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Alison Clinton: I'm Not the Other Woman

10/17/2006 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alison Clinton: Click to watchShe's the woman named in Sara Evans' explosive divorce papers but Alison Clinton is fighting back claims she committed adultery with the country singer's husband.

"It's just devastating. It absolutely feels like a death, there's just no explanation for it," Clinton tells "EXTRA," "it just kills me inside ... I cry myself to sleep every night."

Clinton was a former nanny for the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, who is set to announce her resignation from the show this evening, and claims her reason for leaving the job was not due to any affair with Craig Schelske but to an eating disorder. Clinton adds Evans was even the matron of honor at her recent wedding.

Obviously unhappy with the allegations, Clinton is threatening to sue Evans if she doesn't remove her name in the divorce papers and adds she'd even submit to a lie detector test if necessary.

The full interview with Clinton airs tonight on "EXTRA."


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Frieda Jane    

If what is said is true, what kind of mother would want to make it public so her children will be made aware of it? I think that there is more to the story then we are being told. Time will tell. I do feel sorry for the children involved.

2865 days ago


Have you ever heard Sarah in an interveiw... She is the most honest and down to earth person! She said that she "has always been against divorce", and she "would do anything in her power to prevent one". I'd believe Sarah over someone who had image problems any day! And if the nanny doesnt want her name in the press, then get out of the spotlight. No one knew who you were before you said you were going to sue sarah evans!!!

2865 days ago


For now I believe Sara, Most of us men are Pigs & alot have no conscience. We not need a reason, we just need a place.

2865 days ago

Patricia Phelps    

I think Sara needs to get another story this kind of stuff is getting old,shes not making any money singing

2865 days ago


You guys are all idiots.
Here's what's happening. Sara didn't want this all to become public. She didn't want her kids knowing all this crap, but she had to put as much stuff in the divorce papers as possible because she wants to keep as much of HER money as possible with this divorce. They've been married for 13 years with NO PRE-NUP and her career took off 10 years ago. His slimy lawyers are going to go for HALF and that pig doesn't deserve any. So HER lawyers recommend going for the jugular in order to keep probably 2/3 if she's lucky. Then some butthole reporter dug up the dirt and publicized it.
The only thing I think Sara's lawyers made a mistake on is the allegation of the nanny, but he's guilty of everything else. The nanny actually sounds believable, anyone who volunteers for a lie-detector is usually willing to take one.

2865 days ago


I think Sara went public because if she would have waited for it to come out in the open by gossip mongers it would have been worse...She took the calculated risk of opening her business to the public to control the damage the information could do...While I do not approve of this move..I do understand it...As for her children, hopefully she will have them in counseling and when they are old enough they can decide for themselves how awful thier father was for what he was doing...Keep strong and steadfast Sara....

2865 days ago


the way she was rubbing her stuff on her dancing partner, Sarah is the one into SEX. Maybe she is SEX starved and all that dirty dancing maybe got her going.

2865 days ago

Frieda Jane    

To Superbuck

How do you seem to know so much? The papers that were filed for a divorce would have been sealed and nothing would have been made public. It happens all the time and not to the so called famous. Are you a very close friend? If so how close of a friend? You mention his come he is slimy and hers is not? Lets face facts, most divorce lawyers are slimy if they fight for their clients and their own bank accounts...


2865 days ago


What a bunch of hard hearted , synical, creeps out there!
Haven't any of you experienced the heartache of your spouce cheating on you? Remember the pain and devastation? How could she continue putting the energy required for dancing when her heart was broken? As far as staying home and taking care of her husband...he knew who he was marrying and the kind of life and demands that would be put one him...."for better or for worse", remember? He shouldn't have married her if he couldn't live up to his vows!
He's a coward!!!

2865 days ago


Is anyone sure that this isn't a smoke screen by Sara so she can cozy up to here dance partner?

2865 days ago


I love Sarah as a singer and she seems like a nice person and mother and yes it takes 2 two tnago, the husband is just as responsible and yes Sarah is in the wrong also. It takes 2 to make a marriage work and 2 to make it fail. I wish her good luck in her career and personal life. It is also hard when you are in the public eye, so media be kind.

2865 days ago

Gary D.    

It's a shame when anyone has to go through crap like this. I wish Sara the best !!

2865 days ago

Lou Plotnicki    

You people all need lives. Is this all you have to do is comment on newstories? You are all pathetic.

2865 days ago


I believe sara. This other woman seems liek a fruit cake. This happened before she was married and probably was with the man she married and now he will find out she cheated on him. next time she should not kiss or whatever she did with a married man. PLUS she was the nanny so she got paid for adultry. Sounds like a whore to me

2865 days ago


Hey, I think Sara is banging her dance instructer

2865 days ago
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