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Brit Gives Away K-Fed's Sneakers

10/17/2006 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is so desperate for her husband to make a little of his own money for a change that she's begging her fans to help sell copies of his CD – and offering an old pair of his sneakers as a premium.

It might be the spookiest thing you'll ever do on a Halloween, but if you manage to help sell the most copies of Kevin Federline's upcoming CD "Playing With Fire," you too can have the privilege of partying with the Spears-Federlines at the CD release party on October 31st, as MSNBC reports. Second prize? The pair of treads that K-Fed wore for his infamous debut on the Teen Choice Awards. The lucky third prize winners get a $200 gift certificate, and 10 runners-up get a replica of the medallion K-Fed wears every day.

Denise's Bed Partners Make Her Kink-y

Denise Richards just loves sleeping with dogs – the canine kind, that is. The actress, who is in the midst of getting a divorce from Charlie Sheen, tells Animal Fair magazine (via Page Six) that she bunks regularly with her five – count 'em, five – pooches, two Boston terriers, a French bulldog, a pug, and a golden retriever. On a slightly disturbing note, Richards says, "I dress them up all the time [and] they sleep with me often." Let's not forget that Richards also has two children, whom she recently allowed into the bed along with all the dogs. "I didn't sleep very well that night. I woke up with a kink in my neck."

Diddy Ain't Ready For Marriage

Even though he's been with ex-model Kim Porter for many years, he's not ready to get married to her – just like he wasn't ready to marry ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, unlike everyone else she's been with.

Diddy tells Rush & Molloy that he and Porter will tie the knot "when I'm ready. I have to be ready to get married. If I marry anyone, Kim will be the woman." Even though that might not be exactly what Kim wanted to hear, it seems as though Porter is standing by her man, placidly. For instance, when the rapper got together with Jennifer Lopez, "Kim never really sweated [her]," Diddy tells Vibe magazine. "She was, 'Ah, you're playin' yourself ... You're running ... around with your little Puerto Rican girlfriend. You'll be back.'" And she was right. And Diddy has a theory about Lopez and her matrimonial allure. "Everybody who ever meets the girl winds up marrying or wanting to marry her," says Puff, offering up Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, and Mark Anthony as examples of his theory.

Party Favors: Leo Produces Green Reality Series ... Lord of the Dance Steps into Marriage ... New York Rapper Shot In Garage

Superstar treehugger Leonardo DiCaprio is cooking up a reality series about a town that goes from ruined to environmentally friendly. "E-topia," which is being pitched this week, will, as Variety reports, go to a down-and-out town and rebuild it using all environmentally-friendly methods ... Michael Flatley, he of the hands-on-hips and high-leg-kick "Riverdance" dancing style, married his longtime co-star Niamh O'Brien in Ireland on Saturday, reports People. No word on what the pair did for their first dance ... Rapper Fabolous was shot early Tuesday standing in a New York parking garage in the thigh. The Brooklyn-born rapper was taken to a hospital, and the four men who approached him were apprehended by police.

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No Avatar


I don't think I'd wait around for Mr. Diddy to marry me. This Kim Porter has had a couple of his kids and sat by and watched him play around with J.Lo. Mr. Diddy needs to get some respect for his woman. If she is good enough to have his children, she is certainly good enough to Marry. Although I do think its a good idea to get married when your ready, but I wonder if Diddy wants to have a few more girl friends while Kim is home taking care of the children. Maybe he'll be ready to get married when the grandchildren get here.

2907 days ago


The only reason Kim is putting up with Diddy is because of the $$$. She knows he messes around but she got pregnant anyway. So she can either stick around and spend his money or leave. With 3 kids now, I doubt she's going anywhere. That's the choice she's made, I don't feel sorry for her at all.

2907 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

What next will Brit be offering? Her hubby's turds? The Maven is wonering about this. (He's also nauseated about this.)

2907 days ago


Well i always wondered if Brittany had any sense, now I see she doesn't. Has to give away his smelly sneakers to sell CD's. I guess she will have to sell her bra's to sell any of her cd's when she tries to get back in the music business again.

2907 days ago


OK...from reading this am I to believe that she would rather sleep with the dogs than her children.."I didn't sleep very well that night. I woke up with a kink in my neck."...sounds a little weird...where does she have sex at...on the floor?

2907 days ago


TMZ got it right. How desperate is this? Youre gonna bribe people to boost your deadbeat husband's ego? that wont win him respect by any means...Oh and I love the prize. Out of all the things he has, she chooses old sneakers? With his impressive hygiene. Why couldnt it be like his old basketball, baseball mitt or even a beerglass? Who needs crusty sock sweat from some ugly guy who looks like he has his laundry done every 2 months? If it was justin's sneakers there would be a lot more albums bought.

And I agree with poster # 2. Kim actually made out in this arrangement better than most in her situation. I say she came out ahead. Her kids will be provided for for a long, long time. And who is to say that she stayed celibate while P. Diddy was with Jennifer Lopez? there are 2 sides to every story.

2907 days ago


To The Maven:

I wish I hadn't read your post while I was eating breakfast.

2907 days ago

Charisma Rules    

#1 maybe Kim Porter truly loves Diddy & is one of those people who does not care if her partner is faithful, or #2 maybe she desperately wanted children & decided children out of wedlock were better than no children (since she realized the chances of Diddy marrying her were slim to none), or #3 maybe she decided that if she had children she would get child support for years & years whether she & Diddy remained together or not. Continued access to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

While I would like to think it is NOT #3, many people ARE money-grubbing gold diggers. So it is possible.

2906 days ago

Mike V.    

If Brittney has to beg people to buy her husband's CD, that should be a clue that this CD SUCKS ASS!! Just wish that John Cena after he body slammed him would have taken those shoes and stuffed them down his throat or up his ass.

2906 days ago


I'm not exactly sure what is not clicking inside Britney's head, but she had better get it together soon, what in the hell did this girl's parents taught her. Good God, I can't believe she is that dumb! Of all things, an old pair of sneakers? Obviously, they know this CD is not going to sell, but how low can she go?

No thanks Britney. Your husband is a loser, and you are a bigger loser for taking such an a**hole like him. Both of you does not deserve a single penny from my hard earned dollar.

2906 days ago

Giselle Blondette    

P. Diddy is further proof that for one reason or another the majority (not all..don't freak) of black men do not get married but have kids anyway . This is not a racist comment but merely a true statistic. See US Census data if you don't believe me. What blows me away is why black women in particular except this as okay to just be a "baby's momma". Kim Portman have some pride, and stop having kids with a man who considers you 2nd best, and only goes back to you when no one else is available.

2906 days ago


Britney looks like a turd with her black hair. I wonder if her carpet matches her drapes? She shouldn't have married k-fag. That a**hole has ruined her career.

2906 days ago


Poor Britney She looks like she trying to sell day old bread to people on the Atkins Diet!


2906 days ago


#11 dont have too much faith in the census, or in anything that can be easily altered to say what the "majority" wants it to say. you have just as many whites as you do blacks having children out of wedlock. also, if you are walking down the aisle with your stomach poking, YES , your child is still considered a bastard. Sorry,but shot gun weddings do not count.

2906 days ago


Nika, hehe I like how you phrased that.

Giselle, if you make a negative comment about any group of people, and bring race into it trying to make a (weak) point, yes, that is an ignorant racist comment. Just because you add in a "Im not trying to be racist" doesnt make it so.

2906 days ago
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