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Rapper 'The Game'

Shot Down on

'Change of Heart'

10/19/2006 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TheGame_Change_of_HeartIs The Game a cry baby with nothing to offer in the sex department? That's what one of his ex-girlfriends seems to think.

TMZ dug up an old episode of the popular dating show "Change of Heart" from 2000, where the platinum selling rapper, unknown at the time, takes one of the worst beatings of his life from a former lover ... keep in mind he's been shot several times since.

The Game, then 21 years old, claims he called up the show to test the strength of his love for then-girlfriend Sadita. What ensued was 30 minutes of pure humiliation.

First, Sadita exposes The Game's secret emotional side to the world claiming "All he do is smother me or cry like a baby. That's all he does." Then, she put his appearance on blast, claiming that she can't stand looking at his ugly nose. Later in the episode, The Game's "Change of Heart" date, Arana, described an intimate moment between two, saying, "He made a comment that he was going to show me what he has later on." Sadita quickly replied, "Which is NOTHING!" Ouch. That's a kick to the manhood, isn't it?

Next target was The Game's ride -- or rather, lack thereof. "He's a scrub, he doesn't have a car, and I feel like I always have to drive him around" Sadita said. The Game aggressively responds, "I've got a suspended license ... but when I did have wheels, it would roll straight over hers and his bucket."

Our favorite moment has to be when Sadita attacks The Game's ambition and potential. "He has nothing going for himself." Smart move Sadita. Smart move.

The final humiliating moment occurs during the moment of truth, when JT and Sadita are forced to choose whether to stay together, or end the relationship. JT professes his love for Sadita and flips a card that says "Stay Together." Too bad Sadita has a "Change of Heart."

The Game's new album, "Doctors Advocate," hits stores November 14. No word on what Sadita is up to these days.

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The Player    

HAHA Ho is dumb now Game is a 5x worldwide Platinum artist but i shouldnt be reppin him cause im from the G-Unit camp but i recognize good music which he does good !!!

2923 days ago


the game sure aint no scrub now she regrets it defintley and i am sure he dont care bout what ya'll thinking bout his dick tons of girls first thing they say bout their ex is he sucks in bed or has a small dick half of em just hatin' anyways and who cares anyhow his bankroll aint small so i am sure he dont care lol

2923 days ago


54. Question: What's long and hard on a black man? Answer: 2ND GRADE!!!

Posted at 1:23AM on Oct 21st 2006 by Billy Ray

what the hell is wrong with your dumb red neck ass you writin that racist comment shows what a inbred ass you are say that dumb crap to a black mans face...but we know your too weak to do that loser

2923 days ago



2923 days ago


and oh yah TMZ step yo f***ing game up this sh*t iz old az f*** year 2000 iz that tha best u can do hahahaha

2923 days ago


13. 50 Cent and Loyd Banks should put clips of this in some of their videos in order to expose what a fake The Game really is!!! They can buy the rights to use these clips from the people who produced Change Of Heart and there is nothing The Game can do about any of it!!!

Posted at 8:00PM on Oct 19th 2006 by Zip

what about this make's him fake? its humiliating as hell but thats about it. as far as a rapper, he clowns 50 and banks. all you need to do is listen to "300 bars" to see he has more skillz vocaly at least. lol he's not as main stream but has way more street credit

2923 days ago


Who is The Game? Is he some kind of entertainer and what a silly name ... does he have a real one?

2923 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Billy Ray honey, do you have your half on the trailer for November? Jenny May called and she said if you are late again on the rent she is going to kick your ass half way to Arkansas, do you hear me Billy Ray?

2923 days ago

Adam Conway    

Hey 50 Cent!!! can anyone say SNITCH!!! tell 50 Cent that his old boss named Supreme is looking for him. He wants to say hi one more time. He didn't finish the 10 round clip last time. He shot 9 times and left the 1 for after your album dropped. I got the snitch lyrics to Ghetto Koran and the snitch movie Get Rich or Die Snitchin that you made. F**k G-Unit. I got a poison banana for you Monkey Unit, im sorry i meant Gorilla Unit.

2923 days ago


I love THE GAME. Real n*ggaz respect women, B*tch weak n*ggaz do the opposite! That pride & ego sh*t is for the birds. If you love somebody, cant be afraid 2 tell the world...Thats REAL SH*T! I hope that B*tch didnt turn his heart cold. For tha rest of you HATAZ...GROW THA F*CK UP!!!!!!!!

2914 days ago


Wow, i dont care about any of this....but look at this comment.....Poncho, the point is not that this isn't a NEW RECENT clip of what happens on Change Of Heart....the point is that its relevant NOW, with the release of his new cd, and his succsess.......

People dont understand ANYTHING it seems.....

Surrounded by morons, EVERYWHERE

2913 days ago


haha thats what he gets his music is hot but he's not that attractive..and as far as the clip goes its halarious they need to show the whole eposide. it will make a good/funny look at me then to now

2911 days ago


The Game is alright that girl have to deal with him if she would have choose him so since she did'nt oh well. His nose is too big if she don't like him she has her own reasons.

2901 days ago


I'm pretty sure the girl regrets to have said that... Ain't life a bitch ?

1452 days ago

livson blank    

the game is cool

1247 days ago
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