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Janet Jackson's New CD Bombs

10/18/2006 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson has just suffered a record malfunction. TMZ has obtained the latest numbers for her new album, and it is tanking big time.

The CD debuted three weeks ago, selling 296,873 copies. The second week, sales plunged 74% to 77,240 units. The typical second week drop is 40%.

TMZ has just obtained figures for third week sales, and it's not too early to declare Janet's latest effort a disaster. Sales dropped to 42,240 units, a 45% plunge from the second week.

Janet's CD debuted at number two on the charts, dropped to number nine the second week and then went down to number 19 the third week.

So far, Janet's CD has sold 416,353 units. We're told Virgin Records stocked the stores with 1.2 million copies. We're guessing the 99¢ Only store is about to get a big shipment.

TMZ called a rep for Virgin, so far we have not received a response.


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To start I would like to say that 20 Y.O. is a great cd, and true enough it does sound more urban than some of her other cd's but there are some songs on there that does not sound as urban.
Next I would like to mention that I never knew so many people can be so cruel to one human that has given back to communities in a good way, then for people to linger on about the superbowl incident is crazy, as if she stood on stage and ripped of her wardrobe herself, and if it was done on purpose which I believe it was not, why is only she getting flack for it, you cannot even google Janet name without seeing that picture. And if you actually watched the superbowl that day like I did, you know that her breast were exposed but you could not even see the full detail until they made a big deal out of it then technology blowing the secene up. Then you have TV itself as a joke that expose women everyday, on some show someone is showing there butt purposely, but then Janet is exposed accidently that is crazy.
People have seemingly forgot about all the money she has given back to communities, the way she had paved for so called pop princesses such as Britney and Christina. It is funny how people only concentrate on the negative. So what she is for and almost every magazine cover she shows a little more, If have a body like that at 40 I would too. I do not care what the numbers say her album is not a flop, because as someone mentioned earlier VR did almost the same numbers and went on to be platinum, b/c as far as I am concern 20 Y.O. is a success.

2870 days ago


You people are wicked to call the best album of he career a disaster. It is ceratinly racism and politics.

Did you mention the 65 percent -plus drops that Beyonce and justin had second weeks?

Other artists?
No. Yet, Justin, who is white, tore her clothes off...and is treated like an angel?
Had that been 50 cent and Britney, he would have been blamed.
You are evil people...the Jackson are all talented. And for this idiots
making rude remarks about Janet...I am sure she is 40 and looks better
than you 25-year olds that roast in tanning beds, get lip and breast injections,
and sleep with every other guy you meet.
Save it...Janet is hot, and this country is racist and hypocritical.

2870 days ago


Since when is having your album go platinum a failure? Since when is having the #2 album is the country a flop? Janet is a great artist regardless of record sales. I'm usually not feeling what the rest of America considers to be talented. We are talking about a country that praises people like Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. People go by hype these days. It not really about what's fresh. It's not really about real talent anymore. Please, some of the best singer's albums don't even debut on the charts, so Janet is actually doing well. You don't have to be at #1 to be a success.

2870 days ago


Wow, #20 and 21, I could not have said it better. People need to get a hold of themselves. I'm not a fan of a lot of the artist that are popular today, but I'm not going invest so much negative energy and hate into it and make myself look like a fool like a lot of people here are doing. The sad thing is that out of all of the great work that Janet has done over the years and dis-spite all of her success the only thing that people remember today is the last 5 seconds of her Superbowl performance, which, by the way, a lot of people missed if you blinked your eye, but then the media only repeated it like every 5 seconds, yet it was "so offensive". A lot of us as Americans have very short attention spans and we are very quick to be judgmental and jump on the bandwagon instead of actually thinking logically and actually having a mind of our own. It because of people like a lot of you who are posting these hateful messages that we have George Bush as the president of our country.

2870 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Don't flash saggy tits and don't look like Michael Jackson... a lesson for all those would-be superstars.

2870 days ago


Too bad for her, the CD is pretty good and better than many out there. Wether you like her or not, she was the bomb back in the day. I wish her nothing but luck. If you are still mad about the Superbowl...move on people!!! If that was the worst thing you have ever seen on TV, you must go to bed at 7:00 pm.

2870 days ago


Janet Jackson has paved the way for remarkable artists Beyonce and Ciara and the cheap counterfiet b*tches not worth mentioning "trying" to dance around. So regardless of Janet's record sales none of these wannabes will ever have her legendary longevity in the business. 20 Y.O is a great album, I think it's time to put Virgin Records in the hot seat. Its obvious they didn't promote this effort (I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that after 20 Y.O. Janet has fulfilled her contract agreement with the label). It's amazes me how a 40 year old African American woman who has set the standard for female entertainers isn't selling millions, meanwhile white female artists like Cher & Barbara Streisand who only set the standards for female impersonators can fart in the studio and it sells like hotcakes. Janet should have recorded a Rhythm Nation Part 2 because it's obvious we are still, "....... pushing toward a world rid of color lines."

2870 days ago

jd harrington    


2870 days ago


This isnt about 50 cent and Britney Janet Jackson is a lot older than Justin Timberlake so she should be the mature one. She is too blame it was all her idea. Who cares that she's been around for over 20 years hasn't her brother been too. The whole family is sick and now people see it Janet was suppose to have been the normal one but her SuperBowl stunt blew it. I really dont know why black people like this woman so much she's very ugly with her sunken eyes shes gotta have the loosest skin from all the yoyo dieting she does. Her breasts are awful. And I've noticed she never really wore skirts or dresses always those ugly pants outfits. She must have the ugliest legs on the planet if she's always wearing jeans.

2870 days ago


I agree with those who are encouraging positive postings, even if you do not like something you dont have to spew evil hate.

I love the CD. I liked Damita Jo. Janet has always posed provocatively remember it was Renee's hands covering her breast in the I believe "Rolling Stone" cover. Pleas dont shoot me if I'm wrong about the mag. I have no problem with the pictures. Hell, before I gained weight, I would have posed for all those shots( I am too an AA women about 40yo) . In fact Janet inspires me to lose weight and take some photos myself, but I digress.

People really should get over the superbowl madness. We were starting a war, our men are being killed over false information by our sorry leadership and you're worried about Janet's breast. Something is wrong in America!!!!!!

Jan, keep doing what ya do and I acknowledge that ever album can not and will not be a Control or Thiller but it does not take away from what was accomplished by these works of art.

Youngins get a grip. Stop falling for the media hype and the trick and decipher for yourself by listening before speaking on something.

P. S. For a country so in to sex and physical beauty what is the real issue with Jan being a sexual being. You can be sexy and classy. There are many works of art that are naked( David etc).

2870 days ago


well, if she'd sing, instead of lip synch-ed maybe she'd see people buying her CD. her performance was disgraceful on oprah... anyone, even britney looks better lip synching.

2870 days ago

Nathan Burnbaum    

My two cents worth, the album sucks how do i know? I bought it for my oldest
daughter who is a JJ fan and even she stated as much to me. Now i admit i am just an aging baby boomer but really it's not about being black or white in my opinion. If that were the case R.Kelly would never get airplay or sales given the nature of the allegations against him. He has continued to produced GREAT dance tracks that capture the listeners attention. Ms.Jackson has been in a musical rut for at least the past three albums. As for signing ability i admit she is not that strong but neither are many of the artist who are in the top ten today. Maybe if her creative team had it's fingers on the publics musical pulse Ms.Jackson would have produced a more worthy effort.

2870 days ago

None ya    

The albulm has only been out for three weeks and it's almost gold. Those aren't bad numbers you ass holes. Janet Jackson has been out for over 20 years of course her albulms aren't going to sell as fast as they use to. What did you expect that she would be double platinum by now. Beyonce's albulm has been out for over a month now and even she isn't platinum yet. But ya'll don't have her picture up with the headlines Beyonce's new CD bombs do ya'll so why are yall steadily picking on Janet. Get a life and get over that superbowl shit. It's fuckin old.

2870 days ago


i think janet is and icon she has been around for years. what killed her career was superbowl 2004. How ever i don't think it is fair to shun janet from mtv or hate on her so much when justin timberlake he was up there with her too and it seems to me that people have forgotten that . He was the one who ripped the top off and had her breast exposed to the world if we are going to shun her from mtv and radio than u got to do the same to justin timberlake and he should also get his fair share of th back lash. Mtv supports him , the week his record came out he had his own all eyes on justin timberlake and this other piece that they did to help promote his record. However they did not do that for janet matter of fact they did not even play her videos what so ever they didn't even mention the fact the she had a record coming out what so ever . Mtv supported justin timberlake to the hilt. Mtv can say whatever they want but they let paris of all people come on their show and let her world premire her video for stars are blind and she has no musical talent what so ever and her vid and song was not good at all . It is a lot of aritst that come on their and they isn't all that great . What i am saying is that justin timberlake got the hell out of dodge and let janet take the heat and his career is doing great because he let her take the whole wrap by her self and he got away without anything damage or harm done to his career or image . Janet however is a different story and when i was watching everything on tv it was two of them up there and he was the one sing ing i bet to have u naked by the end of this song and he did., and because he did he has a great career and hers is in ruins thanks to herself and him. I think she got a bum wrap . She may not have delivered on this last ablum but a lot of people have bad records and mtv still support them . All i am saying is that if mtv shun janet jackson for life and they are within there rights to do since the incident cost them a lot of money , they should also do the same thing to justin timberlake because he was up there with her . Hey it cuts both ways in my opioion. What's good for her is good for him too . I think it is so unfair how one got punshined and the other didn't. Just like if someone do something wrong accept responsible for it he could have came out and defended her but he didn't he stayed the hell out of dodge and left her to fend for herself because he didn't want to mess his career up. that is my grape with him that is why i won't buy his music or support him.He just should have been a man about everthing. Moving on about this ablum it may not have been her best work i didn't like it but her radio stations have shun her and mtv has shun her so the record in my opioion was destined to fail . if u are an artist and u have something coming out u got to have support from mtv and radio most people that buy music watch mtv and without the support of mtv ur record will bomb big time. That is how people like christina ,beyonce and justin are able to sell records because most of there fan base watch mtv and listen to radio stations without that u can't sell records.since mtv and radio stations have shun her the ship had sunk before it left the dock. Yes she comes from a strange family i give u all that and her brother is strange yes but i always like her and i feel sorry for her . Just maybe , maybe it was a accident.

2870 days ago

Sergio Ramirez    

Janet is an ICON. The cd is great. Poor sales are due to Virgin records NOT promoting the album like they have in the pass. Pop stations are NOT playing Janet like they have in the past, especially the new music. MTV is not playing her either. She does not have the support like she did BEFORE the Super Bowl. It is a shame that Justin is having much support from everyone Janet had support from and he was part of that whole scandle. It's becasue he is white and she is black, plain and simple. She showed her tit...big deal. These days, TV shows that are shown have nudity and violence and faul language way worse then Janet showing her boob for less then 5 freaking seconds. That is crazy. And to response # 12. Janet does not need Renee Elizondo. Fact, she did the 'All for You' album after her break up with Renee and that was a huge smash album, one of her biggest to date. That was also BEFORE the superbowl. Janet will recover from this cause she is Janet. So, everyone needs to quit hating on her cause if not for her, most of these young arist now would not be. And Janet has BEEN there and DONE that and will continue too. 'Nough said!!

2870 days ago
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