you like 12? You write like a 12 year old only meaner, like one with hemorrhoids if that's possible!

2891 days ago
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