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Rock Your Body Right -- Backstreet's Whack?

10/20/2006 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AJ McClean: Click to watchOh my God, he's back again.

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean was spotted at the Ed Hardy "Godfather of Fashion" party last night sporting an interesting phrase on his t-shirt -- "Backstreet's Whack Alright." The phrase, of course, is a play on words from the band's hit song "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)".

The shirt, produced by Abercrombie & Fitch late last year, has the false company Rock Bottom Records emblazoned on the back. Yeah, that sounds about right for the now dormant band AJ, Nick, Kevin, Brian and Howie once enjoyed huge success with.

With the reality show "House of Carters" focusing on Nick's life and the band's website working on a re-vamp, it looks like the Boys are ready to come out of obscurity and be "Larger Than Life" once again.


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god help us all if that's true...

2933 days ago


That's funny. I love that it's pink, too. Heh. In all honesty though, they were my first favorite band and I still listen to their albums. ;x

2933 days ago


He needs too take one up the ass! He's gay, well at least Bi, he was with my cousin a couple of years ago in Canada!

2933 days ago


I think that ship sailed years ago. None of them are talented enough to go solo and be successful. Sadly they seem to be going to way of New KIds, New addition, Hanson, can you really think of a boy band that made the transition into adulthood. Nsync were very popular when they crossed over into more adult music, be Justin knew what was good for him and split before they were on their just trying to get a gold album days. Backstreet could only pray for something close to gold status at this point.

2933 days ago


Why would he diss his own band like that??? God, if you don't like being a Backstreet Boy, then go find your ex-bandmate Kevin and quit! Sheesh...

I used to love BSB, but AJ's behavior is totally uncalled for. No one's forcing you to stay you know...

2933 days ago


@ All from above. Is there in your vocabulary the word IRONIC!? Oh well if you are actually BSB fan then you should know the meaning of the Tshirt and if you don't like them, then go and do something better with your life than bash them. Just don't post any stupid comment! THANKS! And AJ's sex life is his own sh*t! If he is or not whatever you wanna believe let him be! Geeez IGNORANCE is big

2933 days ago


Love it! Backstreet's in the studio now. And they've gone far more than "gold". With over 75 million CDs sold worldwide, they are one of the top selling artists of all time. No need to apologize to anyone. .

2933 days ago


What a super nice way to say screw you to all of his fans.

Pop groups get huge then think for some reason that they can take a few years off and try and come back. All the lies that they told and their clean image is blown by that time and thier cds start bombing.

At least AJ is not jumping up and down in his girlfriend's panties anymore. Why people make these kinds of tapes.. and then get pissy when they get screwed over by their ex and it ends up on the net.

2933 days ago


Are ya'll serious? Can you take a freaking joke?!!! If he was really that way he wouldn't be making another album with the guys. Come on they know how to poke fun at themselves. They don't take it seriously, like you guys do.

2932 days ago

Leland's Love Slave    

Good grief,'s a joke. AJ has worn that tee shirt before at a concert here in Chicago. Everyone raved over it! It's not a knock to the group or the fans, it's just for fun. And as for BSB being over or old news or whatever, they're not. Just like any other group, they are trying to reinvent themselves to stay fresh and keep up with the ever changing tastes of the fair weather fans out there.

The Rolling Stones are in their 60s now, they're still rocking, and everyone makes a big deal of how great they are. And their fans are paying in excess of $300.00 to see them. Same with Aerosmith and Fleetwood Mac. The only reason people are knocking The Backstreet Boys is because some fat, greedy, lying old fool with the initials L. P. dubbed them a "Boy Band" and they can't shake that tag. BSB has talent and their fans...the loyal ones who've been there from the beginning...still know that and still want their music. So please stop saying they're over. The fat lady hasn't sung yet.

2931 days ago

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