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Tom Cruise: Help Me Paparazzi!

10/16/2006 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No matter how you feel about Tom Cruise, you have to admit, he's a pretty supportive parent.

Proud Papa Tom Cruise! Click to Watch!
The actor, along with his fiancé Katie Holmes, never seems to miss any of his daughter's soccer games -- and this weekend was no exception. The couple was treated to an extra special moment this time though, when Isabella scored one of the team's goals. After the game, Tom did some scoring of his own when a photog offered to hook up the proud papa with a copy of the game.

Maybe it's not so bad having paparazzi following you around all the time after all!?


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the wise old owl    

I like the caption at the top of the video that said " Tom playing the role of a supportive parent " That is pretty much it. You can't log on this site anymore without seeing some sort of self serving tid bit on Tom going through the motions of playing the typical suburban DADDY. This guys got so much free time on his hands he should volunteer to be the coach. And what's up with Katie ? She's got as much energy as a SLOTH. She looked miserable. She must have an entire calandar just filled with places to be, events she needs to attend and planned out appearances she has to do to keep up with Tom's intinerary. She must be exhausted from that smoooze job with Posh she just completed in Paris. I wonder what's next. ? Stay tuned. I am sure what ever it will be news worthy. I wonder if Tom is under negotiations to pay off Andrew Morton so his book never comes out.? Because if it does. All this play acting with Katie will just be a waste of time.

2937 days ago


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2937 days ago


Where's Suri?

2937 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Okay, so my questions would be, why is Nicole never at the kids games? Isn't she their mother? I used to get up at the crack of dawn to go to my kids soccer games along with my husband without fail. Secondly, who has custody of these kids? Is it Tom, Nicole or a 3rd party? 3rd Why do we never see Tom or Katie with the baby? You only see Tom & Katie at the games not out shopping with the 2 older kids. This is too weird.

2937 days ago


Sloth? Your cracking me up Old Owl.

2937 days ago


I think Tom and his freak friends have pushed Nicole out of the picture. I know someone that had that done to her. The dad made it miserable for her to have her kids, even though they had joint custody. Then when it was her time with the kids, he would plan some fabulously fun trip and the kids would call her begging to go on the trip. His "new wife" had a child who got very favorable treatment when his kids were with their mom. This "new wife" also insisted that the children call her Mom and their mother, MK. Very sad situation! Very hurtful to my friend but devastating to the kids.

2937 days ago


Hey wise old owl!! Well we got "Sloth" (LOL love it!!) to FINNNALLLLLY get a new pair of sunglasses. AND did ya notice......Conner was allowed to walk in FRONT of Tom?? YEP! He did NOT have to trail behind him like the ugly step-child!


So Sloth has new sunglasses, the older kids are now allowed to walk in front of their dad, not 6 feet behind him, Tom no longer leaves Conner and Bella alone in the park after their games, they get to ride in the same car as their said father. What other "changes" have (not) occured? Since he does (not)have moles that read and report back about his image. LOL

Will we soon we see "no longer a baby but now a toddler Suri" out and about in the light of day?

OR are they waiting until AFTER the sham, er, I mean wedding, so they can make an appearance as the "PERFECT DOTING FAMILY".

You know, if we see them MARRIED and holding a baby, we will forget that they produced an out of weddlock child. NOT!

2937 days ago


Someone help Katie! She is brainwashed by the evil midget tommy!

2937 days ago


Good point Mrs. Scott. Nicole never IS photographed with the children. Too busy making movies? I hope not.

2937 days ago


Will the season EVER be over for that kid??

2937 days ago


I love Tom :) great and caring person. i will never forget .

2937 days ago


Where are you NICOLE????????????? It seems like these kids live with Tom 90% of the time and see Nicole 10% if that even. I've never seen a custody arrangement like this where one parent has the kids all the time and the other parent has them so little.... what the heck is wrong with Nicole? Why doesn't she insist upon being in her kid's lives more? Something is not right with this picture, they are Always... Always with Tom and Katie.. I don't think they see their mom more than a couple times a year.. Nicole... Claim your kids.... you have rights!!!

2937 days ago


once again their mother is no were to be seen as usual

2937 days ago


No, #11 Sasha, The kids are NOT "Always with Tom and Katie". Just because you see Tom and Katie standing in a park watching a game, does NOT mean the kids are ALWAYS with them. If fact, all it really means is Tom and Katie are always in the park.
One could easily ask, "Don't they EVER go home?"

MAYBE, Nicole is home watching Baby Suri! You know SOMEONE has to watch that baby, heaven knows that "100% hands on mother Katie" isn't watching her. She is TOO busy giving PDA's during family hour at her checkbooks childrens game. EEEEWWWWWWW!

2937 days ago


Here is again! By the way, what's Katie doing there? where is Suri? Who takes care of Suri? Katie isn't brainwashed. She knows what she is doing. She is doing a good job for pretending to be innocent and to fall in love with someone. Maybe initially she was and did. To me she is enjoying being famous. Who knows? She might think " Oh my God!! I'm a mother of Tom's daughter. I'm going to be remembered forever and I'm going to be rich even if I break up with Tom. Yes!! Nothing to lose." hahaha..... I think Katie really knows what is going on in her life right now. She is almost 30 years old and not stupid. I really hope that she gets what she pays now. We'll see soon or later. Good luck! Kaite

2937 days ago
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