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Anna Nicole's Son Buried After 39 Days

10/19/2006 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Over a month after Anna Nicole's son died of a drug overdose in the Bahamas, TMZ has confirmed that the body of Daniel Smith will finally be laid to rest today.

The private ceremony will be held in Nassau later this afternoon. According to published reports, roughly 25 people are scheduled to be in attendance.

Daniel will reportedly be buried in his favorite clothes which include a trucker cap, t-shirt and blue jeans.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Anna Nicole is set to wear a black dress and veil specially made for the occasion by famed designer and close friend Pol Atteu. Atteu also made Anna's wedding gown for her impromptu commitment ceremony to Howard K. Stern last month.

Daniel Smith died in the Bahamas on September 10 while visiting his mother who had just given birth to a baby girl.


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Cisco, you probably have one of the most honest posts on here. THAT is why I said this is probably WAY bigger than anyone thought, and that Anna PROBABLY had a reason for saying she's sorry, and knows what exactly she's sorry for - whether it involves herself or the Yes Twins. Anna and YT1 and YT2 ALWAYS looked stoned or half there. I think he may have taken something offered to him by someone who either knew EXACTLY what the outcome would be, or it was an ACCIDENTAL outcome, but SOMEONE knows how that methadone got into his system, and there were only 3 people in the room that night. Good post Cisco. I will disagree with one thing though. The "trailer trash" comment always gets me. (I don't live in a trailer btw) BUT as we can see by celebrities, the "trailer" is usually a metaphor for "mansion".

2889 days ago


I hope that "winch", never steps foot on american soil again! starved for attention and she isn't anything more than a pill junkie with no talent? I am waiting to see if that bitch will sell those pictures to someone for money. she can stay where she and howard f*** face stern are.

2889 days ago


For all of you out there did you ever think that maybe the designer of Anna Nicole funeral attire, who by the way is a friend, offered to sew her a dress and vail?
And 39 days is not so long of a time...Remember that several autopsy were done to find the real cause of death.
May Daniel rest in peace and may Anna Nicole enjoy her life with Howard and her new baby.

2889 days ago


I am asking TMZ not to write on ANNA OR HOWARD again all it does is put more money into that dumd ass couples poket.all they now how to do is act like dipsh*ts and they get personal view is that they may cause things to happen to get into the publics eyes.DANIEL had the most hardest life of any body that i know.GOD BLESS DANIEL&REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!.as for ANNA&HOWARD MAY YOU REST IN PEACE ON HELL.WITH ALL OF THE OTHER DUMD ASSES!!!

2889 days ago


First of all everyone who is so quick to call her a bad mom and scrutinize, these people need to take a step back and make sure they have live perfect lives since the day they were born before they throw stones. Second have any of you finger pointers ever seen her mom, sister of for that matter who whole damn trailer trash red-neck family. There is your explanation for all the nudity, drugs, sex, and lies. People do not just become FREAKS as some of you like to call her, they are products of poor enviorments and out of all the low lives she was surrounded with her whole life they did not have 5 teeth if you add them all up collectively she is the ONLY ONE who made something of herself. And when you reach stardom after climbing such a steep ladder out of poverty, drugs, sex, lies and whatever else everyone says she does are just things you have to deal with. Maybe her family never gave her the strength and confidence to stay on the straight and narrow. I never realized how full of @#%! the american public can be. You would thing you are all strict born agains or muslims and live your life every day by a book. Grow up and realize that life is not perfect, and if you were rich and had a funeral to go to you would buy a designer dress to. She probably had it specialy made to fit her hourglass figure all you fat jealous woman out there. Ha ha that felt good.

2888 days ago


Everyone who is saying negative things is failing to realize that the MEDIA swells EVERYTHING by 30%. The designer is probably a family friend, the autopsieSSSSS (there was more then 1) delayed the funeral, plus she just had a baby girl, so she is trying to enjoy that without crapping on the memory of her son. SHame on all you fimger pointers who lead less then perfect lives everyday as well. Are we forgeting that ANNA rose from the rubble of a trailer trash home front to be a star and she did it with the only thing she had and knew how to use her body. I wish all people in poverty ridden home had the ambition she had to be a star maybe our welfare system would have less lazy hillbilly mouths to feed. I think she is going to be the best mom she can be, maybe thats not saying much but while we are putting her under a microscope how about all the starving babies out there that could use your time and energy you spend writing negative things about people and voulunteer your services to the needy! ALL OF YOU ARE RIDDEN WITH HIPOCRACY! There is a loser in every family she just happens to be the loser who mad it and travels the world. Jealous?

2888 days ago


WOW!!! Cisco you must be a moral leader in your community. You know it takes someone with big Privates and a mean heart to say the ignorant things you say. How do you know her sons drug history. Do you know them? DID you know him? He was a kid with money and I have news for you people out there with your head in your rear. People with large money stacks live different lives so until you have that type of wealth weather its D list money, MR. Movie Star Cisco or A list money. They do drugs and wear designer threads. You know what when you have lived a perfectly honest and moral millionare life get back to me, then maybe I will respect your opinion. Because next to her status all of you are the losers logging on to read about her and hate on everything she stands for which has afforded her a ritzer life then all of you. AMazing what jealousy makes you feel about someone you dont even know. I stummbled on to these ridiculous time consuming comments looking for aol music go figure. All of you with nothing but nasty things to say are probably on life loing fat people diets. TRIM SPA BABY life is short ROCK ON BITCHES!!!!!!

2888 days ago

Superstar Steve    

If this is what Trimspa does for you, do you really need it?
Eat gurl, and get some senses about you! You need to sit down to a table full of Texas comfort food, and then be taken to town hall to get some talkin to.

2888 days ago


One word for Sinthia: SPELLCHECK

Sinthia, how do you know WHAT my bank account is? Or who I know? Or where I'm from? That's right, you don't. Just as I don't have a clue, nor do I care, where or what you come from. What we ARE commenting on are facts that have surfaced in this case. If you read between the lines in your posts, after calling other posters "haters", you just spew hate on almost everyone and for some reason, particularly the poster, Cisco. If you read everyone's posts, in general, although said in different ways, everyone agree's Daniel's death was tragic. Most also agree that ANS's life is a trainwreck and HOPE that she gets the help she needs - help that would probably start with a family intervention and getting rid of the toxic people (Yes, YT 1& 2, that's YOU) that isolate her and prevent any sort of "outside" help. Most also agree that ANS needs rehab, a new lawyer (the first "new" lawyer has already quit due to TWIN TOXIN), and people who look out for her best interests.

You are missing many of the facts with your bizarre ranting posts, most facts of which include, everyone really hopes ANS gets her life together, hope that Daniel's death mystery gets solved, and the new baby lives in a home thats free from toxic drugs, people, and in general, the circus atmosphere that Daniel endured.

For your information we are fully aware of the number of autopsies that Daniel went through, and most people offered their prayers on that - but most grieving mothers don't let one kid lay on a slab in the morgue, stay sedated for a month when they have a newborn, give their NEW kid their DEAD child's name, hide in the Bahamas from an attorney who is trying to get a paternity test (If YT1 is the father - why not just get the test over with and shoot down all that gossip and unnecessary lawsuits immediately?), have a fake marriage (ahem...sorry, commitment ceremony where nothing is legal), swim with glee in the ocean in her wedding dress, then throw herself on her 1st kid's coffin as he's being lowered into the ground wailing apologies, just a day or two later.

After calling all other posters "haters", you diss ANS's background, call her family poor trailer trash, count 5 teeth amongst all her relatives, basically say ANS is a slut who used her body to get away from her "roots", call everyone on the welfare system "lazy hillbilly mouths", say everyone has a loser in their family - then you call Anna the loser in hers, call her family (mainly her mom and sister) a "trailer trash redneck family", you bash Christians, bash Muslims, and assume most of us (if we were rich, and maybe we are, how do you know?) would wear designer duds to a funeral.

Also, you indicate most of the women posters (that would include me) are fat women jealous of ANS's hourglass figure (cough), think only people with large genitals and mean hearts say ignorant things (I suggest you re-evaluate some of YOUR ignorant statements, then check your own genitals and heart), think rich people live so much differently than other people (not the case for the most part), think people with "stacks of money" (of which you think Cisco is apparently not included in that group, and how would you know?) all do drugs and wear designer clothes (again, not 100% accurate, another stereotype from YOU), assume all of us who "log on" to our computers are "losers", think that ANS has had a "ritzier" life than us so everyone is jealous yet again (are trainwrecks ritzy?), and assume we are all envious fat people on life long diets.

I think you should review your posts and see how often you HATE, how ENVIOUS you are, and look at all the stereotypes you use, which makes you racist and prejudicial, which, in turn, makes YOU the HATER. And if you just "stumbled" onto this site looking for AOL music (of which there is a button on your AOL Welcome Screen so I don't believe you one bit), then you sure spent alot of time spewing hate at all those you call haters. Oh, and called US hypocrites. Interesting. You are like a psych study all on your own.

FYI, and speaking only for myself - please re-read any of my posts and you'll see that I am hoping for the best for Anna and her baby, and hope she reconnects with people who truly care for her. As a mother myself, I was horrified FOR Anna, and have several times expressed my sympathy towards what she's gone through. Also, I'm well educated, have a good bank account, don't do drugs, am not fat, and I have a job that calls for someone who is extremely bright, a quick thinker, empathetic, and pays very well. I do not live in a trailer, I think beauty is far deeper than what the eye can see, and an hourglass figure does not make me jealous, as I am proud of my body and not envious in the least of Anna's. I've seen many people who came from a poor economic situation and rise to a much more upper class situation, and they do not do drugs or use their body

2888 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #98: Patty: That blog was absolutely magnificent. Not only was it well versed but I had a really good laugh. You covered everything in that. You and I would get along real good. I agree with EVERYTHING you said.........whole heartedly.

I posted this on another blog.......but in case you didn't see it . I will say it again.
CNN announced tonight that BIrkhead's lawyer is in the BAHAMA's right now. She is on a mission and " loaded for Bear "... She is demanding that Anna gets a paternity test She won't take " NO" for an answer.. She is a bull dog and tenacious as they come. Thank God........someone has intervened.

ANNA HAS REFUSED TO TAKE SUBMIT TO THE TEST. She has an agenda and something to HIDE> We didn't want to be right about this. As Patty said .....both of us have only wanted what is best for that child . Let's not lose track of what is at stake here. ANNA DOESN'T COME 1ST HERE. Her only living child does.

Soon there will be no speculation left........only the facts from the investigation. I really hope that Anna doesn't come up being the responsible party in this tradgedy . But if she is...........then she has to be held responsible . Just like everybody else. What ever the outcome is. She has lived her life.

Now it's time to protect her child from the same fate. Let the cards fall ....where they may.

2888 days ago

Bernice Miller    

If you all will think back to when Daniel Smith first died, The loving mother sold pictures of her and Daniel and the baby because she "did not have enough money to bury him., and was broke." Well, we see where the money from the sale of the pictures went to... The fancy outfit for her commitment ceremony to Daniel Stern, her rich digs in Nassau, and now, as a slap in the face to those idiots out there who actually feel sorry for Anna, a designer funeral dress and veil!!! The truth be told, she probably give Daniel the pills that killed him, We know that she has them, how else could you explain the way she has acted on her show and in public. She has been so doped up that now, I figure the reason that Anna and Daniel Stern are staying in Nassau is probably because the baby was born addicted to all of the shit she has been taking. For you idiots that feel sorry for her, just take into consideration what all she has done for money, and to think that the media and the paparazzi has been following her around....what the hell for? she is nothing but a dumb blonde whore with no talent,no personality and no heart!! If the press would forget about her and the mooching Daniel Stern, she would run out of money and have to move back to Mexia Texas and the trailer park she came from. I say, picket everything that she is using to make money on, and for gods sake I hope the baby belongs to the other guy, because the next thing you know she will be selling pictures of the baby for money too, and probably sell the pictures of her commitment ceremoney too!

2888 days ago


I bet the reason Anna dosn't want any paternity testing done, is because they may possibly give the child a drug test as well. It's a thought.....

2888 days ago


#99: Owl, I didn't know she was already there, but I'm glad and I believe that because of the mysterious allegations surrounding Daniel's death, that #100 Nofanhere has a very good point. I can't imagine that a paternity test will be the only test performed and there will be tests done on the baby for drugs as well. Although, if ANS was truly sedated for a month, then I will assume (and may not be right) that the baby wasn't nursed, and was taken care of by a Nanny. The baby will probably be clean from any drugs, as it's been almost 2 months. The time to test the baby was immediately after it was born, but I do know that some hospitals take blood specimens and are able to run tests on them for awhile AFTER they've been taken from a patient if any of the sample has been saved for any reason. Someone more well versed in phlebotomy would know more about that and how long drugs stay in a system.

Owl, so right, Birkhead's lawyer, Opri, will not back down. This woman is on a mission, and seems particularly fed up with the Twins, and Anna's childish behavior. I'm not sure exactly where they are in Islands, but aren't there US jurisdictions down there as well? This matter could be solved much quicker if ANS would just say "I'm positive YT1 is the father, so go ahead and take any test you'd like". But she won't. After all this time, her excuse of "needing to grieve, needing time with her baby", etc., the excuses run moot.

It's time to put up or shut up. Whoever told this poor woman, who still seems to be controlled like a puppet, that running to the Bahamas, having her child there, and just basically stomping your foot and saying NO to any paternity testing, was a good idea? If the YT's truly cared about ANS and that little baby, once again, they would just "advise" her to get whatever tests needed are done and get it over with. Because she's protested SO much, and then had YT1 give that very insincere "love" speech on Larry King, they drew all the wrong attention at the wrong time. Which, of course, is the pattern they've led ANS on since they've isolated her. I thought perhaps there would be a chance Howard would be the baby's father, but I am now beginning to believe there's a better chance that it's snowballing in hell.

Let's just hope that whatever happens, the test is done and gets over with. I think ANS is making too much of this. If she needed to be reminded, she announced her pregnancy in one newscast with Larry Birkhead at her side, both admitting proudly to the impending birth. I'm sure we'll soon see that something with Larry went sour, and now she's determined to keep that child to herself - which is why Howard gave that ridiculous speech on CNN, yet another attempt to cover lies. Now while I believe Larry has a right to see if this is his child, if he uses the baby as a meal ticket, I will have no respect whatsoever. But I believe that even the baby has the right to know the truth.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when ANS is confronted by Opri, and am absolutely shocked (but shouldn't be) that ANS has been served with papers several times and has ignored them. (Did HKS also forget that he's a lawyer and that even a layman's common sense knows that you can't be served court papers over and over again without being found in contempt of court?) If Opri has prepared well for this battle, as it appears she has, she's backing ANS into a corner - with alot of help from lies and excuses from ANS, the Twins, and anyone else who has been advising her.

You'd think the loss of a child would snap ANS out of that cloud she seems to live in, and she'd realize how tenous life really is, and she'd put her baby first. She's putting HERSELF first, HKS is putting himself and ANS first, so what parents does this baby truly have? No one is thinking of the child. And if ANS and HKS are worried that the baby may be taken away due to some form of neglect, they are doing so much damage themselves, the baby may be taken away whether or not Larry IS the father.

Owl, I totally agree. Opri is like a pitbull. Now she's sunk in her teeth and she's not letting go. Neither ANS or HKS can just hide behind a door in the Bahamas and expect to wake up and have this circus over. Anna's playing TO the circus. Her first step in a "normal" quiet life is by submitting to this test, and quit hiding and causing so much speculation. She can't use Daniel as her shield anymore, and using her baby makes her shameful, and that applies to Howard as well.

GET IT OVER WITH Anna, for your sake, but most importantly for the baby's sake. I will not be surprised if a neglient homicide warrant is coming up, and ANS needs to have serious legal representation and face the music. I certainly hope she is not going to be found to be involved in any way of providing Daniel with anti-depressants OR any other form of drug. But the fact is, Daniel died in a room with ju

2888 days ago


Owl, I did not see your other post, but will look for it, as I go to the CNN site as well. If you'd like, drop me an email at

2888 days ago


Poor Daniel. He should have been buried in the USA where he lived his short life.

2887 days ago
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