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Sara Evans Won't Spill the Beans on "Dancing"

10/17/2006 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans divorce dramaIf you want the dish from Sara Evans on why she's bailing from her marriage and "Dancing With the Stars," prepare to be very frustrated.

A source directly connected with Evans and her divorce case tells TMZ that the country star will indeed appear for approximately six minutes on tonight's show, but her statement regarding her marriage is "very vanilla."

Evans filed for divorce last week claiming her husband cheated on her-- but that's just the beginning. Evans claims her husband has photographs of himself having sex with other women and has at least 100 nude photos of himself in a state of arousal. Craig Schelske, Evan's husband, denies the allegations.

TMZ is told Evans will not talk about the allegation on tonight's "Dancing with the Stars." Indeed, Evans will not even reference her husband. The statement she will make centers around doing what's best for her three children.


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I don't get it, what did Sara Evans husband do that was so bad? If you ask me, Sara is involved in a pretty normal marriage. There is nothing wrong with having sex outside your marriage. It's In The Bible! I hope she burns in hell!

2894 days ago


I think if she is so worried about her kids she should keep her mouth shut. I personally do not care about his pics of his "state of arousal" but for all her claims about protecting her kids she needs to zip her mouth and keep private stuff private and if all this is tabloid gossip she is starting then I feel sorry for her husband. He is still the father of those kids and she needs to shut up already.

2894 days ago


She claims one of her children told her they saw dad's porn on the computer. Her children are 2, 4 and 7. A 2 and 4 year old have no idea what the hell porn is, and a 7 year old is pushing it. Don't know if I believe that story.

2894 days ago


The statement might be vanilla, but so is she.

Who cares if he cheated on her and has nude photos of himself. Keep it private you dumb wench, it's not illegal.

2894 days ago

Biotch Please!    

Please! She is doing the BEST SHE CAN in a situation that she did not sign up for. HER KIDS are VERY AWARE Of what is going on more than likely,. To varying degrees, but kids always know when there is trouble in the home and they usually know what it has to deal with...

She is hurt. This man betrayed their marriage by having affairs. Although this article doesn't say it. He also slept with his Nanny. Now you know good and damn well one or all of those kids were well aware of the shenanigans that were going on with dear ol' dad and the nanny.

He has made this woman feel inaqdeuate and like dirt through his sex obsessed actions and all. She filed her papers in court which are public records. The PRESS ran with it.....

All of you wenches supporting this FAKE AZZ REPUBLICAN and DEVIANT need to shut up!!!

2894 days ago

Stevie Nicks Fan    

For #1 WHAT!!!!! and for #2 and 4...she hasn't SAID anything about her divorce.
The ONLY reason why we know about this stuff is because the media had gotton a hold of the divorce papers--DUH! #3 those young kids--no- they don't know what porn is but guess what__THEY HAVE EYES!!!!! How stupid and ignorant are you people.

2894 days ago

Stevie Nicks Fan    

Oh I forgot--it is totally obvious that some of you are not married with kids. Because if you were and your husband did all of those things and kids were involved, let me tell you , you would be devestated,and you would look at her story with saddness. NEVER EVER ASSUME!!!

2894 days ago


What was the 7th commanment in the bible
And you would be surprized what kids know today
Does any one else live in the house who knows more than she does

2894 days ago


Why bash her. She is standing up for what she believes in marriage, trust, faith, honesty.. What is the world coming to when everyone says cheat, lie, steal, be unfaithful???????? Marriage is suppose to be husband and wife. Not husband ,wife, and others. What you people now believe that having affairs is good. .. Boy thank god i am not with you.... I think what she is doing is right. Her kids need a good role model . I support her 10000% .

2894 days ago

Cassie Sanders    

I think that whether or not she has good reason's for filing for divorce that it is none of our business and the we should leave her alone to live her own life. Either way she still makes great music and as a fan that is what I love about her.

2894 days ago

blah blah blah    


I applaud you!!!
I couldn't have said any better than that!
I have been there and done that my own self and let me tell you something............
Unless you have been through it yourself, it is very devastating to go through and it rips you into pieces. Your self worth is torn all apart and you all shattered inside.
Betrayal is a terrible thing to experience, and it takes forever to overcome. And when you do start to overcome it....................YOU NEVER FORGET!!!

2894 days ago


Boy you folks are really a piece of work.. What trust, honesty, faith, commitment does not mean anything to you... Sara is doing what is right . She was cheated on lied too, degraded and got tired of it. She is doing the best for herself and her kids. They deserve the best and she will do what it takes... Marriage is sacred although seems some don't believe in it... Some of us still do... Trust, Honesty, Respect, that is what is important.

2894 days ago

wtf over    

Being in a "state of arousal" is perfectly natural (see all the viagra ads during the superbowl). Is nature photography now illegal? He had an affair? do the photo's show his face and actual penetration at the same time? - because we all know from our past president that bj's (and cigar penetration) are NOT sex. Will ms evans testify in public court that the penis depictions are of his actual schlong?

2894 days ago

Black Sheep    

Ah, the bean are not only spilled. They're all over the floor and on Sara's face. Putting this info about her husband makes her look worse than he does! I mean, I get that she's angry but shooting yourself in the foot doesn't make things better!

2894 days ago

Shame on You...if you were in her shoes...    

She did not voice anything, public records (including divorce records) are open to (ding, ding, ding!) the PUBLIC! The part about the pictures of him being in a state of arousal...that is just one of the many things he has done (personally I would wonder who took them)...when you are divorcing you are to list EVERYTHING that you did not know and that supports you reasons for divorcing...I would add them to my list as for the kids seeing something...come on! Kids don't have to say the word "porn" for you to know what they are talking about. It could have been something as simple as "daddy was looking at pictures of naked ladies or ladies with no clothes on his computer". Not "your husband, our father was watching porn on his Compaq Ht600 computer" be smart about your comments, please! I applaud those of you who have syphathy for that poor woman to be going through a divorce AND being watched by paparazzi and such so that anything that would have been private in our lives are not to her. They are public interest. Sad.

2894 days ago
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