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Fabolous Blasted With Criminal Charges

10/18/2006 4:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that one day after being shot in the leg, rapper Fabolous, along with three others, has been charged with five counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Cops found two loaded guns in the car that was rushing him to the hospital.

Police claim it all started after an unknown man approached the 28-year-old rapper, whose real name is John Jackson, and opened fire -- striking him once in the thigh. Fabolous and his three cohorts jumped into a vehicle and sped from the scene, running a red light in the process. Cops pulled the car over and upon closer inspection discovered two loaded guns, both of which were allegedly unlicensed. All four men in the vehicle, including a bleeding Fabolous, were arrested. Police are still looking for the shooter.

If convicted on all charges, the men could spend anywhere from three and a half to 15 years in prison.

Fabolous, who is listed in stable condition, posted the $15,000 bail and is due back in court on Friday.


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the wise old owl    

Okay. Let me get this straight. Kid makes it out of hood and becomes a successful rap artist. Instead of running and never looking back. He continues his ganster activities. Riding around with shot guns and running from a pack of killers. Looks like this guy has learned NOTHING. Considering he has lived on both sides of the track, and still made the choice to flirt with gang activities and surround himself with hoodalums. I say he gets what ever he has coming to him. Show me who you hang with. And I will know exactly what you are all about.

Maybe being bitch slapped in prison will teach this guy a lesson. There's a big old dude in there just waiting for his NEW GIRLFRIEND. He won't have his posse in prison. Then we wil see which side of the tracks he perfers living on . Some people never learn.

2935 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Oh Mohamed, are you sure that you of all people want to go there with the racial slurs. I personally think that it's rather inappropriate for you to do so, wouldn't you agree?

2935 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Wise old owl, where art thou wisdom? Show me who you hang with and I will know what YOU are incorrect, so primitive, so superficial that I am not even going to launch into the long lecture and anecdotal evidence that I am half inclined to in response to such ignorance.

2935 days ago

the wise old owl    

Hey White girl post # 18 : I bet you hang with Trailer Park. I can tell what you're all about just from your post. To attack me for quoting an old adage shows me your lack of education as well as your I .Q. There is nothing superficial about anything I said. In fact in comes from life experience,........which obviously you have not acquired yet. Once you get out of the diaper stage it will come to you. But for right now you might want to concentrate on just " growing up " . I think it's time for your bottle now, isn't it ?????/

2935 days ago


What concerns me the most is that these are the celebs our children choose to emulate. He will probably walk away with probation, community service and a fine. Chances are he will do it again, but be more discreet about it. So sad.

2935 days ago

We, are not amused.    

WTF how do you avoid BORING YOURSELF TO DEATH?? Golly, you are one smart...shut your mouth...I'm only talking about WHITE GIRL!

2935 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Wise old owl, young gifted, eggnog, I know it hurts when a cute, rich and well educated gal like myself is also open minded, non judgmental and kind. But guys, if you work on yourselves, mind, body and spirit, and it might take a while, you too could have a chance with a girl like me. (not me specifically, because I have a boyfriend, and yes he's black, but you know I'm just trying help you white boys out with some words of wisdom). Kiss. kiss.

2935 days ago


Everything's not racist, am black and nothing brings me more joy then situations like this. It's time we filter the n****s out of our race. Like Chris Rock said am black am not a n****s there's a difference.

Simply put for those that aren't aware (I myself am from the inner city of NY so I know) Shortly after Biggie, and Tupac started to gain extreme notoriety and begin to seemingly have a lot of influential control in rap and in the hood. Something called the Hip Hop police was formed. It's a division of detectives and officers who have a %u201Cno tolerance%u201D attitude toward hip hop artist. These artist have a massive influence in not only- the inner city now but also in the suburbs, (that's probably where the final straw was drawn) This division over these last several years leaked it's tactics to police officers all over the country and THAT'S WHY SO MANY RAPPERS HAVE BEEN GETTING ARRESTED. And it's a Good Thing. They even have undercover police at video shoots and different event now.

So Brenda #8 cut the racism act every time these guys are so called %u201Cwrongfully%u201D profiled and stopped there's always a problem. By now they would have taken it down a notch if in most cases nothing illegal is found (who likes to look stupid?)

White Girl #10 your liberalist attitude is the same attitude that is destroying my race, we need a heavy strong hand to come down on us in the community to help some of the negatives mentalities we have picked up over the years.

Just to let you know as an black person be careful I don't know how black people are linked into your life but I do know that unfortunately many white women are dating black men who may not be the most positive. Whether it's a subconscious lure they allowed themselves to get into, from watching videos or so forth I don't know. I do now that my race is in a weaken state right now with rap being on the forefront of our image (this must change) so I can assure you that most black men that date or seek out white women it becomes an unbalanced relationship where the black men will use the soft, naivety of a white women. It breaks my heart the many instances I have observed this. I work in a general store and I can't tell you how many times a young black and white couple will come in load up on things beer, cigarettes, snacks etc. and the white women usually pays. See a black women we would be a little more forceful in that area. The girl at my job paid her boyfriends car registration he's a grown able body man who doesn't speak to her very well, and looks at me out the side of his eyes I wonder if she thinks he's rough demeanor is just Ebonics and a hip hop thing. I feel so sorry for her because as a black person I do know it's becoming a trend mainly amongst young black men to find a white girl there easy to fool, because black women are a little more confrontational. Protect yourself I hope that's not your situation but it concerns me when someone like yourself would defend a situation such as with Fabulous believe me he knows and knew about the Hip Hop police all the rappers know. Why do you think when 50 cent got stop he was very corporative and he had no guns or drugs what so ever and he was driving a Lamborghini.

2935 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Dear Informative,

I appreciate your articulate well thought out response.

1. I am not defending Fabolous in any way, shape or form. I think that guns carried by men or women of any race is a tragedy waiting to happen. I would go as far as to say the N.R.A is doing the devil's work.

2. The only upsetting/irritating thing in this article and almost all articles featuring a black man or woman is that instead of focusing on the words or actions of the individual involved there is a large group of people who will turn it into ' that damn N- word'.

3. Don't worry about me, I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and he is a very positive person. I have white friends who have asked me why I won't date a white guy, it's not that I won't because I have, but I am attracted to black men just like some guys like blonds.

4. Even though you are well intentioned I think it's a mistake for you as a black man to use the n word. It sends the wrong message to other races, i.e if he says it then it must be true and I can say it too.

2935 days ago


I say the word for impact I say the word so that black people will understand it's negative word not a positive one. Remember I said Chris Rock made the same reference-- there are black people then there are N's. We should try not to be N's. I have never been called a N simply because of how I carry myself. I've always been able to mingle with both black and white people.

There's a frustration in society when it comes to my race that frustration is showcased in many ways, am sure some of the seemingly racist white people on this blog have black acquaintances. But like myself you get tired of hearing about repetitive instances pertaining to a race. Am going to state some GENERALIZATIONS about my race and you tell me if you can dispel them. "Not airing the dirty laundry" has harmed us over the years we need embarrassment and accountability. We should have progressed a little more than we have Generalizations:

1) Black people aren't very articulate generally speaking (as you can see I am)

2) 1 in 3 black men will go to jail at some point in there life

3) 70% of African American children are born to single-family homes the women mainly being the head of the household.

4) Black people tend to be more confrontational and in your face. This is true simply because when your unable to articulate yourself you become flustered and angry more quickly (how many years should we wait to change this we've been here over 500). Where I work, just stating a policy or telling someone they can't do something I've had my race tell me they will kick my ass, or get loud and confrontational in other ways.

Those are just to name a few. Some people consider me to be a little clairvoyant and even though you have not told me the details of your relationship, I can already tell it's similar to some of the unfortunate scenarios I've witnessed.

1. You feel the need to defend a black man you say your not defending Fabulous, which I might believe. But still you used this blog and post as an opportunity to defend black men generally.----- This means you’re on the defensive for some reason. Red Flag

2. You stated that you just aren't attracted to white guys that you just are attracted to black men. Red Flag----- Every time I have met white women who have said this it was said from a source of pain. For example the girl I told you about that I work with. She is an overweight weight white girl. She is simply not excepted in her race white men are not as forgiving to being overweight as (usually lower scale black men) are I see this scenario time and time again and sometimes the black man for whatever reason is not excepted by his race. For example, white women have a different perspective on what a handsome black man is. Meaning a black man that black women might find unattractive could be successful when dating women of other races who just see a black man. Maybe you two came together for these similar reasons. In any case it's a Red Flag--Usually white men who say they like blondes won't exclude all brunettes they usually prefer them. I think that's the word use PREFER to exclude your whole race doesn’t sound right just like. It's a red flag no matter how disgruntle I am with my race I would never say I won't date a black person.

2935 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#24, 25, 26
How's about you guys get a room or something; what a pair!

2934 days ago

Pam Anderson    


re:#1 - I defend all people who are victims of discrimination. In fact, not too long ago my cousin and I were at lunch and we ended up mad at each other because he was saying horrible things about jews. When I called him on it, he was unable to back up what he was saying with facts and ended up saying, ' I don't give a f***, I don't have to like them'... My point is this, I don't have an affiliation with any particular race other than the human race. if I was in a room with black people who were talking sh*t about white people I would call them on it too.

re:#2 - No , I am not a white girl who dates black guys b/c she can't get a white guy. I am blonde, 5'7'', 132 pounds, an attorney, and rest assured I don't have dating 'issues'.

2934 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Dear It all in fun right: I missed U!

2934 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Dating black guys...1960's,
bragging about it... pathetic,
waiting to read my post?
5' 7", 132 lbs sounds like your a litlle...chuncky and we all know how the black guys like the big girls. Don't you mean you want to BE an attorney, when you get to move out of your group home.

2934 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I missed you too, but then I missed the burning urination in the morning last time I had sex with you!

2934 days ago
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