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Sara Evans: I'd Kill My Husband if He Cheated

10/19/2006 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Sara Evans accused her estranged husband of being a sex-crazed maniac, the country singer once promised to kill Craig Schelske if she ever caught him messin' around behind her back.

Back at last years premiere of the film "Walk the Line," Evans was fielding questions on her single "Cheatin" to New York's WPLJ-FM's Scott & Todd when she was asked what her reaction would be if she ever caught her husband cheating. Evans responded, "You know, I'd kill him -- but that's never going to happen, I have a great guy." Evans then offers listeners some advice on how to deal with a cheater, saying "Give them one more chance and if they do it again, kill em!"

Evans recently filed divorce papers accusing Schelske of having an affair with the couple's nanny. Evans also claims Schelske had photos of himself having sex with other women and had at least 100 nude photos of himself in a state of arousal.


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Okay, so she got a report from a PI. Confront your husband, file for divorce and keep your dirty laundry to yourselves. Who cares if he cheated and there are pictures. It's not illegal. She does not need to warn the public. We aren't going to Code Orange over this. She is the one with the money and if anything he will be financially better off in the end.

She seems like a right winged christian lovin' hypcritical beyotch.

2895 days ago


Seems to me that by now for the sake of these kids a decent judge would put a gag order on both of them!She is a unfit mother putting this stuff out like this.

2895 days ago


I'd love to f**K that nanny. That skinny litlle body and those big breasts. Wow. Of course I would love to eat Sara Evans as well. I bet the two of them got it on at least once.

2895 days ago


Pschyo Beyotch? She's obviously joking, seeing that she didn't kill him for cheating, she's divorcing him.

While I don't understand her reasons for airing all their dirty laundry in the divorce filings, I'm sure that there is an explanation behind it (like wanting child custody, or a good claim on all the money she's earned their family).

2895 days ago


Sara's just looking for fame and fortune. Stepping over her dead husband's body is just another way to get into the media... Perhaps being a better artist is the way to go Sara? Just a thought...


2895 days ago

Been there and feel his pain    

This not uncommon, I am in a similar situation. I have been accussed of having an affair with the nannies. She has made reports me sneaking into her house when she is not there. Having sex with nannies and other peolpe. She too was someone that was in the public eye and entertainer. Stress does weird things to peolpe that that try an keep a public image and then maintain a private family life.

2895 days ago


If she was any kind of a Mother, she'd keep the public out of it..Funny how in that old interview she had perfect hubby and now she is married to a perv..come on Sara, wouldn't it have been better to just say you have two left feet is why you dance so bad instead of coming up with all of this..p.s. sue her pants off nnny for bringing your name into it..

2895 days ago


Cut this gal a break! Pornography is rampant in this country. I don't care WHAT all of you liberal types say, if that s.o.b. is involved in pornography, HE'S CHEATING!!! It is degrading to the spouse as you know that you are nothing but a receptical for him to get off on after looking at that perversion. It makes the wife feel like she is being raped. It sounds like she tried to give him chances, but it sounds like their young son was involved somehow. If that s.o.b. was showing that little boy his perverted nude pictures or pornography sites, he should be killed!!!! Sara, do what you gotta do!!

2895 days ago


I don't understand why everyone on here is against her. If she suspected that her husband was cheating and he wouldn't confess to it, then good for her for hiring a PI. It was for her own safety. If he's cheating on her (which apparently he was since they've got porn. pictures of him with other women) then he could give her some nasty STD that she might never be rid of. She has every right to divorce him, and to get as much money as she can. After all, she's the reason that they have any money at all.

And I'm sure that she would just assume this be a quiet family affair, but divorce filings are public documents, and she is a celebrity, so people put it online. I really don't see her as the demon here. She seems like the one who's been victimized, not him.

2895 days ago

Susie Bush    

Noone should ever cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband ESPECIALLY if you have children o.O As for the fueling thing, the only reason why is because the nanny keeps talking about it, I honestly think she's an attention seeker, the weight loss, and now this? c'mon, the premeditated murder? what female HASN'T said she was going to kill her boyfriend/husband if he cheated? I totally agree with you Alexandra, she isn't the victim

2895 days ago


We're all human and we make mistakes. Sara has obviously chosen to make this a very public divorce and be very explicit with details. My thoughts are that she's not very concerned with her children's emotional well being by sharing her soon to be exhusband's bad behaviors in the media. One day, they too will read things about this divorce. They didn't ask for this crap.
It's a shame she can't take the high road if she's as innocent as she says she is and keep this behind closed doors for the sake of her kids, like Jennifer Anniston.
It's a shame children have to be born to people who can't behave themselves.

2895 days ago


what kind of person would throw their family under the bus and air their dirty laundry like this. answer is a country music yoakle. I smell an album.

No matter how bad your married partner is,,,you handle these things in court as privately as possible and not in the court of public opinion.

From what I hear her career was in a downward spiral. Before this news most people never heard of her........

2895 days ago

george vieto    

If looks could kill, Donna Summer would be Ma Barker by comparison.

2895 days ago

Susie Bush    

Well Cyndi, it's not like their FATHER kept it behind closed doors now did he? o.O

2895 days ago

Susie Bush    

have you ever heard of Sara Evans acting like this with her other albums? I for one havn't and I'm a Country music fan, plus she was on the most popular show on that network, if she wanted attention, she got it there.

2895 days ago
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