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Kenny Chesney: His Tractor's Still Sexy

10/20/2006 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a questionDoes Kenny Chesney have hair? He's always got a hat on.

It's true, Janet -- it seems as if Kenny Chesney may have been born with a hat on his head, as he's always wearing one. But we copped a picture of him sans accessory here in Las Vegas last year where it was undoubtedly too hot to be covering up. And to his look, we say rock on, Kenny, rock on!

And speaking of things people (usually) never go without, check out Kenny's ex Renee Zellweger and her recent lack of luck in the garment department.

graphic of a question markWhat's new with Kelly Ripa?

Kelly RipaWell, Diana, aside from juggling mommy-hood, being a wife to (hottie) husband Mark Consuelos and working alongside Regis on their morning show, Kelly still has her eyes set on acting. She currently has three animated films in the works – all planned for release next year – and is also planning on turning her and Mark's lives into a reality sitcom. Knowing Kelly, this won't fail to please.

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graphic of a question markWhat's the scoop on Julia Stiles?

Julia StilesSadie, Julia has her hands full with projects that keep her both in front and behind the camera. She is working on the movie "The Bourne Ultimatum" with Matt Damon as well as the short film "Raving," in which she receives a writing credit and debuts as a director.

To see who else Stiles is making contacts with in the industry, you can't miss this.

graphic of a question markWhat kind of exercise routine does J.Lo do?

Jennifer Lopez works it outSuzy, Jennifer Lopez admits that she doesn't work out every single day, but that she makes sure to maintain a "balance of mind, body and spirit." When she is hitting the gym, she focuses on cardio and weights and has even started taking yoga classes. Much of her discipline can be attributed to Gunnar Peterson, her trainer in Los Angeles, who has also worked with Madonna and Cameron Diaz.

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graphic of a question markIs Jessica Biel still working?

Jessica BielYes, Connor, Jessica Biel is still working and has been busy doing so. In one of her upcoming films -- "Home of the Brave" -- she stars with Samuel L. Jackson and 50 Cent as one of three soldiers who now has to adjust to civilian life after a long tour in Iraq. This flick will roll in to theaters mid-December.

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No Avatar

denise fulton    

he's talented but oh so "unattractive".........keep the hat on please!!!!!!!!!!

2896 days ago


yes he does not look anything like that when you see him face to face when in conert. and yes that looks to be ms renee which makes sence since the pic was taken last year in vegas!!!

2896 days ago


My my, what a hat DOES cover. And to #2 I agree -- that does look like Renee in the baseball cap.

2896 days ago


kenny put your hat on with super glue.PLEASE!!!! also I hope his buddy tim also never takes his off either???

2895 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Holy SH*T! Are we SURE that's Kenny Chesney? Looks like Adam Arkin! (or is anyone here even old enough to know who that is? Ugh. I'm old).

Wow, he looks BAD! ARF!

2895 days ago

The Daredevil    

I went to college with Kenny at East Tennessee State University

He was a choad back then, albeit with a lot lees money, no women to speak of & a whole lot more hair

2895 days ago

the wise old owl    

Not everything is about " looks ". I guess with age comes wisdom and the advantage to knowing 1st hand what matters MOST in life. I'm sure you heard of it ? It's called .........." The School of Hard Knocks "

Why do you think he keeps his hat on ? I will tell you why. Because he hears disparaging remarks like this. all the time. He is ashamed that he has a bald head. He feels that by " society standards " . He has to hide his so called " Flaw "

AND NO I AM NOT BALD...........but I am old enough to know that MY HAIR ...doesn't indicate the kind of person I am inside. I try and see the " BIG PICTURE " and to not judge someone on the color of their skin......or whether they have hair or NOT . It .just isn't an accurrate accessment of the character and content of what a person is " All about " Your father may go bald one day .But I promise you . You will love him just has much. xoxoxoxo

2894 days ago


Goodness you folks are tough! He's adorable, looks fine and has so much talent.

2893 days ago


This is an OLD pix! They were still married. As for him…he can come drive my tractor anytime! Hat or not.

2893 days ago

Jo-Ann K    

omg he looks like my ninth grade shop teacher

2893 days ago


We live in a sad, sad, pathetic world when human beings are going to sit around and talk trash about another person having little or no hair. Come on now, people... this is a tad bit ridiculous. Kenny Chesney is an awesome entertainer.. and his hat has nothing to do with that. Some people do shave their heads, which I think in some cases is very sexy. If you people are going to sit around and talk smack about bald people, you better go look yourself in the mirror and hope and pray you will not ever have to live a day in the life of a cancer patient. I'd like to apologize in advance for all of the idiotic comments left here. Again, how sad.

2891 days ago

shirley smith    

Shut up, Kenny is by far fab in all ways. Shut up, his talent is simply superb. Shut up who cares if he has no hair. Shut up, he can get transplants should he choose it's apparent that it is no concern of his. My daughter worked his concert as his runner and she states he is kind, nice to be around and his crew really a decent bunch of people to work with. Shut up, do you have his money or talent? Shut up, he's favorite of mine.

2888 days ago


Kenny - I love your bald head. Let me rub it!!! :-)

2884 days ago


Ok what you ppl are talking about my man, that is so uncool, Kenny Chesney is just drop dead sexy. And he's my man no matter what. Don' you ppl be talking trash about him. He's a great guy, a great country singer, and he loves his fans, he loves me more tho, i just had to throw that in there cuz its true. But don't you ppl be talking trash about him. Don't listen to them Kenny there just jealous b/c your hot and there not. I love you for who you are, not just b/c you have money, but just b/c your you. And no one else huni, i love you baby love always YOUR BIGGEST FAN TANYA

2866 days ago
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