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Tom and Katie

Wedding Conflict

10/15/2006 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wedding ConflictTom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding may be just around the corner, with her dress all ready to go, but the persistent buzz is that Katie's parents are still outraged that the nuptials -- whenever and wherever they happen -- will be conducted by the Church of Scientology, rather than in the Catholic tradition. And there have even been suggestions that the family Holmes is threatening a last-minute boycott of the wedding to try to convince Katie to have a proper Catholic ceremony, even if she does one Scientology-style, too.

Katie was born a Roman Catholic and went to parochial schools growing up in Toledo, Ohio, and so it would only be fitting for her to be married with the usual Catholic rites -- not in a Scientology ceremony, in which the bride is sometimes called a "girl" marrying a "man" and in which one of the solemn "pacts" of marriage is that the couple agree not to go to bed angry. The Holmes family has not commented publicly on the situation, though the TomKat mothers were spotted recently having lunch with their children. Cruise's rep maintains that the couple will be married sometime in the fall.

Britney Shapes Up Furiously For Big Return

Britney Spears has targeted her husband Kevin's album release party at the end of this month to make her triumphant return as the svelte, sexy young starlet we once knew -- and sources close to the family tell TMZ that she's enlisted a small army of nannies, trainers, and nutritionists to put her through her paces to make sure she's looking her best.

According to our sources, Brit has hired a nanny for each of her sons, and is constantly in the gym "for hours at a time," working out feverishly to shed all the extra poundage she put on while having two babies in 13 months -- and indulging her penchant for Taco Bell gleefully and often along the way. "She really wants to make a huge splash at Kevin's release party," says our source, "and she totally wants to outshine Kevin and announce to the world that she's back."

Anna Nicole's Mom Joins The Fray

The Anna Nicole Smith saga is just getting uglier. The latest twist is that Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, has told Page Six that she thinks her grandson Daniel -- who tragically died in the hospital room where his mom had just given birth in the Bahamas -- was murdered. Toxicology tests have shown that Daniel died of an overdose of methadone and the antidepressants Zoloft and Lexapro. "Somebody had to give it to him. He had to get it from somewhere," Arthur reportedly said. "I just know Danny didn't kill hisself. He did not overdose hisself . . . Danny wouldn't take drugs to begin with. I don't believe that for a minute. You could not convince me of that." Smith has not yet held a funeral for Daniel, whose body is still lying in a Bahamas funeral home.

Celebrity Goodwill Flu Catches Kidman

Maybe all that do-gooding by the likes of Bono and Angelina Jolie is contagious. Nicole Kidman is the latest celeb to get in on the act-she arrived in Kosovo yesterday as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. The region was devastated by war in 1998-1999 and Kidman plans on visiting the southwestern town of Djakovica, one of the most hardest-hit areas of the conflict. This is Kidman's first tour of duty since being named goodwill ambassador of the U.N. Development Fund for Women in January.

Party Favors: Leo Gets Under Diamond Giant's Skin ... NBC Losing Revenue Steam

Diamond merchant DeBeers is gearing up for a fight-over the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie "Blood Diamond," out Dec. 15. In the movie, the African diamond industry is portrayed as a conflict-ridden one, but DeBeers claims that the movie distorts the truth, according to the New York Post ... NBC should start watching its wallet. The network's operating profit fell 10 percent in the third quarter, largely because of expensive shows like "Kidnapped" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" that haven't lived up to expectations.

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No Avatar


Actually in the Catholic faith she would not have a blessed marriage or probably even a ceremony if she had already had another "religious" ceremony.
It is no secret that her parents do not accept Tom and actually I think the Scientology stuff is not that big of a deal. I think it is deeper than that Tom being a control freak and how their daughter has changed. Her face says it all in just the pictures published and I can't imagine what her mom can pick up when she is around her which isn't much. My son in law could be compared to Cruise in many ways (not rich or famous) and Katie has gotten herself caught up in a mess.

2895 days ago


Given that Katie grew up a Roman Catholic - ironic that she shacked up with Mr. Cruise first, got pregnant, and is still not married.

Reads like a typical hollywood relationship:
shack up
knock 'em up
split up

2895 days ago

Joan Rapp    

First of all...WHO CARES????

Just a note to Mom & Dad "Holmes"...I thought the "Catholic Church" wouldn't marry anyone who was divorced; not to mention that they had a child out of wedlock...I know...this is the 21st century...times have changed...has the Catholic Church? Of course, if enough money changes hands (as in the well publicized "annullment of Jackie K and the Ugly Geek (oops Greek) so they could marry in the "church." Hipocrites!

2895 days ago

Save Clearwater from the psycho's    

You go "The Maven". I was never curious about it till I moved to Clearwater, Fl. I live right in the middle of them. They are trying to take downtown Clearwater over. They are psycho. My Dad was afraid that we would get involved with them. Needless to say we just make fun of the alien want to be's. Come on the need to grow up and face reality. Who is R L Hubbard to say what life really is and how you should give him all of your money to get the alien out of you. Psycho. He made up so much for his books and then turned all of that into a religion. Or did the aliens come to him and tell him all of this.LOL

2895 days ago


I'm not Catholic, so I don't know for sure, but aren't brides supposed to be virgins and not supposed to have given birth to a child before marriage in order to have a church ceremony? The whole world knows their "little secret".

2895 days ago


to #110 Hippo : after all Tom divorced Nicole no viceversa . Another point: I can see a lot of times Tom with his children but NEVER see Nic with Bella and Connor.! They 're living in LA with their daddy , Nic 's living in Nashville ! Is she a great mother? I think she's just a selfish woman

2895 days ago

Sharon Van Dorn    

Katie, you make your own choice, the wedding is yours, not your families. I am sorry you were raised Catholic, I myself am a recovering Catholic. I would like some information on Scientology. I know nothing about it. I have great faith, but do not believe in Religion. You only need to be true to your God, Tom, and Suri. No one else. Good luck to you and Let the others go.

2895 days ago


For Freddy: Whoa, buddy. I can't help but pick up your passionate feelings for Britney Spears. There are other, much more talented women out in the world to be willing to kill for, ok? Just calm down. You are way too psychotic with the CAPS LOCK and all the abbreviations looking like secret codes. "don't be dissin' my girl Brit" stuff. People have opinions, some of us have brain cells. Just don't be getting so mutant your goddess Briney! She couldn't have Justin, so she marries this guy on a whim. "Oops, my bad!", Britney giggles. It gets annolled and her family intervenes before their wild child is lost forever on the DARK SIDE. Ohhhhhhh....scandalous. Meanwhile she still prances around almost naked (she has a nice body, I'll give her that) but either show it all or have some class. Next then you know she's with Kevin who? This sleazy looking, punk wannabee, "I'm so cool" attitude loser? This HAS to be a joke, fluke, one night stand? Nope. Now she married him. A baby? Those two? Please be a rumor. She had her baby in her lap in the front seat of the car? Britney says with a giggle, "Oops, my bad!" Well, at least she learned the importance of birth control. She ACCIDENTALLY got pregnant again, ALREADY!!!
OK, OK. I heard, unfortunately, K-fed's song on the award show. Weird-Al kicks his butt. And Weird Al isn't even trying to rap. How sad is that? So Kevin, the wannabe rapster idiot, and Britney, who is pretending to be a grownup are still together and responsible for two human beings?
Do you ever stop and think that people like you are the reason other countries laugh at us and hate us so much? For anyone who thinks that Britney Spears is worth idolizing and/or is "like such a great role model", being able to reproduce does not make you a woman, it just provides evidence that you didn't keep your legs together.
I sincerely don't mean to come off so harshly, but I'm tired of American youth "not getting it." There's more to life that who's wearing what, how much this outfit cost, etc.

For Maven: Thank you for giving me some faith that there are some people left in America that do see what's going on and are not suckered by propaganda or what's "trendy" right now. Thank goodness we still have the freedom to think for ourselves.

2895 days ago

maria tally    

I'm so sick of the Tom Cruise so called wedding . Who want such a short person. Get on with life
Brittany, you go girl.
Anna Nicole enough is enough. Bury the poor child and get on with life. Stop using your son as a means to get free publicity. She makes me sick

2895 days ago


OH GOD PEOPLE! This is so retarted let Katie and Tom do what they want! If Katies parents are going to boycott, then thats just plan bitchy! Jeez its their life let them do what they want!

2895 days ago

patrick Allis    

The fact that anybody can call scientology a cult and not call any other religion acult is rediculas. Cathlics especially is the biggest cult of them all. It boils down to personal beleifs and disbeliefs, there is no proof in any of it, it's all about faith in believing in something greater then yourself, be it alliens or an invisible God.

2895 days ago


I happened on this page by accident, I can't believe that you all are so wrapped up in other peoples lives, shouldn't you have your own?

2895 days ago


Even if Tom was not a Scientologist, he would still be a controlling man. There are so many like him, they tell a girl blah blah and that without him she would be nothing, then they start bad talking family and friends until the poor girl believes that he's all she's got. Thats when the problems really begin, no self esteem, not belonging and willing to forsake all as not to lose the jerk. Come on girls, STAND UP and be true to yourself!! Just think, without Katie where would Tom be, on Oprahs couch mumbling to himself!!

2895 days ago


You the know the movie Cruise made called, "Eyes Wide Shut", well that's what his so called religion reminds me of. He is a pyshco, mind-controlling freak, who has taken this easy manipulated girl, and managed to actually turn her into a non-person who has completely lost who and what she is. To forsake her own beliefs because he wants it all his way, is an absolute disgrace. Her parents should do more than ban their wedding, but I'm willing to bet you the freak will do everything he can to make sure they wouldn't see their daughter or grandchild. Don't let that big smile fool you. He has proven himself to be a controlling echo manic, who does not respect women or their right to make up their own minds. I wish NIcole Kidman would shed some light on this, but it doesn't look like she's going to get involved any time soon. The fact that they didn't stay together says it all. And her beautiful, Catholic wedding to Keith Urban spoke even louder! I also wish Brooke Shields didn't give him the time of day. It was more than obvious he was doing some major damage control, to take some of the heat off him, but I don't buy it.
She was Catholic, well at least until she met him. If she's willing and her family is willing to allow that circus to take place, then why can't he agree to a Catholic ceremony to please her and her family? Who the heck does he think he is! The bigger question is, WHY CAN'T SHE SEE THROUGH IT!!!!

2895 days ago


Tom is to in to himself and Scientology to care about Kate and her family. Poor girl. He doesnt care who she really is he only care about what he is turning her into.

2895 days ago
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