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Anna Nicole's Son Buried After 39 Days

10/19/2006 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Over a month after Anna Nicole's son died of a drug overdose in the Bahamas, TMZ has confirmed that the body of Daniel Smith will finally be laid to rest today.

The private ceremony will be held in Nassau later this afternoon. According to published reports, roughly 25 people are scheduled to be in attendance.

Daniel will reportedly be buried in his favorite clothes which include a trucker cap, t-shirt and blue jeans.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Anna Nicole is set to wear a black dress and veil specially made for the occasion by famed designer and close friend Pol Atteu. Atteu also made Anna's wedding gown for her impromptu commitment ceremony to Howard K. Stern last month.

Daniel Smith died in the Bahamas on September 10 while visiting his mother who had just given birth to a baby girl.


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the wise old owl    

Post #75 Shonda : My, my, now isn't you that is being judgemental about others who are expressing their opinion about this woman ? Your comments are not falling on blind eyes here. We understand your compassion..................just not in this particular instance.

This woman did not conduct her life behind closed doors. It was hanging out for everybody to see. Every vice, her over doses, every embarassing public display of her drugged out escapades. Her slurred speach during television broadcasts and her nortorious marraige to her grandfather for financial gain. It's not only her choices that are in poor taste ..............they way she executes them are just classless.

Yes she lost her son,.A terrible , terrible tradegy. But she played a supoorting role in that twist of fate. Call it gross negligent manslaughter. What ever. You just know that her actions lead this boys demise. I hardly call that judgemental. I call that reasonable deduction based on the facts available. The jury is still out until all the evidence is presented...........but one thing is for sure. Even a blind man can see the character and substance Anna is all about. She is damaged goods. To convience yourself that she is some sort of martyr mourning the loss her child is just nonsense. I have never in my life seen anyone grieve the loss of their child in the way Anna has displayed. It's disrespectful and shamfull. I'm not totally unconvienced she doesn't suffer from mental illness.

2927 days ago


"Goodnight Sweet Prince, rest in peace".

2927 days ago


FOR -------------"Posted at 5:07PM on Oct 19th 2006 by j-#22

j- READ #11,



2927 days ago


Daniel, beautiful sweet young man Rest In Peace. Watching his mother's antics after his death. I have no doubt he has a special place in Heaven with our Lord Jesus. The craziness that poor boy must have seen in his short life
They say no publicity is bad publicity? I truly hope in this case it is not so. The industry needs to step up and turn their back on Ana Nicole; and we as a society have to do the same I know, I know....judge not lest we be judged. We are only human and I can't help but judge....

2926 days ago


she did not tell everyone of the dress the media is. someone found out she ordered a dress and told everyone. so what she wants to look good at her sons funeral who wouldn't. and she married a guy she loves so what she is depressed. she needs to be happy for her daughter. she needs to heal and be happy. And i think it is an honor to her son naming the baby after him you people are sick. i don't care how weird she is losing a child is the worst thing in the world leave her alone

2926 days ago


I am so sorry for Anna's loss.
Any mother would be devasted but she and Daniel were almost raised together .They were so incredibly close my heart aches for her.
God speed your healing soon Anna, Howard and family.

2926 days ago


Hmmmmm, Ms. Shonda, lots of judgMENTAL words about people being judgmental. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, honey. How do you know if any one of us has lost a child? I'm pretty sure I can say with a fairly high percentage of certainty that none of us had our own reality show, where our best "friends" allowed us to look like stoned, moronic, pod people. MY best friends would have not allowed me to go on some stage and be so wasted that the entire world (including my children who I would NEVER humiliate like that) would see how mangled my psyche had become. MY best friends would have intervened into my ass into rehab. MY best friends would never isolate me from my family, nor change my phone number when they got it. ANS called her mother to talk about Daniel (after her father already heard about his death on the news), and when her mother called her back, HKS had changed the numbers, and has done so several times. MY best friends would sit me down and say "OK, you have GOT to get yourself together, you have a newborn that NEEDS a mother, and we'll be here to help you", not drug me and keep me from reality so everytime I sobered up I had to "regrieve". MY best friends would have sent a guy like HKS out on that boat alone for the "four hour tour" (everyone hum along to Gilligan's Island theme", and my best friends would not let every event in my life be a photo op for $$$ - Kimmie and HKS are still looking out for her bank account, not her EMOTIONAL account, of which she's now bankrupt. Even her REAL attorney, that she had to get because HKS 1) has no other clients and 2) was representing her unethically, QUIT because of the trainwreck of the YES TWINS and their advice, especially on how and what to do after her son's death. He was disgusted. My best friends or "someone who loved me for years and hoped I felt the same way" wouldn't have let my child sit in a frig in the morgue for 39 days so when I did see my son at his funeral, he wasn't so distorted that he was bloated. You might want to give some thought to that "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" dialogue. People can say and act anyway they want, but sometimes, TRUE CONSCIENCE comes out.

2926 days ago


Wise Old Owl: "I have never in my life seen anyone grieve the loss of their child in the way Anna has displayed. It's disrespectful and shamfull. I'm not totally unconvienced she doesn't suffer from mental illness."

Right on. And if the Yes Twins loved her, they would worry less about her bank account and worry more about her reputation and sanity. If she was mentally balanced at one point, she certainly isn't now.

And by her actions, digging her heels in while in the Bahamas, anyone can say something spiritual like "that's where she felt closest to Daniel, yadda yadda", but a realist can see someone protesting a bit much about the paternity of this baby. If she and YES TWIN #1 are so positive that he is the father, than they should have no issue giving that baby a paternity test. Why? Because then they could shut their doors, grieve and heal in peace, and stay out of the limelight. But, ahhhh, that's just not happening is it? I would almost bet at this point she KNOWS Birkhead is the father. And if her and HKS have been in a relationship for a "very long time" than how to explain the pictures of her making out with Larry Birkhead WHILE HKS is stupidly in the same picture? Or having Larry admit to being the father while she smiles like an idiot beside him with "Yes, I am pregnant.." That's some exclusive love life her and HKS have.

My money is that Kimmie steps up to the plate, admits she's a man, and lays claim to being the baby's father.

2926 days ago


Why all the Methadone found at the house. Clean up your dumb blond act Anna for your daughters sake!!!!! Poor Daniel!!!! Rest in Peace"

2926 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #82 Patty: Now that's what I'm talking about . Looking at that photo evidence she left behind to nail her ass right to the cross. You are right . There's no way in hell HKS is going to stand in the background smiling while she's sucking face with some other guy. There was NEVER a love affair with those two. Yeah, maybe HKS loves her $$$.......but that's where it ends. Now it's just a big cover up.

You're damn right she knows who the father is. She sees it when she looks into Danilynn's face. It's a constant reminder. The question again comes back to WHY not take that paternity test ? That is the one million dollar question.

I'll tell you why. Like Patty said. ( and I have said all along ) She already knows. She has plenty to hide, and plenty of things she will have to give up if she admits that he is the father. Remember EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HER. She comes 1st. Screw everything else. They don't matter. It's just what SHE WANTS THAT IS MOST IMPORTANT.

. That was threatened when Larry wanted to take on his rights as a parent. So she got the hell out of there. Those ridiculous TWINS ( i just love that nick name for them ) that are advising Anna are useless. All they have done is painted themselfves into a corner they can't get out of . They are like the 3 stooges. They have created a " prison " for all of them to dwell in. What a depressing enviroment for that little girl. I can see it now. In 2 years that llittle girl crawling along the floor , finding one of " Mommy's " pills and putting it in her mouth. Case closed.

She only has 2 options at this point. She stays in the Bahama's FOREVER. Or ...she comes back to the U.S. and faces a court ordered paternity test. ( if the judge rules in favor of Birkhead on Oct 26th ) If the test turns out that Larry is the biological father. He will take what is rightfully his. If she is not drug free and child services finds that she is an unfit mother. He will stand a chance to get full custody of his baby. It will be very interesting to see how this story unfolds. Stay's not over yet.

2926 days ago


Larry boy's atty is heading to the Bahama's going after Anna. Anna can't hide from this chick, she's an aggressive woman, and she WILL get a paternity test from that baby. All they have to show the judge is any sort of doubt that YT1 (That's Yes Twin 1 - Howard.....follow along) is the father. Unfortunately, advising Anna didn't go so swell before she announced her pregnancy and those video'd and photo'd pics of her and Birkhead were everywhere. He's got every right to know. When it comes down to it - they aren't celebrities - he wants to know if this is his kid. In any other situation in the world, a woman just couldn't TAKE OFF to the Bahamas to keep a child from having a paternity test when SHE HERSELF has cast doubt. She's hiding TOO much and way TOO obviously, and the TWINS are about as convincing as the Stooges, and far less funny. YT1 and YT2 were about as important as the purse she used UNTIL she has another kid AND coincidentally (and tragically) her heir to her fortune dies, IN her hospital room, with THREE drugs in his system, after having to FLY to the BAHAMAS because his stoned out mental case mother is trying to keep her $$$$ to herself by having her baby thousands of miles away. Wonder what rocket scientist assured her THAT was a smooth move. I'd be interested if her Bahama attorney advised her to draw up a new will, or a prenup before he took the wise move to get off moving bus (Anyone remember the movie Speed? Go Keanu Go!) before it blows. Interesting there was no mention of any OTHER attorney UNTIL YT1 goes on Larry King, and gets all wussy ass and says they have been having a long relationship, have kept it hidden well, have plans to get married, and oh yeah.....gee, he hopes Anna feels the same way. Only thing missing was the anvil dropping on his head and the MEEP MEEP of the Roadrunner. YT1 is a loon just like everyone else who surrounds ANS. She won't stand a snowball's chance in hell with that baby (which would probably be a blessing) if he gets family services involved and they find drugs anywhere or any how. Hey wait - maybe the Brangelina's are interested in buying a Bahamababy???? Just a thought.

And Kimberly? You don't hold up burying your son until the designer makes both your mourning dress and your wedding dress.......It's OK to want to look good, but I can pretty much guarantee you if they are lowering my son into the ground, the last thing I'm going to worry about is how my makeup is or my cute little pillbox hat that matches my designer dress. Yes, she's got money, so of course she might have designer clothes....that's not the point...IT'S HER NON-EXISTENT PRIORITIES. Is her Nanny nursing the baby too? Did YT1 & 2 "undrug" Anna long enough to frolic in the ocean before she went back to her "throw herself onto the coffin apologies". I bet she knows EXACTLY what she's sorry for, and I bet the TWINS know as well. I bet this is bigger than anyone might expect.

Wise Old Owl? I'll save you a seat next to me in court and we can make funny faces at the Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition cameras. :) I'll be the one in the Jackie O sunglasses and designer pillbox hat to match my "designer" court clothes. :)

2926 days ago

the wise old owl    

Patty Post #86 : I CAN'T WAIT............I will be right next to you at the court house with bells on. I will be the one with " The Katie Holmes sunglasses on " and a designer purse by " Paris Hilton " ...............NOT !!!!!!!!!! I will be there to see Justice Served ! Possibly, even save a baby's life.

If you are not an attorney should be. Simplicity is the key to communicating the message you are trying to deliver to " The General Public "
I really think they are finially starting to " Get It "

Do you know if Anna ever offered $$ to Larry to just give up his quest for paternity?
Christy Brinkly bought off the father of her 2nd child. He took the $$ and ran. I don't know Larry personally. But everything I cuss out about him........tells me he is genuine. That family is more important than money. I certainlly don't want to defend someone who is a conniver. I already know what Anna is. An opportunist who is waiting to take advantage of anything that isn't as important as SHE IS. Let me know what's up. I'll be back to check..............

2926 days ago


I hope alot of you trash talking judgemental people know what it's like to have to bury a son, and still be strong for your newborn baby, and not even be in your own country while you sort through this stuff. Then have people all up in youor face asking why you taking so long, why this and that....
It is clear that Anna is a Little different, she may have wanted it so that her family could actually get to the Bahamas, or Daniels friends who may not be able to hop a flight out of the country to bid farewall to a friend. Give her a break she is going through alot, and having a camera shoved in her face and stories written about her doesnt help one bit.

2926 days ago


Wise Old Owl: I don't think they offered him any money - I believe that's what was probably his original mission, but I really don't believe so now. That's a good question, but you are correct - even though he seems like me might be a gold digger, he seems to be genuinely (as he should be) concerned about the welfare of this baby.

And to #88 Michelle: "It is clear that Anna is a Little different, she may have wanted it so that her family could actually get to the Bahamas, or Daniels friends who may not be able to hop a flight out of the country to bid farewall to a friend. "

A little different? Yeah, okay, and the Grand Canyon is like a crack in the sidewalk. Last time I checked, it never said that ANS and the TWINS paid for everyone to come to the Bahamas. It's (unfortunately) painfully obvious her family is not blueblood upperclass royals, they are very UNwell-off. That would be quite a chunk of change for her REAL family to stop by to leave flowers on the grave of a beloved grandson, nephew, and friend. AND if they (family) were REALLY that welcome, explain why the TWINS keep changing Anna's phone number so that her family cannot contact her. SEVERAL members of her immediate family AND Daniel's biological father have come forth on CNN and several other newshows to attest to that. Also, last time I checked ANS was neither a travel agent NOR a Goodwill Ambassador of Travel for the Bahamas.

Wow, you now officially hold the title of "Queen of the Understatement". Wear that crown proudly. And take off the rose colored glasses, they are passing out the Big Black Bug Eye ones in Customs at your nearest Bahama Bound Airline Company.

2925 days ago


Anna is a drugged out , trailer trash media whore.
Lets be perfectly honest , we all know this D-List celebrity is drugged out of her mind daily.
Her son had no history of a drug problem that would have him taking Methadone.
She probably offered him some of her stash and accidentally killed her own son.
With a skank of a mom like that did you really expect a happy ending in this poor kids life.
If you think his life had a tragic ending watch what happens to her newborn daughter if she is forced to be raised by this walking trainwreck...

2925 days ago
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