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Sara Evans

Denies Having a

Cheatin' Heart

10/18/2006 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans and Craig SchleskeSources involved in the nasty Sara Evans divorce case tell TMZ that Craig Schelske, Evans' estranged husband, accused her of having affairs with celebrities.

We're told while they were still living together as husband and wife, Schelske accused his wife of having affairs with country singer Kenny Chesney and other unnamed "associates in the music business." Sources also tell TMZ Schelske accused Evans of having an affair with Tony Dovolani, her partner on "Dancing With the Stars."

A rep for Evans, who did not want to be quoted by name, tells TMZ that Schelske's accusations are absurd and untrue.

In her divorce papers, Evans accused Schelske of having an affair with the couple's nanny. Evans also claims Schelske had photos of himself having sex with other women and had at least 100 nude photos of himself in a state of arousal.

As for Evan's connection with Chesney, the two singers toured together back in 2000 and 2001. Chesney was briefly married to actress Renee Zellweger in 2005. Again, Evans' rep says the two singers never had an affair. TMZ has placed calls to reps for Chesney and Dovolani for comment.

Update 7:45 p.m. ET: A rep for Kenny Chesney tells TMZ allegations are: "completely untrue. Sara was the special guest on Kenny's first headlining tour and they're friends. He would NEVER think of her like that. He's saddened by what Sara and her family are going through in this personal situation." The rep adds that if Craig truly did make these accusations Kenny is "disappointed in Craig and the media for perpetuating groundless allegations."


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Ok, so here is Sara Evans out busting her a** to bring home the bacon (she had over 250 tour dates last year) while Mr. Sara Evans really doesnt even have a job. Poor baby got tired of sitting around scratching his butt, so he got a computer, a digital camera, a porn library, a Craig's list and made his own fun.
I really don't think thats something that 80% of husbands in America are doing and if he was really so sick of her he would have left and got a job at Sonic and been free to pursue his anal loving and other freaky stuff. Nothing wrong with anything he did, he just needed to do it with HIS WIFE.
What a pig.

2888 days ago

dawn h    

You know what i get a kick out of, all you people who say you don't care, or ask why its our business. Its funny to me, because YOU read it, nobody made you. And in turn you are perpetuation the vicious cycle that is the media. And believe it or not, when someone sings great songs, or acts in good movies - they become real to those of us who love them, and you know you take the good with the bad. Only those on the inside of a relationship have the right to judge it, 'nuff said.

2888 days ago

a fan    

OK first off- where are people readiing that the nanny passed a lie detector- because all Ive seen is an article that she would SUBMIT to one- not that she "passed the lie detector with passing colors" as one poster stated. Of course her husband is going to throw daggers at Sara- he got caught and is now trying to back pedal and make himself look clean and making her look like the cheat. Sorry- wrong answer. WTF ever said Kenny was gay? thats just lame. Sara is a great performer- I have seen her in concert and enjoy her cds. I think her husband had too much time on his hands- as hes been unemployed for awhile- and supposedly working on a non profit is not a REAL job- if theres not a paycheck its not a flippen job. If i had a deadbeat hubby, I probably would cheat- but then again- I wouldve tossed his fanny out the door long ago!!

2886 days ago


Please tell me that Kenny Chesney is not gay but if he is oh well l love hios voice anyway..

2886 days ago

Disappointed Fan    

I love Sarah's music and was inclined to believe her. I read the court documents, saw on TV that the former nanny passed the polygraph test, and then went through the pictures of Sarah and Tony on the Dancing with the Stars web sight. The pictures of her hugging Tony, him kissing her, them holding hands at their practices. etc did not look like people who are platonic. I think time will show that Sarah is the one who was unfaithful. I also cannot see how she thought that she had her children's best interest at heart (her reason for quitting Dancing with the Stars) when she went so grapgic with her divorce allegations. Kids won't see that some day? She is a very disturbed person. If you don't want to be married, fine, but you don't have to become White Trash to file for divorce. I'm no longer a fan. I'm disgusted with the way she has handled all of this and very sad for their 3 children.

2884 days ago


First and formost Craig is stupid, retarted, idiot, any word that goes in that catagory, why? how in the world would you cheat on sombody like Sara Evans. Come on!!! You got to be a moran to something like that. Sara, if you read this....holla at me

2883 days ago


KKKEEENNNYYY...say it ain't so!!!! I am heartbroken.....another hottie lost!!

2883 days ago


hey #1 blogger tom m.lay off kenny, hes my man!

2883 days ago


I say let Sara and her husband be. Let them handle their business among themselves. And as for Kenny Chesney let him alone. They are all in the public eye enough and they have their own personal lives. I like Kenny Chesney I have been to several concerts and have met him back stage for him being gay well I don't think so. I like Sara's music too. Things will work out in the end for all of them. I wish the best to each and everyone who is involved in this.

2883 days ago


i dont know why but i favor her husband in this, not by what has been said but something inside me keeps telling me something is missing in this divorce. i have always loved sarah and think she is so sexy but shes not telling it all.

2879 days ago


all i can say to all you people out there we dont know who is telling the truth about this divorce, but no one has asked how did sarah know about him having an affair? did the nanny squeal on sarah? could be why sarah turned on her nanny.

2879 days ago
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