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Alison Clinton: I'm Not the Other Woman

10/17/2006 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alison Clinton: Click to watchShe's the woman named in Sara Evans' explosive divorce papers but Alison Clinton is fighting back claims she committed adultery with the country singer's husband.

"It's just devastating. It absolutely feels like a death, there's just no explanation for it," Clinton tells "EXTRA," "it just kills me inside ... I cry myself to sleep every night."

Clinton was a former nanny for the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, who is set to announce her resignation from the show this evening, and claims her reason for leaving the job was not due to any affair with Craig Schelske but to an eating disorder. Clinton adds Evans was even the matron of honor at her recent wedding.

Obviously unhappy with the allegations, Clinton is threatening to sue Evans if she doesn't remove her name in the divorce papers and adds she'd even submit to a lie detector test if necessary.

The full interview with Clinton airs tonight on "EXTRA."


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I I think Sara showed poor taste putting her personal business out there. She should know better. This will not help her case, rather hurt her reputation and respectability.

2926 days ago


Unless you have walked in Sarah Evans shoes you don't understand her pain. Been there, done that. My heart goes out to her. What ever happened to 'committed love'?

2926 days ago

Timothy Bevil    

Why is this news?

2926 days ago


This woman is so stupid that she thinks Craigslist is her husbands personal "sex engine" wow is she dumb!

2926 days ago

al arnold    

uh, Sara named "the Nanny" in the divorce papers - she didn't name anybody publicly.

Even the Nanny says that it was the husband who called to tell her what Sara said in the divorce papers.

The only people who have taken it to the press is the husband and "the Nanny".

and if a) Sara has pictures - the husband is lying.
if b) if she doesn't have the pictures . . . well why would she file it with the court claiming to have them ???

Sounds too much like the husband is covering up with typical - I'm right, you're crazy rhetoric.

2926 days ago

Gary D.    

I know I've made some terrible sexist comments on this board, but, I really can't help myself. After all I've been in incestuous relationships with everyone in my family( Grandma, Grandpa, Mom , Dad, Brother, Sister) and even with the family pets. I suffer from a condition known as MICRO-PENIS . Actually it took an entire team of docors and specialists just to find my minute little trace of a penis. That's why I hate all women so badly. I'm tired of the rejection, and there is no way I could possibly satisfy a woman with my extremely tiny little winky. Please forgive me everyone. I can't help being so bitter.

2926 days ago


Let one of his whores support his lazy ass . Craig, you f**k'ed up !! The gravy train is over !! Sara was the bread winner of the family. She bent over backwards for you, then you had to f**k it up. Now live with it !!! Face it... YOU ARE F**K'ED !!!!!!!!!!

2926 days ago


I'm sorry. I'm laughing my ass off. Redneck marital discord should be a college course.

2925 days ago

Ronda Hurley    

This is so sad, Sara is just a Beautiful Woman and a Awesome Mother. It sounds like Her ex to be needs some type of counseling. I have seen her in concert and she seemed to be fully devoted to her husband and her children. I have been there done that and it never changes. Once a cheat always a cheat. I wish her and her children the best and hope God gives her strength to overcome the hurt she is feeling right now.

2925 days ago


Stories like this one are a dime a big shock!!! However, I do believe that Sara Evans is tellin' it like it is because she's found PROOF (know what that word means??) on her arsehole hubby's computer. As far as her so called friend, Alison (aka Karen Carpenter...) why would Sara accuse her of having an affair with Sara's husband if she didn't have some kinda proof?? Afterall, Sara says she and Alison (aka Nicole Ritchie) have been best friends for years and Sara was in that toothpick's wedding. I don't think Sara would turn on this girl for no reason or make up some cockamanie story. Sounds to me like Sara has a freak/pervert/sicko for a husband and a backstabber for a 'so called' friend. Sara...hold your head up and kick these two slimeballs to the curb. They're just dead weight and you have 3 beautiful children and a huge/successful career to deal with. Don't waste your precious time on these 2 deadbeats....except take that pig of a husband for all he's worth and laugh all the way to the bank!!!

2925 days ago


It's always the best friend who has an affair with one of individuals in a marriage, nothing new about that. I don't know what to believe since watching a clip of Sara with her dance partner in which she was flirting with him big time and he even said to her, you're married. I've only seen that clip once; did anyone else see that? Maybe it was after she had found out about her husband and she was kidding but her partner really seemed uncomfortable while she was talking to him that way.

2925 days ago


I once dated this anorexic chick and I helped her out by giving her my special protein shake twice a day. I'd be glad to help out this nanny Allison too.

2924 days ago


I find it weird that this woman is the only person who has publicly defended Craig Schelsky, well except for Craig himself. This sounds rather suspicious, don't you think?

2922 days ago
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