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Aniston -- No Break-Up, No Boob Job

10/16/2006 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Though tabloid reports suggest otherwise, Jennifer Aniston confirmed with Oprah that she and Vince Vaughn are still a couple.

While Vince's name isn't brought up when Oprah asked the former "Friend," "Are you broken up?," a smiling Aniston responded, "Oh no, no."

Ironically, Aniston's denial of a break-up is the first official confirmation the couple existed in the first place -- though anyone who believed the two were never dating probably never graduated from preschool.

On today's show, Aniston also shot down rumors of a boob job, chalking it up to having a "couple cheese plates too many" and putting on ten well-placed pounds.

Vaughn himself is going public with the relationship as well and is threatening to sue several tabloid papers that said he had split with Aniston and was caught kissing a mystery woman in London.

In a message from a London law office, Vaughn states, "Ms. Aniston and Mr. Vaughn had not ended their relationship either at the material time or since. ... The suggestion that he was having a passionate embrace and kiss, or has ever been unfaithful to Ms. Aniston, are false."


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Jennifer is so dull & shallow she's not even worth commenting on, but could Oprah be anymore annoying? God, she's like nails on a chalkboard. And the dumb broads who watch her show, ugh, i shutter to think of being in a relationship with one of those dingbats.

2930 days ago


Jenifer won't be smacked down by anyone or "anthing" that people do to her. She is awesome!!

2930 days ago


Oprah should have ask the real questions? Her ex is all over the newspapers and magazine with his kids and Jolie. How are you coping with that Jen? Life after divorce from a man that left you for whatever reason for another women should have been the topic of that show Oprah.

2930 days ago

Robert O Graham    

Say what you may,,but Gen is all right in my book,Angie wouldn't make a pimpel on Jen ass,Brad not playing with a full deck to leave Gen for Bi Angie......

2929 days ago





2929 days ago


her ex husband the one who cheated on her with another women when he was married to her what is this world comming to when you can be so nice to an a cheater and so mean to someone who is so nice as she is

Posted at 11:06PM on Oct 16th 2006 by sandy

You seem to know more then the ex wife and her best friend. do you have a photo or some evidence to show that Brad cheated during his marriage?? Please, don't be selfish, share it. Jennifer is waiting, the world is waiting.

You mean, there's not even a teaser of evidence that Brad even kissed Angelina other then when they were on set, in full M&MS costume?? Not even something close like the one when Vince kissed that kate producer woman?? Oh you mean the one with Brad and Angelina in capri or somewhere, the photoshopped one, where Angelina's hand is still sticking out of Brad's chest. Oooooooohhh. hahahahahaha

2929 days ago


i don't think they ever had a relationship in the full sense of the word. i think that vince is just being a standup guy along w/her pals and feels sorry for her. i think that's why her pals are coming out w/statements about her not breaking up and i think that why V V is doing what he's doing. they are all trying to help her save face in the press. for some reason she doesn't want to be seen as someone who hasn't had a real relationship after BP...........or that she's somehow "losing" to everything that he has accomplished in his personal life after they split. great friends......but are they going to keep doing this for the next year????

2929 days ago

Oh Canada    

Wassup what can I say, you certainly have me pegged. How ever did you become so insightful?
Perhaps you could suggest to your pal Jennifer and her boyfriend Vince to lay low if they're tired of the dreadful paparazzis. Their collective management team is too smart for that, it's almost a given that they would soon be forgotten, or regulated to the D-list.

Wouldn't it be nice if the people with the money and the forum/audience actually considered redirecting the spotlight on a worthy cause instead of on themselves.

2929 days ago


lets face it, if Jennifer had not got married with Brad Pitt she would be just another Lisa Kudrow (nobody cares)

just wait two years and she will dissapear or maybe come back to tv.

2929 days ago


Team Jen!!!

I am so glad Jen did not have Brad’s baby. Any desperate woman would have had his baby so that he would not leave. Heck, a desperate woman (AJ) had his baby before marriage to try and keep him!!! Having Brad’s child does not guarantee he will stick with her. Jen did not have to use those ancient tactics…such as getting pregnant or having Brad’s child to force him to marry her. Brad married Jen because he loved her!!! She never has to wonder if he was with her because of a baby.

As for her relationship with Vince, they are not rushing into things they are taking it nice and slow. I think they look wonderful together and hope to see them married at sometime. I think it was sweet of Vince to threatened to sue the tabloids for printing up lies. That's exactly what my husband would have done!!

I love watching Jen on Oprah!! Oprah is great and so is Jen. Who was the stupid person to ask why Oprah did not ask Jen about her ex?? Why should she have??Jen has a wonderful life without Brad! She has a lot to look forward too, there is no reason to reflect on the past.

I think Jen is a truly sweet person. She is smart, beautiful and talented!!

2929 days ago


If Jen would have talked about her ex...everyone would have said she was whining. Jen is over Brad, everyone else should move on already!!

2929 days ago

Jennifer G    

I believe no matter who you are, your always going to see actors/actresses on the cover of all magazines, why? Because if they weren't there, we would never buy it, much less take the time to read them. I do read them once in a great while, for the most part, I read them as I leave the grocery store check stand. And all the while they are trying to live their lives like ordinary persons such as you and I, just that they are paid to stand in front of the cameras, like you or would pass up that opportunity, I think not. Because we put them there by going to a movie, paying for the ticket, buying the CD after it is released. Hello, you do have the option of not buying either. Same result for the magazines. You chose to read. So you either can add fuel to the flames or just read it and let it die out. Your the ones who keep it burning by adding your comments. As for me, I will continue to read, go to the movies and support their salaries, after all, it's part of life. We made it that way with people like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Presidents of past and present, Nobel Prize winners, you name the person(s), without them our lives would be just simple. Oh yes, lets not forget boring. By the way, I moutain bike, write short stories, attend outside functions such as concerts, opera, and I also love meeting new people, you see, no matter who you are, you have a choice.

Everyone enjoy life; no matter where it takes you or what you agree or disagree with it.

2929 days ago

showers of Blessings    

I know we tend to see what we want to see sometimes in these
celebrity photos as really, they are but glimpses, moments.
Sometimes true, other times misleading. But each time I’ve looked
at Jen’s photos in the last few months and even her recent video
with Oprah, she strikes me as someone edging ever closer to a
meltdown. I know some Jen fans are going to shout at me for
making that statement but I’m not making it to be nasty. I really
think she’s too involved in the whole media business.

Someone posted an article about why celebrities commit suicide -
because its the only thing left for them to do. Because if you are
not careful, you start to live your life as the media and public
wants you to and you find you don’t know who you are. To me, all
this PR work about the engagement that was not, the break up
that may not, the boob job that is not, X doesn’t have to answer
any of this. I do think “poor Jen” not because Brad has moved on
with Angelina so emphatically. I think “poor Jen” because she
seems lost without a purpose in life and she is living a life which is
to some extent, dictated by the media. The fact that she needed
to respond to the engagement/break up/boob job stories as well
as stories about her not wanting children etc, tells me that this
woman is highly sensitive to bad PR.

I think she is living a life without much purpose at the moment
because she won’t want to be actively involved in charity. That’s
not because she doesn’t want to be but her ex husband and his
now WIFE are such public figures doing charity, she will hate
being compared to Angelina in the media. And yet, charity is
what MOST people get involved in as they wind back their working
life. And Jen is winding back her working life because she is nearly
38 and there will be fewer and fewer starring roles for her, even if
she were a great actress. That’s just the reality. Perhaps she’ll
get pregnant and have a couple of children. That is the best
thing for her and I certainly hope she has them. I think she will
find having a child very healing. But for now, yes, I feel sorry for
her, but I don’t care for her media manipulation actions.

2929 days ago


Jen Aniston was lucky to be on the hit series Friends. Now she'll be relagated to doing B movies.
Brad Pitt did the right thing. Angelina Jolie is a class act that is drop dead gorgeous and she puts her money where her mouth is giving 30% of her earnings to charity.

2929 days ago


36. I think Jen is a beautiful woman, it sounds like the haters from JJ are here,,Personally I think Jen has handled everything with a lot of class..I don't think I would have been that cool about the situation..I would have gone on national tv..and called Whorlina every name in the book and then some...So no matter who Jen ends up with, I hope shes happy...

Posted at 12:24AM on Oct 17th 2006 by judy


2929 days ago
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