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Steve-O Does Comedy -- Without Injuring Himself

10/18/2006 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve-OTMZ fav Steve-O is capable of making us laugh in a multitude of ways -- and yes, most of them involve bodily harm. But now Steve-O is taking a crack at a safer form of comedy: stand-up.

"I just had a really big movie come out, and I'm trying to think, 'What do I next?'" Steve-O told the crowd at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood last Friday, where is he is known to take the stage from time to time. "I feel like I'm scrambling for any kind of career other than breaking bones and shoving s**t up my a**."

In his act, he talks about the rap song he recorded with Psychic Realm, which TMZ posted and allowed users to vote on -- 98% of readers thought the song was "dope." But apparently those results could be tainted: "I got all my MySpace friends, I'm like, 'Vote for me! Vote me dope!'"

Steve-O even reads off various comments TMZ readers wrote about him, including, "Steve-O should stick to stapling his balls to his leg."

Seems like he may have a career beyond that now.


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Steve-o's the sh*t! Any dude than pierces his butt cheecks together is RAD!

2863 days ago


Even worse at stand-up then he is at rap. It's like he is trying to suck.

Maybe you should try playwriting.

2929 days ago


Steve O your awesome! You keep it real and thats all that matters. Just put your haters blockers on

2929 days ago


Why is Steve-O a TMZ fave? Is TMZ one big, overinflated collective idiot? What's another TMZ fave? Audible farts?

2929 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

I love Steve-o's care free attitude, and his movies.......but what I have heard from his rap and his comedy,.....maybe he should stick to shoving things up his a*s and stapling his balls. ........... Hey,....its funny.

2929 days ago


Stop talking about this IDIOT already. Can't stand him and can't believe you continue to write about him.

2929 days ago

Stan and Paula    

How the hell are we suppose to vote if were old and dont know the difference between dope and wack? LOL

2928 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

I get sick of this TMZ paid favourites publicity. IF this near-worthless entertainment news website had ANY credibility, it gets slowly chipped away w/ their unnecessary SHILLING of a.) anyone and b.) f***ing worthless hacks like this dipsh*t.

2928 days ago


I love Steve-O. He's awesome. His stand-up's a litle green, he looks nervous as hell. Maybe he'll get better with practice. If not, who needs talent when you've got (what looks like) an enormous wang?

2928 days ago


C'mon Steve-O stick to what you're good at...wait a minute, let me re-phrae that...C'mon Steve-O try something else, rapping and stand up are not for you. Perhaps you'd be good at...good at...hmmm, this is a tough one. Ah ha! Maybe you could start your own drinking team and compete across the country. You're good at drinking.

2928 days ago


Please remove him from my planet

2928 days ago


I dislike him on principle for saying he wants to do Paris Hilton!

2928 days ago


I thought it was funny, especially when he was like, "Vote me dope." Maybe it's his facial expressions that are the funny part. It took some guts to read those hateful comments he got on TMZ, I give him props for that. It's also commendable that he's trying other thing besides for being a jackass, everyone has to grow up sometime.

2928 days ago


I cannot believe people actually PAID to see him !!! He's reminds me of those obnoxious a**holes thats at the bar and HAS to be the most loudest one there. Ya know, the kind who thinks they are soooo funny and cool in their OWN MIND !.And then they have the BALLS to come up to ya and try and hit on ya with their nasty ass breath!. LOL. eww. That's what he is to the T. GROSS !!!! Sorry, im not into guys in their 30's acting 16 I guess.

2928 days ago


haha i thought it was great and your all a bunch of misreble bastards TMZ is made for steve in my opinion

2928 days ago
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