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Sara Evans' Husband Lashes Out

10/20/2006 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans' husband says his wife cheated on him and he found out the day before she filed for divorce.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Craig Schelske claims the day before Sara filed divorce papers, he "discovered Wife's intimate relationship with another man not her husband and an argument ensued between the parties."

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ that while they were together Schelske accused his wife of having an affair with Tony Dovolani, her "Dancing with the Stars" partner. Evans and Dovolani have both said the claim is bogus.

In his legal papers, Schelske also denies having a penchant for porn. He says, however, that on one occasion, both he and his wife "were watching adult entertainment together when their oldest child, whom they believed to be secure and asleep, entered their room...."

Schelske denies Evans' allegation that he was unfaithful during the marriage and denies there were "any sexual photographs of himself with any other women as there are no authentic photographs of husband unclothed with any sexual partner or alone except as taken by Wife or with Wife on the single occasion in which both parties participated." Schelske says he "regrets the incident but would state and show that Husband and Wife were acting as two consenting adults..."

Schelske seems to be answering Evans' claim that there are nude pictures of him in a state of arousal. Schelske appears to be conceding photos do indeed exist, but the photographer is Evans herself.

Schelske's allegations come exactly one week after Evans filed explosive divorce papers accusing him of having an affair with the couple's nanny. Evans also claims Schelske had photos of himself having sex with other women and had at least 100 nude photos of himself in a state of arousal.


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If reports indicate there are photos, but SHE took them, I could believe that. I know I'd sure be aroused around her...

Wow. Hey, Sara, now that you're going to be single, want a guy who WON'T cheat on you? (Grin)

2888 days ago


She is certainly getting her 15 minutes of fame from this. I had never heard of her before this. I most likely wouldn't have heard of it now but it involves a politician. I'm guessing he'll have an easier time getting through this considering how sleazy 98% of his kind are. HoweverI really hope that she is not doing this simply for fame and intrigue.

2888 days ago


i really dont know which to believe, i just went through all this crap a year ago and the same accusations went on from my ex. Although when truth came out she was the one doing it

2888 days ago


For some reason,I don't beleive her.She seems a bit unstable.

2888 days ago

James Long    

The guy wanted some ass from his wife but they make so much money their both out of touch. He was probably so lonely and desparate that he took nude photos of himself and wanted to send to his wife but never got the chance to send it to her. He thought twice that's what happens when you think twice plus they both have kids together, parents are the horniest! They get to do it all the time and somecases anytime. Quickies are bond to happen who knows what happens in parents room at night when your sleep. Face It Sex is Out There You Can't Hide It!
She should give him a break give him some ass women are known to crush men's soles men are the ones who mostly have to pay in divorces plus the kids suffer. Work it out! The sex is going to be gone. Sex is healthy.

2888 days ago


Sara Evans has lost her mind. She may have even just momentarily lost her mind during her breakdown, and now has created so much turmoil around her because of it that she has to follow through or look even more insane than she already does. I understand that when people are under extreme psychological duress, they say and do things they do not mean to say and do, but she could've easily NOT done this so much in the public eye.

2888 days ago

Black Sheep    

That one night when her dance partner went with her when she was singing the National Anthem I thought he looked a little too proud of her. Meanwhile, put Craig on a plate. I could just eat him up he's so cute!

2888 days ago


I think the most important issue is the children.Unfortunately,Sara has failed as a mother to protect her children.True or not,her first obligation should have been to them.He is still their father no matter what happens and she has done nothing but add more hurt and embarrassment for them.Shame on you Sara!

2888 days ago


Sounds like a guy who is trying to back pedal and claims his wife slept w/this guy w/that guy out of revenge because hes embarassed now and wants to sling back at her for leaving him and finding things out about him.

what a tiny little limp dick pimp he is


2888 days ago


Doesn't it all sound fishy when she comes out with all these allegations up front? seems to me if she wasn't guilty herself she would have been a bit more discreet. It seems that she was messing around and in order to keep herself from being suspected of cheating she reveals all these supposed allegations . Other lawyers have said it was really odd to bring out all your claims before you even speak to a judge etc.... she is hiding something herself.

2888 days ago


no way the husband is innocent, he just happens to throw out this crap when papers are filed hes a low life not her. at least she did the interview were was he.. i am in the criminal field. and she was not lying.. no way

2888 days ago


Boo hoo-now the parasite will have to get a job. I pray that the judge uses sound judgement, that all legal issues are resolved as quickly and with as little press coverage as possible for the sake of their children. Schelske looks and sounds like a no good sleezebag. My prayers are with you and your children, Sara.

2888 days ago


I keep thinking about the children. Now that she has gone public slinging mud, their kids will be hearing about this all the time from other kids. Kids are cruel.

Just suppose for a moment that the guy did look at porn on the internet. Could it not be said that it was in fact a form of safe sex? Could it be said that what one does with ones self is personal and private? Could it not also be said that it may have been a mechanism of relief, a release valve if you will, for him to control his most personal and private feelings? Afterall, she is a celebrity that travels a great deal and is "ON THE ROAD" most of the time while he must take care of the family. Does anyone want to regulate whether one is allowed to touch themselves? And if so, who among anyone is without guilt? And do any of us really know where any of this guilt lies?

The so called nanny has taken a lie detector test and passed. The accuser has been known to have had a nervious breakdown, the married couple have exchanged photos and may have had phone sex.

It could be said that the person with a history of mental collapse has reacted in an extremely distraught manner before and is doing so again.

Let me add two more things, I would never,,,never,never, drag anyone I ever loved through the mud, no matter what mistakes they may have made. And I would never use my children this way. It is just shameful.

2888 days ago


If she was doing it for the publicity, why would she quit the show? Likewise, if she was having an affair with her dancing partner, why would she sever ties with her excuse to be with him?

2888 days ago


No way y'all! He is lying! She is the one who filed for divorce with all kinds of hurtful allegations and suddenly he comes back with the best thing he can think of. "Oh Oh and she had an affair with her dancing partner!" So lame! He is probably sleezy and she had to make a break from him. It's just too bad that the specifics are so public. It must be embarrassing and the poor children too.

2888 days ago
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