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Tom and Katie

Wedding Conflict

10/15/2006 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wedding ConflictTom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding may be just around the corner, with her dress all ready to go, but the persistent buzz is that Katie's parents are still outraged that the nuptials -- whenever and wherever they happen -- will be conducted by the Church of Scientology, rather than in the Catholic tradition. And there have even been suggestions that the family Holmes is threatening a last-minute boycott of the wedding to try to convince Katie to have a proper Catholic ceremony, even if she does one Scientology-style, too.

Katie was born a Roman Catholic and went to parochial schools growing up in Toledo, Ohio, and so it would only be fitting for her to be married with the usual Catholic rites -- not in a Scientology ceremony, in which the bride is sometimes called a "girl" marrying a "man" and in which one of the solemn "pacts" of marriage is that the couple agree not to go to bed angry. The Holmes family has not commented publicly on the situation, though the TomKat mothers were spotted recently having lunch with their children. Cruise's rep maintains that the couple will be married sometime in the fall.

Britney Shapes Up Furiously For Big Return

Britney Spears has targeted her husband Kevin's album release party at the end of this month to make her triumphant return as the svelte, sexy young starlet we once knew -- and sources close to the family tell TMZ that she's enlisted a small army of nannies, trainers, and nutritionists to put her through her paces to make sure she's looking her best.

According to our sources, Brit has hired a nanny for each of her sons, and is constantly in the gym "for hours at a time," working out feverishly to shed all the extra poundage she put on while having two babies in 13 months -- and indulging her penchant for Taco Bell gleefully and often along the way. "She really wants to make a huge splash at Kevin's release party," says our source, "and she totally wants to outshine Kevin and announce to the world that she's back."

Anna Nicole's Mom Joins The Fray

The Anna Nicole Smith saga is just getting uglier. The latest twist is that Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, has told Page Six that she thinks her grandson Daniel -- who tragically died in the hospital room where his mom had just given birth in the Bahamas -- was murdered. Toxicology tests have shown that Daniel died of an overdose of methadone and the antidepressants Zoloft and Lexapro. "Somebody had to give it to him. He had to get it from somewhere," Arthur reportedly said. "I just know Danny didn't kill hisself. He did not overdose hisself . . . Danny wouldn't take drugs to begin with. I don't believe that for a minute. You could not convince me of that." Smith has not yet held a funeral for Daniel, whose body is still lying in a Bahamas funeral home.

Celebrity Goodwill Flu Catches Kidman

Maybe all that do-gooding by the likes of Bono and Angelina Jolie is contagious. Nicole Kidman is the latest celeb to get in on the act-she arrived in Kosovo yesterday as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. The region was devastated by war in 1998-1999 and Kidman plans on visiting the southwestern town of Djakovica, one of the most hardest-hit areas of the conflict. This is Kidman's first tour of duty since being named goodwill ambassador of the U.N. Development Fund for Women in January.

Party Favors: Leo Gets Under Diamond Giant's Skin ... NBC Losing Revenue Steam

Diamond merchant DeBeers is gearing up for a fight-over the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie "Blood Diamond," out Dec. 15. In the movie, the African diamond industry is portrayed as a conflict-ridden one, but DeBeers claims that the movie distorts the truth, according to the New York Post ... NBC should start watching its wallet. The network's operating profit fell 10 percent in the third quarter, largely because of expensive shows like "Kidnapped" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" that haven't lived up to expectations.

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No Avatar


Has anyone ever noticed that Nicky Hilton looks just a little bit retarded? LOL

2930 days ago


Damn it, I can't believe Britney has kids, I can't believe Tom has kids and I can't believe Anna Nicole Smith has kids. They should all be shot.

As for britney, before worrying so much about her body, she should worry about her kids falling out of highchairs, driving in the front seat or hunched over in the back seat of an opened convertible. I've been in those, the wind in the back is horrible especially for babies.

For Tom, Katie is as stupid as her future husband. He was in to sh*tantology when she met him so now she has to sleep in the bed that she made. Besides, all religions are just a form of a cult. As if the Church isn't constantly asking for money. The only difference is sheer numbers.

Need I say anything about Smith, her son was probably born addicted to drugs and there is no reason this new baby should be any different.

2930 days ago


Wake Up Katie!!!!! You can't even take your daughter out walking without asking for permission, remember she is your child too. And you shouldn't have to ask to take her anywhere. There are other famous people that take their children out everyday and no problem. don't you see he's treating you and Suri like property and not like your yourown person. It's time you opened your eyes sweetie before it's too late!!!!! Scientology is a mind controlling cult, get out while you can. And if he truluy loves you it will be a 50/50 relationship and not what he says goesw only!!!!

2930 days ago

Kelly Roberts    

Doe it really matter at this point where Tom & Katie get married?
If they had any self respect, the wedding would have taken place
long before the baby was born. Why put on a big show now? Tom
Cruise is almost my age and both my daughter's are adults, so I
can't imagine having a kid at his age let alone marrying someone so much younger. I always thought he was gay & lost
all respect for him when he had his little tantrum and said such
hurtful things to Brook Shields.

2930 days ago


Scientology, Catholicism?......NO difference !!
They both don't worship according to "what doth sayeth The Lord".
According to Fr. Benedict Groeschel on EWTN, this in response to a lady's question as to "why don't Catholics worship according to the Bible", he responded as follows: quote: "yes, while we do not worship according to the Bible; what makes it right, is our tradition!"
Note: he DID NOT disagree with the lady's words; he concurred! But to go on and say what he did, is mind blowing!
Clearly what he was saying was that man's word should supercede God's word. But then here is what the Bible says about that: Mark 7:13; ..."Making the word of God of none effect with your tradition".
Yet another priest as urging his congregants, and viewers, to "go out and purchase statues of Mary and the saints, take them into your houses, and worship them"!
Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? What, with the Bible replete with instances of God, and His prophets, imploring us to desist from those very same acts of sacrilege and idolatory?
Then Catholics pray to Mary. Clearly this is contradictory to Bible dictates. Note 1: "there is ONE mediator between God and man, that is the man Christ Jesus". Note 2: "when you pray, pray like this; our FATHER...". Note 3: Corr. 3:18, : "Let no man beguile you of your reward ..and worshiping of angels.."!
I could go on and on with examples of how Catholics DO NOT worship according to the Bible edicts, as was avowed by Fr. Groeschel, but the Bible is there for us to read for ourselves.
As the Lord said: "every man has to work out his on salvation with fear and trembling". This means we should not just take what some misleading preacher with a man-made doctrine is passing on to us, niether will we be able to use this as any excuse on the day of judgement.

2930 days ago


Like there aren't cults within the Christian religion....and it isn't a bit strange to put your belief in a book that has someone who talks to burning bushes?? Lol....I'm not a Scientologist, but I'm so SICK of judgmental me, your faith is just as ridiculous if one were to pick it apart.....

2930 days ago


You need to get back to being a BLONDE. Much cuter & sexier.

2930 days ago


i think britney's spears career went down the drain when she married kevin
but its good she's trying to lose some weight
she'll look and feel beter about herself

2930 days ago


It sounds just like any other religion to me thats why I don't bother with any of it.
If you as common since questions about all religions they make no sense.

It's all about money no matter who or what you believe in.

2930 days ago


Scientology is like Mormonism in that it hides the bizarre stuff until the person is, in effect, hooked. Then they reveal it and remind the "believer" how this "sacred" information should be told to no one because they wouldn't understand. That's because it's all such a load of crap. Take these facts of Mormonism not told to the unsuspecting "investigator" until they have been baptized and are now believing that any questioning of what the prophet (pronounced profit) is tantamount to apostasy and thus risking excommunication and loss of social status:

1) Mary was not impregnated by the Holy Spirit, but by God himself who impregnated her in the same manner as did our parents.

2) God lives on the Planet Kolob, as does his god before him on his own planet and all the other gods created by the gods previous to him (on their own planets) and all his siblings who managed to "earn" their own positions as gods. They all continue to reproduce on their planets so that they can populate their own earths.

3) Jesus and Satan are brothers, being born on Kolob to our Heavenly Mother as were all of us. But, because we need physical bodies to return to heaven, we had to come to earth to gain them. Not that this explains how the Holy Spirit can be a member of the Godhead without a body - but they don't worry about discrepancies like that since it is wrong to question anything being taught.

4) They believe that their church is the only true church on the earth today because ALL true Christianity fell away and departed from the face of the earth and required a restoration of truth. They believe this despite believing that there are at least 3 people alive today who were alive during Jesus's lifetime and saw him after his resurrection. So, what they are teaching is that despite the fact that these non-dying people personally saw and were taught the Truth by Jesus Himself, they apparently decided to NOT spread the Gospel while they were alive all these centuries, but instead decided to keep it to themselves so that all truth would die out on the earth until Joseph Smith was born.

5) They believe that they communicate with the dead in the temples, that these dead often appear to those performing baptisms and marriages on their behalf to let them know how pleased they are. People have often spoken of having an unborn child appear to them to tell them who they are or a child who passed appearing to tell them how they are waiting for them.

If anyone can still believe that they are Christians and not an occult/cult religion, they are only fooling themselves. I spent 10 years with them before I finally realized the foolishness of what was being told to me. They are a dangerous organization, and even more so because they are so highly concentrated in our Federal government. Don't forget that Joseph Smith predicted (foretold, what have you) that the United States would some day be under the control of the Mormon Church and that this country would become a theocracy. If you think it can't be done, think again. They are a force to be feared. The extreme right-wing Repubilcans are nothing compared to them!! Yet, they welcome them with open arms, not realizing that they would ultimately lose to them as well.

That's enough. Just know that any of these cults who look to control the thoughts and actions of the individual, who won't allow members to have a personal relationship with God, who allow a single individual to be the sole interpreter of truth, are a dangerous thing to be part of. Watch out for them. Be informed about them. Do not allow them to convince you otherwise.

2930 days ago



2930 days ago


I really believe Katie's parents should stand by their daughter's decision on how and where she and Tom get married. She's a big girl now and should be able to make up her own mind as what she and Tom want to do.. Their relationship will stay stronger for it. Good luck Tom & Katie!!!!!!!!!!

2930 days ago


To #109, Flipper:

Well, supposing Tom Cruise encourages vulnerable people to stop taking needed medication which results in a bad consequence for them. What would you say then? Nicole doesn't say what she really thinks. She's probably afraid of him. I'm sure she doesn't want to publicly humiliate the father of her children.

2930 days ago


If someone should be tested for drug abuse, or low IQ, it is that nut case Virgie. I've seen her interviews on t.v. No wonder Anna & her son didn't want anything to do with her. Just to make a statement about what a person, would, or wouldn't do when she hasn't seen the young man in years, makes my case! She is just a jealous, hard hearted piece of trash. Hope Anna never lets her near that beautiful daughter. Old Virgie should be sued for slander-defamation-etc.

2930 days ago


ifeel sorry for katie she should wake up and leave that guy cruise. She will not be happy. And katie please stay out of that cult.

2930 days ago
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