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Nancy Grace Under Fire

10/18/2006 7:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comImpressionists have long been lampooning public figures like presidents, rock stars and actors. But it seems the latest target of flattery (isn't that what they say imitation is the sincerest form of?) is none other than Nancy Grace.

The acerbic talk show host and former prosecutor has been parodied on three different shows in just the past two weeks alone.

On Monday night's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," the biggest sketch of the night on the fictional show within a show was a Nancy Grace sketch in which Grace tried to get to the bottom of a shocking story ... about a college girl who lost her cell phone.

"Saturday Night Live" took a swipe at Grace in their October 7 show with a "Nancy Grace Show" sketch in which Grace probed deeper into the Mark Foley scandal -- while also trying to figure out who moved her chair.

"I think someone moved my chair," "SNL" star Amy Poehler says several times in character

Meanwhile on FOX's "Justice," their crime show within the show is hosted by a short-haired blonde woman, though a slightly younger version of our friend Nancy Grace.

And over on "Boston Legal," another show within a show is hosted by Gracie Jane, who comments on the cases that the law firm on the show handles.

"You have got to gag this woman," one character says to William Shatner's character.

"I would love to," he responds.

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#43, I can't speak for others, but I posted the factual reasons as to why I personally dislike NG at post 34, and none of them had anything to do with jacko (though I recall NG also eating a crow sandwich on national television due to her "powerful opinion" and coverage of that case).

What about NG's coverage of the Smart case, huh? I'm talking about the original coverage when she so proudly gloated in her own arrogant way that Richard Ricci was surely guilty? As was later revealed, Mr. Ricci had absolutely nothing to do with the kidnapping nor did he have any relationship to the actual kidnappers, and now he's dead and gone (not as if NG would have publically apologized to his face anyways, because even when she's dead-wrong she can't seem to admit it).

2891 days ago


I have no problem with strong intelligent women. I would take a successful woman anyday over most of the half baked celebrities that are featured on this blog. I do however think that Nancy Grace - the character- the image she portrays on television and to the media-- is a fraud. I don't discount that she may be a great person and I don't discount that she truly cares about victim's rights. But she does toe the line of slander when presenting her opinion as facts. One day she will step over the line and end up like Dominick Dunne. That is- sued into oblivion.

2891 days ago


Oh and by the way-- Did any of you see when Elizabeth Smart ripped her a new one???? Classic!!

2891 days ago


I LOVE NANCY GRACE, I THINK SHE HAS A REAL CONCERN AND LOVE FOR PEOPLE. She is one of the only ones that tell it like it is and is not afraid what people will say.

2891 days ago


Nancy Grace makes victims of us all when we are forced to listen to her. I once liked her but can no longer stand to listen to her. She is so abrasive, overbearing and extremely rude to people. I am astonished anyone would agree to be on her show. Even if she is covering a case that I am interested in I don't tune in to her, I just can't take her. I don't care for Greta what's her name either.

When and where was she ever a judge? I'd never heard that before.

2891 days ago

Sara Dalrymple    

#14 - You must be a defense attorney, plus obsessed with Nancy Grace. Get a life!!!

2891 days ago


I love Nancy Grace, I don´t need anybody else to like her in order for I to see what a great person she is, she is funny when she has to be and dramatic when the situation asks for it.She has worked hard for victims if she wanted to profit she would become a defense attorney and make more than in TV, but she hasn´t.She is a person i look up to no matter how many dislike her.YOU ROCK NANCY GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2891 days ago

curious girl    

no, nobody can say she is rude. When she takes questions on air she is always so polite to the caller and always addresses them and is so nice. Larry King is so rude to people calling in, its a wonder they call in. He says "get to the point' or what is your question. Nancy Grace is just what her last name says she is. People just can't stand the fact that a woman speaks her mind and has the nerve to stand up to what she believes in. She is somebody who has made a difference and walks her talk. She is a hero. Rock on Nancy, keep on being you!

2891 days ago


Nancy fan here. I remember when she use to be on Larry King and I liked when she got to talk because she didn't b.s. the way so many of the defense attorneys do. I like her passion and that she's not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right. I don't like listening to spin. Like Greta as well.

2891 days ago


Defense attorney (s) foam at the mouth claiming their client’s are not guilty all the time. They do this knowing damn well they are guilty. That is their job I would expect nothing less. I also admit she goes overboard and at times is arrogant. Show me any attorney who is not. I don’t always agree with her (many times, actually). However, I can always change the channel. Plus, she can make the toughest lawyers (both men/women) stutter or squirm in their seats and that is refreshing. So, what is so wrong with having someone root for the victims? They too often never get justice or their poor families.
Those who express to know what she needs sexually or calling her a bitch must be threatened by her strong personality. Other’s sound like depraved sex perverts and only prove misogyny still exit. If she were a man, she would be revered and praised for being a shrewd, tough, and a tenacious advocate who does not let attorney’s (men & women) drone on about their client’s innocence.
Her desesion not to devote more time to the Republican pedophile, who was in charge of protecting victims makes her credibility (politically, at least) highly suspect. Yeah, she probably did vote Bush/Cheney.

2891 days ago


Way too annoying............and over the top

2891 days ago


That lady is way better looking than Nancy the bug eyed slut. Nancy looks like a pop=eyed creature and no one else has the ugliness that she has- I do not think that she is funny. She represents what is wrong with America's legal system. A person gets tried in the media by t.v. This is what's wrong with the United States. The legal system is a joke and people lives are for entertainement.

2891 days ago


How stupid of me. I actually thought there were people out there who would be interested to know that not all prosecuting attorneys are knights in shining armour out to save the world.

Lead your lemmings to the cliff, Nancy. More power to you.

2891 days ago


I never could stand Nancy Grace. She's been a parody of herself from day one - it's not even necessary for SNL to parody her. She's overly dramatic, phony, and obnoxious. Few hosts make me change the channel faster.

2891 days ago

lady mcbeth    

#14 You rock!!!

2891 days ago
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