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Julia Gets Props From Her Hubby

10/16/2006 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't the only major celebrity on the California campaign trail these days. Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder are also looking to use their star power to influence voters.

Julia & Danny! Click to Watch!

Earlier today the couple made a rare public appearance at Mattell Children's Hospital in LA, where Julia gave a rousing speech in support of California's Proposition 87 -- which if passed, would reduce the state's dependence on gasoline and diesel.

"We're all victims of this state's tragically poor air quality," she said. "California has the worst air pollution in the nation."

After the speech, Danny can be seen proudly applauding his wife, before making his way through the crowd of photographers to personally congratulate her. The two then headed back out onto the campus of the UCLA Medical Center.


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U Know Who    

This chick is stupid Prop 87 is the WORST thing for CA's already off the chart gas prices. Prop 87 would make YET ANOTHER HUGE state bureacracy to tax and spend year after year. EVEN IF they are making no progress. These jokers would have NO Accountability.

We're already the highest taxed on oil and gas in the country this would just compound that. This prop 87 would actually make it cost MORE MONEY to produce oil related products in CA.

Yeah that sounds pretty smart...


2928 days ago


...And as they drove off in thier gas guzzling SUV..................

she rushes to the airport, where stands a private AIRPLANE (she gets a private airplane in all her contracts from the studios), to Washington D.C., where she is filming her part for Charlie Wilson's War..........

Ain't that a hoot?

And why should SHE care what happens in California, when she and hubby live in Taos, New Mexico???

2928 days ago


Perhaps if TINKERBELL would not lump CA altogether,get out of LA-- and visit Northern CA--she might sound like she knows what she is talking about!

2928 days ago


Prop 87 is a scam. More governmental waste that will do NOTHING for the environment.

2928 days ago


Why with all HER money, why does Mr/Mrs Julia Roberts, always dress like they are homeless people?

In every pic of them out and about, they look like neither has taken a bath, and look like they just rolled out of bed....him unclean, greasy hair, unshaven, wrinkled clothes, her with either wearing a hat to cover dirty hair or it looks like it's not combed, baggy clothes, etc.

People mag, always has her listed as one of the most beautiful women in the world....I just don't see it......

2928 days ago


In reply to #5, Julia runs a close second to the Olsens. Why do they dress like they do? Nothing fashionable. I have always thought Julia Roberts is plain ugly. If you put enough makeup on anything it can be called beautiful. When you take off the makeup of Pam Anderson, Joan Collins, Julia Roberts, and several others they are just mud ugly. We always call them the Ly sisters, "Homely and Ugly". They always look like bag ladies.

2928 days ago


"...where Julia gave a rousing speech in support of California's Proposition 87 -- which if passed, would reduce the state's dependence on gasoline and diesel."

-No, it wouldn't. Read the other posts regarding the would be a nightmare that would boost up our already outrageous gas prices and would do nothing beneficial for us. VOTE NO ON 87!

2928 days ago


I cannot make the video work.

2928 days ago


yeah, the video's not working!

2927 days ago


Maybe when you can no longer breath without a breathing apparatus you'll re-think your positions on this bill. Child and Adults with asthma already feel the pain. Soon everyone will.

2927 days ago


forcryingoutloud...this bill isn't the answer. and, panic/fear campaigns don't work on people who actually use reason in making decisions, but nice try.

2927 days ago


Reason? My reason is my child being able to breath without assistance. You have no clue what I'm talking about unless it's happened to your child. This is CA, hopefully it will pass. I'm happy to pay more for gas if I can breath again. So go attack someone else, you'll never change my mind on this subject. Never!

2927 days ago



You being the good little liberal you are, you go right ahead and vote yes, to prop 87....(and please drive the big honking suv to the voting center, ok?)

But I will guarantee you this...YOU nor YOUR CHILD will EVER breathe clean air in California. Not in either of your's lifetime.

But since liberals just love paying HIGH taxes on everything, you will be such a good sport and don't come complaining when gas prices in your area, reaches over 5 bucks a gallon or more? Deal??

2927 days ago


I'd pay any price for my childs health. And by the way you uber conservative tight ass, I'm a Republican!

2927 days ago


Oh and by the way Donna, I drive a Rav4 which is considered a "green car". Now go bite someone else's tires!

2927 days ago
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