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Rosie Budges From "View"

10/16/2006 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'DonnellWonder how Babwa's going to feel about this: Rosie O'Donnell is in talks to star in her own primetime drama from the creators of "Nip/Tuck," and she'd star as the caustic, diarrhea-of-the-mouth-plagued lottery winner Dawn Budge, whom Rosie memorably portrayed in a much-buzzed-about guest-starring turn.

And, says the New York Post, the show is already generating such word-of-mouth that Nicole Kidman wants to be in the pilot. We're not certain that any scene could top the one in which Rosie pays Julian McMahon's character 100 grand for a schtupping, but we've learned not to doubt Ro. Says O'Donnell's rep, "They're in talks to do a show that would film in New York. I don't know about Nicole."

Lindsay Ditches Tinseltown – For a While

Could Lindsay Lohan be the next celeb to make her own personal voyage to Africa? Sounds a little like it: The raven-haired starlet says she needs a break after a rather tumultuous year, in which she loved and lost, got publicly scolded by her boss, and generally got herself photographed and chronicled more faithfully than anyone west of Paris Hilton. "I might take a vacation – take a year off," said Lohan recently, according to MSNBC. "I want to travel and learn more about other cultures. The more I've grown up, the more I want to do that." So says the actress, all of 20 years old.

Greasy Bear Bounces Check

He may be heir to a multi-billion-dollar fortune, but apparently Brandon Davis can't quite keep his finances straight. After publicly humiliating Lindsay Lohan for "only" making $7 million in his infamous "Firecrotch" video, the grandson of oilman Marvin Davis bounced a $10,000 check he gave to "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis and, according to Page Six, owes money to record producer (and fellow Paris acolyte) Scott Storch, as well as Palms casino owner George Maloof.

The Post obtained a copy of the check, which was returned for "insufficient funds," though Greasy Bear himself says that the check had bounced because he was "switching banks" and that he paid Francis back in cash, which Francis says isn't true. A rep says that there's "no truth" to the rumors.

"Grudge 2's" Frightening Box-Office Win

It's nearly axiomatic by now: Put a horror flick up around Halloween, and it'll score. It certainly held true for "The Grudge 2," which despite critical drubbings all round (for those that could see it), scared up $22 million in its opening frame. The film, starring Amber Tamblyn as the sister of Sarah Michelle Gellar's character from the first "Grudge," and haunted by the same angry spirits. Martin Scorsese's "The Departed," meanwhile, had another strong weekend with $18.7 million, putting it in range of passing "The Aviator" as Scorsese's highest-grossing film ever. And Robin Williams' political comedy "Man of the Year" debuted in third place with $12.6 million.

Party Favors: Scarlett to Record Waits Album ... DiCaprio Loves the Jet ... Dupri Upset Over Janet's Slow Sales

Scarlett Johansson will take up the mike to record an album of Tom Waits songs, says FOX News' Roger Friedman. The Sexiest Woman Alive (this year) has signed a deal to make her first record, called "Scarlett Sings Tom Waits," which will be released next spring on Atco ... Leonardo DiCaprio sees all green when it comes to his cars – he is rarely seen driving in anything but hybrid cars – but his long-haul transport is still a gas-devouring private jet. Last week, DiCaprio, his mother, grandmother, and galpal Bar Rafaeli took a jet to Rome from Paris prior to the premiere of "The Departed" there, says Page Six ... Janet Jackson's boyfriend Jermaine Dupri is upset that Janet's album "20 Y.O." has sold so dismally in its first two weeks of release (dropping from no. 2 to no. 9 in its second week on the SoundScan chart), and he's blaming Virgin Records, the label at which he himself is an executive. Rush & Molloy say he's threatening to quit.

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No Avatar

Alyn Brodsky    

So Lindsay wans to go to Africa. Good. Let her stay there. Maybe she'll do us all a favor and take along her sister-sluts and their repulsive boy friends who infrest these pages.

The Maven would enjoy that tremendously.

Oh, and throw Oprah into the pile, and Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil can counsel them on moral behaviour, while Oprah can do her nauseating "Mama Goodfeel" shtick for the benefit of the natives.

But one caveat:to the natives, if that repugnant group should invade your shores (we should all be so lucky):

Do not--repeat: DO NOT--dine on any of them, if you are cannibalistically inclined, or you will doubtless wind up with a case of the trots that will result in your colon disintegrating. These people are serious sh*t, to be assiduously avoided.

Thus warneth The Maven.

2937 days ago


Rosie in a drama series? Sounds like a great way to get her off The View and everyone saves face. (She would leave, right? ABC could be producing the new drama series.)

Brandon Davis vs. Joe Francis? I'll believe Brandon over Joe anyday. Why do you call him Greasy Bear?

2937 days ago


How the stars loose weight after baby is born.
I still can't get over the photo you had of Jennie Garth no makeup, absolutely one big mess, nearing the end of her pregnancy, having her daughter on that big cart, that men ususally carry around, she looked horrible how could she go out looking like that what a mess
maybe it is goodbye to rosie forever betcha it didnt work out and the agreement is give her her own show to dump her from the view
here st arts all the ugliest with katie holmes, its too bad, if she is catholic like me, that marriage cannot last that scientology is unnatural and she was jut forced into it. she should have stayed with chris

2937 days ago

duh...totally !    

Brandon & Joe Francis...both PIGS !

who cares !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no one whould know or care about their crap if TMZ would leave them out of the site

2937 days ago


To Jermaine Dupee...instead of promoting Janets boobs you should have been promoting or even better yet upgrading that sorry ass CD...what you thought seeing Janet unclothed with them ugly false boobs was going to give her Bee status...NOT...try again Lil BooBoo.

2937 days ago


That would be the best thing for the View if Rosie leaves. She doesn't know how to act with other co-hosts. She has to be the center of attraction like her friend Tom Cruise ( cry baby).

2937 days ago


Well-put, Maven!

2937 days ago


Hmmmm....Sounds like Rozillas finally figured out shes not making the cut.

2937 days ago

ROBIN are one different individual!

2937 days ago



2937 days ago


The View is now the Rosie O'Donnell show, it's disgusting, can't stand to watch.

2937 days ago


Janet Jackson's boyfriend (music producer/song writer and executive) Jermaine Dupri should blame himself for personally shepherding the direction of Ms. Jackson's last 2 miserable albums. I posted several comments online--warning, and almost begging Janet Jackson and her representatives not to release her new album...This, after hearing several internet previews of her album. I sincerely forewarned all involved that the material was not worthy of Ms. Jackson...not even close. Yet, those warnings went unheeded...and now Ms. Jackson has a second horrible album in a row that has officially flopped. BTW, I am well aware that industry folks read these kinds of postings...Anyone who is unaware of such practices is extremely ignorant to this fact.

The only fault that Virgin Records holds in this whole pathetic affair is that they allowed Mr. Dupri, because of his reputation as a hit maker, to bully into knowingly releasing an album that simply is not up to snuff. I suspect however, that this was no miscalculation by Mr. Dupri...As Mr. Dupri has ulterior motives in regard to Ms. Jackson. It is no accident that Janet's last 2 albums...all, as I said before...were created under the watchful eye of Jermaine Dupri and both were badly reviewed...and promptly flopped after their respective releases. Mr. Dupri appears to fear that if his girlfriend should see a resurgence in her career that she will outgrow their relationship. Hence, if her career remains on the rocks, he appears to have rightly assumed that a fearful Janet will stay with him. THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING...SHE IS STILL WITH HIM, IS SHE NOT??? The fact is, it is no secret that Janet has low self esteem issues...this, the reason that she sought out a romantic relationship with a man that clearly reminds her of dear old dad...Joe Jackson himself...a cheating, lying, abusive, and all around morally corrupt man, if we are to believe past media reports. And just like daddy...Jermaine Dupri has the attitude that women must remain in two places...the kitchen and the bedroom (as an example...he regularly and openly buys lap dances from strippers at men's clubs...or so he and Janet have repeatedly claimed in interviews, if I remember correctly.

Truth is...Janet's talent is as a dancer...she couldn't pick, fashion, write or recognize a hit to save her life. She is entirely dependant on others to do so on her behalf. Ms. Jackson's image has also been entirely dependant on others. As a have been treated to an artist created by commitee. Sadly, when A&M execs (Jackson's former record company) and her ex husband dropped out of the equation surrounding shaping her image and music...Janet Jackson's career has faultered badly. Unlike her ex husband Renee, who really truly seemed to have her best interest in mind, career wise...if nothing else, Jermaine Dupri has failed to step up to the plate for Janet. He's given some really good material to Mariah and other artists, but has suspeciously failed to do so for Janet.

Now, if Ms. Jackson wishes to be the woman that stays in the kitchen and the bedroom...fine, she's entitled to repeat her mother's mistakes...but if she wants to finally stand-up for herself and begin to tailor her own career by getting people involved with her career efforts who's only motive is to see her star rise again... well, she needs to stop blaming Virgin Records and start blaming Jermaine Dupri. Remember the movie...Sleeping With The Enemy??? Well, when the person you say you love is working to sabotage your are doing just that...Sleeping With The Enemy!!! Clean house while you still can Janet!!!

2937 days ago



2937 days ago


#9: "Greasy Bear" is Brandon Davis. I believe the nickname appeared after he made serveral oily/sweaty appearances out in public. And bear = fat.

2937 days ago


Why is everyone getting the amount Rosie's character paid Dr. Troy for sex on Nip?tuck wrong? It was $420,000. $400, 000 for the basic servicing and an additional $20, 000 to do it on the rung.
OK got that? $420,000. Get it right, please.

2937 days ago
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