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Alison Clinton: I'm Not the Other Woman

10/17/2006 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alison Clinton: Click to watchShe's the woman named in Sara Evans' explosive divorce papers but Alison Clinton is fighting back claims she committed adultery with the country singer's husband.

"It's just devastating. It absolutely feels like a death, there's just no explanation for it," Clinton tells "EXTRA," "it just kills me inside ... I cry myself to sleep every night."

Clinton was a former nanny for the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, who is set to announce her resignation from the show this evening, and claims her reason for leaving the job was not due to any affair with Craig Schelske but to an eating disorder. Clinton adds Evans was even the matron of honor at her recent wedding.

Obviously unhappy with the allegations, Clinton is threatening to sue Evans if she doesn't remove her name in the divorce papers and adds she'd even submit to a lie detector test if necessary.

The full interview with Clinton airs tonight on "EXTRA."


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Sara's career will benifit. The entire nation and the rest of the world, now know her name

2866 days ago

Black Sheep    

Hey, Little Wing NYC. Apparently YOU care because not only did you read the story but you went to the trouble to post a comment! Unless you have nothing better to do.

2866 days ago


Sara I read this because I thought maybe Bill was doin' his brothers wife or something. I have no idea who these people even are.

2866 days ago


the stupid girl says her and sara were great friends, but know she wants to sue her!
WHAT THE HELL? She is just money hungry.

2866 days ago


Alison looks like she'd be a good ride, I'm a scrawny guy with no muscle mass so I like 'em skinny and light as they get. Alsion also she has an eating disorder which is always a plus and not only because I get turned on when a girl throws-up on me. Chicks with eating disorders are usually freaks in the sack because they're completely ruled by other peoples opinion of them and I need a chick that will let me dominate her because I have no self esteem myself. My penis is only 2 inches and I'm insecure about it. Chicks with eating disorders will do ANYTHING if you play your cards right which is what I need in my life because not many chicks will vomit on me while yelling at me that I'm an ugly boy with a stupid looking 2 inch winky and pinching my boobies all at the same time and that is what I need to feel good about myself (reminds me of what my nasty mommy did to me as a little kid!)

2866 days ago


Not sure who Sara is, but her nanny looks pretty anorexic to me.

2866 days ago



Apparently hit a nerve eh sweetie? LOL!! Good luck with puking up lunch today in your never ending quest to get some attention. Don't give up, your daddy and brother still want you as the cum dumpster you are! LMAO !!

The real racer

2866 days ago


Allison Clinton: "I did not have sex with that man, Mr. Schelske"

I don't think Ms. Evans would of listed this friend/ ex-nanny, if she didn't have proof, as in video or pictures. Why would she want to set herself up for a slander suit?

2865 days ago


Sara Evens is a respectible and honorable woman. I dont think she would just start pointing fingers and just throw away her marrige with 3 kids down the toilet and blast any of this information to the public if she didnt have some kind of proof. Take it from someone who has watched her mother go through years of being cheated on by her know when its happening to you. My prayers are with you Sara...stay strong!

2865 days ago


STUPID!. Just wanted to comment because This has ridiculed the Dancing With The Stars......Sick of it!......Get this information off the news,,,GO home Evans and take care of kids,,,,,,,,
EVANS>.All you want is Attention.....THought YOu were GOing Home TO take Care of Kids,,,,,SEEMS as if YOu SPending More TIme ON TV and Interviews...THIS IS SO DUMB!

2865 days ago

Lola Lepner    

She has an eating disorder and she didn't sleep with anyone. When you have an eating disorder you can't stand to see yourself "undressed" nor do you want to anyone else to see you undressed! Get real people this didn't happen.

2865 days ago


The nanny looks like skinny friggin B**** to me but sara might be looking for sypathy to get out of dancing on the show they will lose to emmet smith and his partner

2865 days ago


You sound like one sick sob there racer

2865 days ago


Racer, you've made the same inane posting twice, so apparently your skinny, scrawniness has affected your brainwaves as well.

2865 days ago

Phineas T. Bluster    

Am in complete agreement with # 13. Why has this country become so starved for gossip, whether true or imagined. It seems that the people in this country have so little excitement happening in their lives that any BS drivel that happens to others is news. For those of us that still read the newspaper check out how the real important news gets buried on the back pages and the BS gets on the front page. I hate it when I turn on the local news (so I no longer watch it) and they tell us about something that happened in another state or country that has absolutely nothing to do with news in my area. My sunday paper weighs about 4 lbs. I don't read most of it and the parts that I do read weigh approximately 8 ozs. That's 3 1/2 lbs for the paper recyclyer, (that's a good thing). Another thing I hate is the star system. What kind of crap is that? Last night there was an ad on TV for one of the newscasters on a local news show learning to dance. This guy is just another guy and they called him a local star. Gimmee a break and get a life.

2865 days ago
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