Why Aren't You Watching "Studio 60"?

10/16/2006 4:45 PM PDT

Why Aren't You Watching "Studio 60"?

Dear TMZ readers,

We don't like to preach to you about what you should and shouldn't watch. Love "Dancing With the Stars"? Great. Hate "Grey's Anatomy"? We can forgive that. But you're not watching "Studio 60" and this has to stop. Starting tonight.

You don't need us to tell you how great it is -- every other TV critic has already done that. So, we're not sure what we can say to make you watch it. Um, you liked "The West Wing," right? Same writer. And we know you loved "Friends" -- this has Chandler!

In tonight's episode (10PM ET/PT on NBC), Harriet talks about God with a Vanity Fair reporter while Sting warms up in the background. Yes, that's right -- they've got Sting, too!

So, in closing, please watch "Studio 60." A world where "CSI: Miami" does double the viewership than "Studio 60" is not a world worth living in.