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Nancy Grace Under Fire

10/18/2006 7:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comImpressionists have long been lampooning public figures like presidents, rock stars and actors. But it seems the latest target of flattery (isn't that what they say imitation is the sincerest form of?) is none other than Nancy Grace.

The acerbic talk show host and former prosecutor has been parodied on three different shows in just the past two weeks alone.

On Monday night's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," the biggest sketch of the night on the fictional show within a show was a Nancy Grace sketch in which Grace tried to get to the bottom of a shocking story ... about a college girl who lost her cell phone.

"Saturday Night Live" took a swipe at Grace in their October 7 show with a "Nancy Grace Show" sketch in which Grace probed deeper into the Mark Foley scandal -- while also trying to figure out who moved her chair.

"I think someone moved my chair," "SNL" star Amy Poehler says several times in character

Meanwhile on FOX's "Justice," their crime show within the show is hosted by a short-haired blonde woman, though a slightly younger version of our friend Nancy Grace.

And over on "Boston Legal," another show within a show is hosted by Gracie Jane, who comments on the cases that the law firm on the show handles.

"You have got to gag this woman," one character says to William Shatner's character.

"I would love to," he responds.

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I think Nancy Grace rocks. If she were a man there wouldn't be so much hatred directed against her.

2895 days ago


Boston Legal does a much better job and did it way before Studio 60! Where is the love for Boston Legal??

2895 days ago


She's Nancy Grace......and you're not

2895 days ago


Nancy Grace Rocks!! She is one tough chick who doesn't take anyone's crap. Love Her!

2895 days ago


To #52, no I am not a defense attorney and I do not have any obsession with Nancy Grace. Too many people blindly believe whatever crap is shoved down their throats without one thought of doing a little research to find out if it's true or not. Just because someone lists "prosecuting attorney" and "judge" on their resumes doesn't mean that person is a living saint and can do no wrong.

While we all embellish certain aspects of our life and maybe we fudge a little on our resumes as well, but OUR decisions do not affect the very life and feedom of someone else. ANY attorney who would knowingly use false or misleading evidence in a trial is someone that deserves to rot in hell.

2895 days ago


Re: #14
Big cut and pasted a bunch of info from Wikipedia. Oh, yeah, you work in the legal profession. Well, go get some coffee and get back to the phones.

Someone disagrees with you and it *must* be because they are a Republican, right. As if that negates someones opinion. What a ridiculous and childish attitude -- if you're not capable of discussing things without your infantile name-calling ("Hey, you're a jerk, you disagree with me -- you must be a [fill in the blank]), then you shouldn't be engaged in posting anything at all. Christ, I hope that the lawyers you 'work' with are better able to debate than you.

And I don't belong to either political party -- sorry for taking away the only rebuttal you're capable of.

2895 days ago


To #35 - BITE MY A@@. Like a give a sh*t what you think

2895 days ago


To #63 Yeah, I went to Wikepedia, did a little research Nancy Grace - shows I have some sense.

I agree that my comment about that person being a Republican was out of line. I apologize to WISE OLD OWL.

You however, can go screw yourself. I can post whatever the hell I want unless those in charge of TMZ choose not to post it. You can be anti-Eden all you want - you are not the kind of person I want in my corner anyway. BOO HOO. You don't like me - I'm crying in my coffee right now.

Let me wipe my eyes and see if I can somehow move on with my life. Might be hard but somehow I think I'll manage

2895 days ago


Re: #65

Excellent riposte -- "screw you" You're the next Thomas Hardy aren't you?

Of course you can say anything you want -- I didn't imply that you couldn't, did I? Perhaps your reading comprehension skills are as weak as your brittle you need *anyone* in 'your corner'? I was merely stating my opinion, as were you.

Don't be so sensitive -- do you take everything so seriously? Bit self-important aren't you?

2895 days ago

lady mcbeth    

To #63

"Someone disagrees with you and it *must* be because they are a Republican, right. As if that negates someones opinion. " It does.

2895 days ago


I think most people commenting here are getting it right, Nancy Grace seems to have a negative, destructive attitude towards people. It appears she decides you are guilty from her own mind and to hell with facts. I think she is a miserable person and a toxic person. I suggest we stop watching her show, that we refuse to watch any show she is on and she will go away. I think in 20 years no one will even remember her name...

2895 days ago


#68, be careful what you say.............seems like those people who actually like Nancy Grace are going to tear you a new one. However, your post was right on the money.

Green Day got it right when the wrote "American Idiot." Seems as though that song could be the new National Anthem.

OH, sorry - gotta go "answer the phone." #63 & 66 - in case you're new to this site, when you get personal it can lead to a pissing contest; you win. I'm out. God help you if you ever find yourself dependent upon the likes of Nancy Grace or anyone in her camp. Damn, that phone just won't quit ringing. Must be another wrongfully convicted felon needing help.

2895 days ago

Not A Fan    

This is not a gender issue, an a**hole is an a**hole regardless which side your zipper zips. Eden, I'd have you in my corner any day.

2895 days ago


#71 - thanks. I appreciate that.

2895 days ago


Eden, you are awesome. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words.

2894 days ago
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