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Nancy Grace Under Fire

10/18/2006 7:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comImpressionists have long been lampooning public figures like presidents, rock stars and actors. But it seems the latest target of flattery (isn't that what they say imitation is the sincerest form of?) is none other than Nancy Grace.

The acerbic talk show host and former prosecutor has been parodied on three different shows in just the past two weeks alone.

On Monday night's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," the biggest sketch of the night on the fictional show within a show was a Nancy Grace sketch in which Grace tried to get to the bottom of a shocking story ... about a college girl who lost her cell phone.

"Saturday Night Live" took a swipe at Grace in their October 7 show with a "Nancy Grace Show" sketch in which Grace probed deeper into the Mark Foley scandal -- while also trying to figure out who moved her chair.

"I think someone moved my chair," "SNL" star Amy Poehler says several times in character

Meanwhile on FOX's "Justice," their crime show within the show is hosted by a short-haired blonde woman, though a slightly younger version of our friend Nancy Grace.

And over on "Boston Legal," another show within a show is hosted by Gracie Jane, who comments on the cases that the law firm on the show handles.

"You have got to gag this woman," one character says to William Shatner's character.

"I would love to," he responds.

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OK - for those who believe this woman to be a good prosecuting attorney and a "very well versed and very knowledgable about law and court room procedures. The details and perception she adds to her commentaries are parallel to no one else's out there. She stands out in sea of mediocrity. I find her much more interesting then Greta Van Susteren. She is confrontational and argumentative but that's what makes her so interesting" please read the following:

The Georgia Supreme Court has commented on Grace twice, first in a 1994 heroin trafficking case, Bell v. State, in which it was said that she "exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument" by referring to the defendant's prior convictions for violent felonies which were not at issue in the case (Bell v. State, 263 Ga. 776 (1994)).

In 1997, the court was more severe. Although its decision overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman Wayne Weldon Carr in the death of his wife turned primarily on other issues, the court made note of Grace's court actions, saying "inappropriate and illegal conduct in the course of the trial," as well as, "We conclude that the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable."

* Her opening statement in the case promised the jury evidence of physical abuse that she had to know would never be admissible, since that entire aspect of the case had already been excluded by the judge.
* Subpoenas that contained hearing dates Grace knew to be false.
* Failure to disclose a full witness list to the defense in a timely fashion.
* Showing a chart during closing arguments that falsely stated a defense expert had not contradicted the state's case on a key issue.
* Also, during closing argument, "vouching" for the case by telling the jury she herself believed Carr to be guilty.
* And finally, performing two illegal searches of Carr's house, including one in which she was accompanied by a CNN camera crew.

While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless concluded "the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable." Carr was freed in 2004 when a judge ruled Fulton County had waited too long to retry him.

AND, for some further background on her fine, upstanding character I submit the following:

Mismatched statements regarding fiancé's murder trial:

In March 2006 an article in the New York Observer suggested that Grace had embellished the story of her fiancé's murder and the ensuing trial to make it better support her image.

* Her fiancé, Keith Griffin, was shot not by a random stranger on the street, but by a former coworker.
* Tommy McCoy, who was convicted of the killing, was five years younger than Grace said and did not have a prior criminal record.
* Rather than constantly denying the crime, McCoy confessed the night of the murder.
* The jury deliberated for a few hours, not days, as Grace said.
* Prosecutors asked for the death penalty without consulting Grace. Both the defense and the prosecutors believe that the jury chose life imprisonment instead of death penalty because McCoy was mildly retarded in addition to having no prior criminal record.
* There was no ongoing string of appeals (McCoy's family did not want any). McCoy has only once filed a habeas petition, which was rejected.
* The killing occurred in 1979, not 1980, and Griffin was two years younger than Grace has claimed.

Yes, I work in the legal field and I will tell you that this woman does not speak for all those who search for truth and justice. AND, for those of you out there who will disparage the legal profession the fact is that sometimes people need lawyers. They need GOOD lawyers who are not interested in blatant self-promotion and egotistical tirades. There are lawyers out there who are working to champion those who are unjustly accused and those who are wrongly injured - however, they are overshadowed by these loud-mouthed, egocentric idiots.

2935 days ago

Lisa D    

Did you all know that she used to be a judge as well as a proscuting attorney. Now there is a woman who has done more then any man could accomplish in one life time..She has done all this at such an early age, which means her IQ is much more higher than any of us, sitting here bashing her...No one should blame for a suicide,,these ppl have major issues that need to be dealth with,,,to blame another for such a selfish act is b.s.the easy way out, instead of dealing with the issues that problem them..Nancy Grace is a strong, intelligent woman and more men should be more like her,,,I'm sure her paycheck is higher than mine....Keep up the good work...Do not take the blame for someones misfortunes..Unfortunately suicide is a hard issue to discuss and would go further with this, but wrong site for my train of thought.....

2935 days ago

jenny bannon    

i have met the woman in person... had her in my home, she is lovely and down to earth. she stands for victims rights, she has a reason too, she was a victim years ago. if only all of us would make an effort to make change, this sh*t hole of a planet would be a better place. who gives a sh*t about an accent... if that throws you then you are too stupid to watch court t.v.

2935 days ago


As a Repulican, I would like to say.....

Nancy Grace makes my hair hurt. Can't stand her. Never met a defendant who wasn't guilty.

Thank you Eden for laying out her hypocrisy so I didn't have to.

Oh btw - L&O SVU did a nasty take on Ms. Grace last season.

2935 days ago


#17, while I sympathize with whatever it was that you went through, this woman is NOT what she seems. If she helped you through a tough time, that's wonderful. However, her honesty is not above reproach and everything she states should NOT be taken as gospel.

There are people out there that love her, there are people out there that hate her. Where ever you fall on that fence, her untruths cannot be ignored; especially when it comes to legal proceedings.

How many convicted felons have been released because of shoddy prosecution?? Take a look on the web; the numbers will astound you.

2935 days ago

Lisa D    

#17 well said,,I agree,you are lucky to have known,this woman and actually have a intelligent conversation with someone who does know what there talking about..I did forget knowing she was a victim of crime,,,She took care of the bad guys by becoming a judge,,large accomplishment,,you go girl.....#17 nice statement..

2935 days ago

a guy who should be working    

FreeFM/Xm's Opie and Anthony did a bit where Nancy Grace was interviewing Tara Ried. Oh wait, it was Rita Cosby. Well it was funny anyway.

2935 days ago

Lisa D    

Hey Eden catch another site for your long formal thoughts Lawyers R' US, this site is not.....

2935 days ago



12. Yo, #4, what does having sex (or 'gettin a dick up your ass') have to do with being a bitch?

Cause if Nancy Grace had a dick up her ass or poon she won't be actin like a straight up bitch.

2935 days ago

paris whoooo?    

Nancy wants justice for victims especially murdered/molested/missing kids. And people hate her. I LOVE her. Rock on Nancy.

2935 days ago


#21 (LOL) you got that right.

2935 days ago

taylorkitsch ishisname    

SNL's mid- '90s cast-off Melanie Hutsell was IDENTICAL to Nancy "Man Hating Bitch" Grace in EVERY WAY!!! *sighs* She was ahead of her time!!!!

2935 days ago

Gram Gothko    

Why would us morons need a prosecuting attorney?

2935 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

dam eden,you must not have any thing to do or you have a hell of a comment to get off your chest.Any thing you forgot to say?LIFE A BITCH THEN WE DIE

2935 days ago


Not A Fan - thanks for mentioning the Stephen King article...I read it online. Stephen King articulated perfectly what a lot of people think of Nancy Grace, me included!

2935 days ago
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