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Celebs Who Claim They're Green but Guzzle Gas

10/18/2006 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hybrid cars are all the rage in Hollywood. Celebrities drive them like they're a badge of honor. You save a few gallons of gas, you save the planet. Right? Well, not when you hop on a private jet and burn enough fuel to propel NASCAR through 2050.

Of course, the stars need to go here and there. The location shoots, the fabulous vacations, etc. But that's why God created United Airlines. G-IV's, on the other hand, were created in the image of precious celebs.

Julia Roberts

On the ground: Roberts drives a Prius, which gets (at best) 60 miles to the gallon, shaving 30 miles off a normal car's mpg.
In the air: Chicago/LA, 1,749 miles in a private jet, the route she took with Rupert Everett while shooting "My Best Friend's Wedding."
Gas guzzled: 2,100 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius Penance: Julia would have to drive 30,000 miles, or roughly once around the earth and then some to even out her consumption in the air.
So Julia says: No word yet from Julia's rep.

Jennifer Lopez

On the ground:
J-Lo tools around in her 60 miles-per-gallon Prius.
In the air: LA /New York, 2,475 miles in a private jet. Lopez was actually sued by a private jet company for allegedly skipping out on the bill, though she says it's all a misunderstanding and she was not supposed to be billed.
Gas guzzled: 2,750 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius penance:
She'd have to drive 45,000 miles, and that's a lot longer for Jenny than just going down the block. It's actually more like twice around the earth.
So Jennifer says: There was no comment from Lopez's rep.

George Clooney

On the ground: George favors a Tango, an electric car that gets a whopping 135 miles to the charge.
In the air: Los Angeles/Tokyo, 5500 miles in a private jet.
Gas guzzled:
7,000 gallons of jet fuel.
Electric shocker: Even with his super-saver Tango, he'll have to drive over 57 oceans -- Pacific Oceans to break even.
So George says: Clooney's rep, publicist Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "You clearly have no understanding of certain people's need for private transport," and points out that Clooney often has "no control" over his travel schedule.

Brad Pitt gets off his private jetBrad Pitt

On the ground:
Eco-champ Brad is yet another Prius-lover, and he reportedly has several hybrids in his stable.
In the air: Los Angeles/Namibia, 9,400 miles in a private jet.
Gas guzzled:
11,000 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius penance: Brad burned enough fuel to take a Prius to the moon.
So Brad says: Pitt didn't have any comment. His rep tells TMZ that Pitt is out of the country.

Leo fueling his PriusAnd the true-blue Green Award goes to ... Leo DiCaprio.

On the ground: Leo drives a Toyota Prius
In the air: Leo flies just like us folk -- commercial, unless he positively must fly private because of scheduling.
Prius penance: None.


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Prince of Lithuania    

And he's the guy who advised us to "learn" from Syriana! (Read JAmes Bowman's review - it was right on the money).


2918 days ago


Those prima donnas can all go to hell as far as I am concerned.

2918 days ago


HaHa RPM - good one!! That's a true statement considering most are not Christian and so they unfortunatey will go to "hell".

2918 days ago


These are all great comments. I think what is lost in the discussion is the amount of natural resources that "celebrities" are using in comparison with the rest of the world. Americans use more natural resources per capita than any other country in the world. It's out wealthiest Americans that drive the average upward. I would like to know in what way being an actor makes the world a better place. Would anyone give Jeffrey Skilling a pass because he drove a Prius and by that I mean, think globally act locally. Try this instead, don't complain about problems that you contribute to. Sacrifices aren't convenient. If you want the jet, keep the jet. I enjoyed the TMZ piece. These celebs should be quiet and just read the lines that are written for them.

2918 days ago

Brian Bartling    

Good boy, Leo.

2918 days ago

Jim Langdon    

Many in Hollywood are infamous for their hipocresy. In their line of work, it's all about image so if they want underpowered autos....have it. I'd rather have a V-8 (yet stuck in coach).

2918 days ago


Well, they fly private jets so they can have "privacy," and you're perfectly happy to accept that excuse, so here's mine: I drive a gas-guzzling SUV so I can have "safety." Leave me alone.

2918 days ago


Another celeb hypocracy: Drive a hybrib and live in a 10,000+ SF mansion and pay exhorbitant heating and cooling bills. Yeah, that's really conserving! It's obvious they don't live in the real world - nor do they want to.

2918 days ago

Jo Cooney    

It's like "do as I say, not as I do". Those actors can really talk a good story, I guess that's why they are ACTORS!

2918 days ago

Bob Snake    

Most of these "stars" hide their 9 mpg SUV's and just claim to drive hybrids. What I love about the hybrids is the $3,500 "re-chargable" battery that has to be replaced every 3 years! Gee, $3,500 buys a lot of diesel for my Jetta TDI, which already gets 49 MPG in town!

2918 days ago

ted kennedy    

nobody ever talks about all the fuel oil we use to heat our mansions.....can't wait to get home from my private jet trip from wash, dc and jack up the heat at my compound to a comfortable 74. and grumble about those "AWFUL" windmills the poor people are trying to build. If I get low on oil I'll call nephew Joe FOR OIL, he owes me for covering his driving on Chappaquidic years back at the "sailing party"

the celebs need these planes so they don't have to mingle with us "crass poor folks" dealing with the TSA wich means (Thousands Standing Around)

2917 days ago


Any argument that celebrities have "special needs" and have to fly on a private jet, is blown out of the water by the fact that Leo DiCaprio (one of the biggest stars on this list) doesn't see a need for it. Anyway, the point isn't even that they shouldn't fly in a private jet. The point is they are more concerned with looking like they care about the environment, than actually doing something about it. They would be doing more good driving a Yukon and flying commercially.

2914 days ago

Paul Dueweke    

Quit your whining and vote with your feet. You have the power to put these elitists out of business. Or are you too imprisoned in your own gratification to give up your favorite hated celebrity?

2913 days ago


To JMO - As far as "global warming" goes - scientists cannot predict the weather next week let alone 20 years out. Actually I do believe in global warming... it has been happening since the last ice age! Its a good thing though. Up here in MN we would still be living on a glacier! Those are 3 facts. Man made global warming is an opinion - in fact the opinion used to be ... THE COMING ICE AGE!!!!! Self important people need some kind of looming tradgedy to cling to to make themselves feel good.

2912 days ago

Anthony Arrigo    

I'd heard that the airlines consumed 1/3 of all the gas consumed in the US... I wonder what portion of that is consumed by the high and mighty?

2906 days ago
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