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Scary Spice

Pregnant With

Eddie Murphy's Baby

10/17/2006 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, is four months pregnant with Eddie Murphy's baby. The news comes amid rumors that the couple will marry next month.

Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy
A source tells TMZ that Brown came into the hip Le Bra Lingerie boutique in West Hollywood on Saturday and was gushing about her impending birth.

Brown, who has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, is a frequent shopper at the store and admitted the pregnancy had her feeling tired. Brown added that she was concerned she may be carrying twins since, she noted, they run in Murphy's family.

While on her shopping spree, Melanie picked up nearly $5,000 worth of Eres lingerie for herself and about $300 worth of La Perla men's undershirts and underwear for Eddie.

In April, Murphy's divorce from his ex-wife Nicole became final. The "Daddy Day Care" star has five children with Nicole and another son from a previous relationship.

Murphy's rep told TMZ "We do not comment on Mr. Murphy's personal life."

Calls to Brown's rep were not immediately returned.


No Avatar


This dude is a DL homo.

2895 days ago


Maybe Scary Spice goes both ways, that makes the two of them even.

2895 days ago


Scary Spice is just that scary! Why Eddie left the beautiful Miss Mitchell for this scag??? She doesn't have a brain in her head and is a washed -up has been. Eddie you are a goof tying the knot with this twit. Btw Scary if you don't know the medical name for twins go back to school.

2895 days ago


#35 speak for yourself tommyboy!

2895 days ago


People need to mind their own business. Eddie and Spice are grown and can do whatever it is they want to . Stop being haters....I know Eddie's ex is beautiful but Scary is a beautiful just the same.....My suggestion to Eddie and Scary is something Ericka Badhu said..."I work at pleasin me, cause I can't please you.!!"

I wish yall the best. And yes I said Yall, for all of you politically correct idiots.

MIND YA OWN BUSINESS................!!!

2895 days ago


I'm pretty sure NICOLE is the one who dumped his cheating ass. She had 5 of his children and looks AMAZING. She admits to having had a boob job after nursing all of them but the rest of her body is unbelievable. I think SELF magazine did an article on her ,and let me tell you, she is my inspiration. Not only is she GORGEOUS but she's got the most toned body I've seen in a long time.

2895 days ago


Well it's sad when a man has kids everywhere, I mean didn't he know when he slept with her that she was going to get pregnant. Let's face it this is called "Plan Parenthood" Good luck Eddie getting all these kids to get along or even like you, I promise you some of them will not want to give you the time of day and no matter how you act, it's going to hurt your heart.

2895 days ago


Since Scary had her 15 minutes of fame,and Eddie's career came to a screeching halt, who cares!

2895 days ago


First, you guys can't call someone a slut because she decides to have a baby. I am sure most of you had probably been in a situation where you have acted, "slutty" Fortunately, you got lucky and didn't end up with a baby and some of you probably....well you know what you did. So, before you call someone else a slut, look in the mirror first. Stop hating because she is having sex and you are wishing that you could at least get someone of the opposite sex to lay on top of you!

2895 days ago


mr/ms whatever, more power to you for hitting the nail on the head, there are a lot of play haters out there who has to get by by putting some one else down. go eddie & scary

2895 days ago


Just another woman getting pregnant in order to get a guy to marry her. Have these women never heard of birth control? With all the child support Eddie is already paying you'd think he'd keep some condoms on hand. Scary Spice is scary looking compared to Eddie's ex-wife. Talk about trading down!

2895 days ago


Eddie is funny as sh*t. So are Scary's looks. She could scare the daylights out of anyone with her old ulgy face! Eddie you know you are marrying a DOG! Putz!

2895 days ago

Barbara Young    

I can't belive the person who wrote this article put BOBBY BROWN's picture on the site instead of EDDIE MURPHY. Hey, all BLACK people don't look alike, okay. You need to CHECK OUT your information before you sent it out. Now, this ALL looks like GOSSIP!
Try harder next time. ha/ha/ha

2895 days ago

Debbie T    

Boy oh Boy what is wrong with you Eddie I hope you did not leave your wife for Scary !!!! Do you need a new pair of glasses she is no comparison!!!!

2895 days ago


They don't call Eddie Agent 9 1/2 for nothing...that's just inuendo of course

2895 days ago
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