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Anna Nicole's Son Buried After 39 Days

10/19/2006 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Over a month after Anna Nicole's son died of a drug overdose in the Bahamas, TMZ has confirmed that the body of Daniel Smith will finally be laid to rest today.

The private ceremony will be held in Nassau later this afternoon. According to published reports, roughly 25 people are scheduled to be in attendance.

Daniel will reportedly be buried in his favorite clothes which include a trucker cap, t-shirt and blue jeans.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Anna Nicole is set to wear a black dress and veil specially made for the occasion by famed designer and close friend Pol Atteu. Atteu also made Anna's wedding gown for her impromptu commitment ceremony to Howard K. Stern last month.

Daniel Smith died in the Bahamas on September 10 while visiting his mother who had just given birth to a baby girl.


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"I'm sorry. I'm sorry" Too little too late Anna. Adios

2926 days ago

Message In A Bottle    

to #s 18, 23, and 26....we are all very sorry for the loss of Daniel, he seemed to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy...its just that she should of put both her children first, not her needs. What a shame his family and friends won't get to say goodbye to a loved one, all because SHE wants to bury him in the Bahamas...not in the town where he grew up with alongside his family and friends. Now if I couldn't see Daniel and he was a family member or good friend of mine, I'd be pissed! The first thing she should've done was;

1) make sure her son could rest in peace.
2) get a paternity test for her baby girl to avoid this fiasco.
3) Spend time with family and his friends to help with the grief, not wasting time getting hitched and desigining a funeral dress for your own son's funeral.

What Anna is doing is irresponsible...instead of taking the time to mourn privately and putting her baby girl first, she's in the spotlight acting like a complete media whore. God Bless Daniel and I hope he is resting in peace away from this fandago.

2926 days ago


As I am quitly of wanting to know why it took so long for this young man to be buried, I can not believe there is a power larger then life who would allow this woman to have one child much less two, in view of her pass history. She has made a mockery of life and sadly we watch, as she latches on to yet another cause to be photographed and for those who can't see through her, pitied again.
God have mercy on us all! Daniel is at peace for once and does not have to deal with this poor excuse for a mother any longer.

2926 days ago

pissed off at the system    

Why are some of you so concerned about the welfare of her daughter. Do you know how many children of "non-celeb" parents are out there being neglected? Are you as concerned for their welfare - NO! Everyone knows how wacky Anna Nicole has acted the entire time she has been famous. You are only restating the obvious. She loved her son very much and that is all that matters. I can't believe some of you are siding with that Larry Birkhead either. He seems like as much if not more of a publicity whore than Anna and Howard. Take care of your personal business in private and have some class.

2926 days ago


DEPOSITIONS will be taken of ANS and HKS next Monday!

2926 days ago


Right on Emily....lets give this a rest!

2926 days ago


Alot of people buy new clothes to wear to a loved ones funeral. I don't think it would be unusual to have a dress made, if you have alot of money. Even though she is strange, you could always tell that she had a very good relationship with her son. I know she is heartbroken and devastated. People have been so cruel to her...some of her outlandish behavior is just publicity. You know "her image" and even though it's not a good image, necessarily, it made her alot of money.

2926 days ago


Why did she have to custom order funeral clothes? Surely she still has the black threads she wore while "mourning" her beloved husband Mr. Marshall.

2926 days ago


Just a reminder to everyone...... This is the woman who wore her wedding dress to the funeral of her husband, J. Marshall Howard... That was one freaky sight. Check out the E! True Hollywood Story, they show that footage there. She was prancing around, acting the fool.

Sadly, I don't expect any different from this crazy woman at her son's funeral.

2926 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 31 Message in a Bottle. : Well said. This woman is not playing with a full deck here. Her brain so damaged by all the drug use she no longer ' FEELS " like the rest of us. She is devoid of all the proper ways "normal " people grieve. She is complacent and detached. The methodone keeps her in a constant state of ...............Huh? What's up ?....I don't know. ... She just doesn't have a clue.

The very idea that some folks still feel compassion for this woman is amazing. It's like feelilng compassion for a father who sticks his child with an aides infected needle. I find her no different. I believe that Daniel would still be alive if he had stayed in the U.S. and not gone to see his MOTHER. How can you sympathize with that ? The only empathy you should be feeling is for Daniel and that little girl who could be next. Don't waste your feelings on someone who is NOT WORTHY.
I know 1st hand the devestation and grief of losing a child. I have never seen such actions or behavior displayed by anyone in this situaition. She is despicable. She borders on having an exisiting condition of mental illness. It may not be her fault.....but the none the less. she is guilty of having very poor judgement. I will be waiting to hear those deposition results after the inquirey into Daniel's death.

2926 days ago

george vieto    

What took her so long to bury her dead son? Some tough love.

2926 days ago

We, are not amused.    

One word covers it: STINKY!

2926 days ago

Black Sheep    

All you defenders of Anna and this situation are just wonderful and non-judgmental blah blah blah. And I happen to be a fan of hers. But seriously. How trashy and out of control is it when not one, not two, but THREE men CLAIM to be the father of your newborn? Puhleeze! For that reason alone I wouldn't come back to the U.S. Too embarrassed!

2926 days ago

Denise McMillan-MOTHER OF FIVE    

God bless Anna, he heart is broken. I think the world needsto leave her alone to try to heal and get peace. She adored that child and we all saw it in her gentle ways with him on film and in photos. May he soar with the angels and be there to meet his Momma when it's her time.

2926 days ago

Denise McMillan-MOTHER OF FIVE    

God bless Anna, he heart is broken. I think the world needsto leave her alone to try to heal and get peace. She adored that child and we all saw it in her gentle ways with him on film and in photos. May he soar with the angels and be there to meet his Momma when it's her time.

2926 days ago
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