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Brandon Davis -- Odd Man Out?

10/21/2006 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are back on track, Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis must be feeling a little left out. What's more, he clearly never learned that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

The man who brought the word "Firecrotch" to America has a new target for his misplaced enmity (and generally runny mouth) these days: Nicole. Page Six reports that Richie and her new-again BFF Paris were watching Debbie Harry perform at a T-Mobile Sidekick 3 party in LA when Davis suddenly turned to Richie and started screaming obscenities at her until she finally left in disgust. (The cause, as far as can be speculated, was the girls' throwing rose petals around.) At the rate Davis is going, he's not going to have any friends left in Hollywood-if he ever really did.

Dog Chapman Dodges Mexican Jail -- For Now

Duane "Dog" Chapman's in the clear -- for now. A Mexican court has ruled that the case against the famed bounty hunter should be halted until more witness testimony and evidence are gathered. (Chapman was threatened with extradition to Mexico for capturing convicted rapist Andrew Luster in 2003; bounty hunting is a crime in Mexico.) At a news conference Friday in Hawaii, Chapman said, "If it comes out right, would I do it again? You damn right." His case has won him friends in high places -- 29 congressmen have sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asking her to halt the extradition. "These guys know where to run. Where can we go so the Dog can't catch us?" he concluded.

NY Times Reporter Moonlights on "The View"

Reporters aren't generally known for their telegenic personalities, but New York Times reporter Lola Ogunnaike has proven the exception. The Times arts writer filled in on last Monday's episode of "The View," where, by all accounts, she was a success-she was even able to hold her own against Rosie. But as the LA Times' Scott Collins notes, her appearance is potentially ethically murky for a Times reporter-especially since Ogunnaike filed two stories recently about "The View"'s network, ABC. One was about "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes, while the other was about the show "Ugly Betty," and in neither story did Ogunnaike disclose that she'd appeared on "The View" (which apparently wants to have her back). Ogunnaike was paid union wages for her appearance on the show.

Dog Days for Millan

The Cesar Millan story just gets uglier. As TMZ reported yesterday , the Dog Whisperer has been clashing with animal rights activists who want to see his show yanked from the air. Now Page Six reports that he's in more hot water with animal rescue organizations in LA. For years, Millan has allowed humane organizations and shelters in the LA area to send their pooches to his Dog Psychology Center in South Central LA for rehabilitation and shelter for only $15 a day. But Millan recently gave notice that he plans to close the Center, and that the organizations have to pick up their dogs by Dec. 15. But Millan's business partner insists the story's been exaggerated. Millan, he says, is only looking for new, bigger space for the dogs, and that only five dogs need to go-and they've all been rehabilitated. Still, he hasn't found that space yet, and the clock is ticking.

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That's a shame that these people would say anything untoward about Cesar Millan. Their answer is always to euthanize the animals. Is that humane???

On the Brandon Davis story, he's a real piece of work. I'm sorry I ever had the misfortune to read about him at all. They should just stop taking any photos and take him right out of the fray.

2889 days ago


He's had plenty of time to find space for these animals. He has the resources, and he can do it. He has spoken about this on his own show. Shame on Cesar!

2889 days ago


These animal rights people really do not have a clue. They misrepresent what Cesar does as well as his techniques. Cesar saves so many animals who would be euthanized without his intervention. I guess that would make these animal rights organizations happy.

I really hope that National Geographic channel does not discontinue his show. It is probably one of the most popular on the channel! And, I will stop supporting American Humane Society if they d/c the show.

Go Cesar!

2889 days ago


Brandon Davis makes my skin crawl.

2889 days ago


I hate how rejects like Paris and Nicole think they're cool just because they listen to Debbie Harry. Not even close!

2889 days ago

Joseph Bua    

Did anyone ever consider that Brandon Davis may have a chemical problem?

2888 days ago


I'm just wondering if anyone has any proof that Cesar has rehabilitated dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized, or if his rabid (yet adoring) fans are just going off of his own marketing statements?

And the "animal rights people", including those with PhD's in animal behavior and those who have worked with dogs long before Cesar illegally snuck into this country to be a dog groomer, DO have a clue.

Educate yourself, don't just go by the slick editing of a television show.

2888 days ago


No doubt those wackos are jealous of the success Cesar has had in sharing his knowledge of animals with America's people. We appreciate you Cesar, wish you the best.

Brandon Davis? Hah! Another jobless, rich kid, ala Paris Hilton. They call coming out on TV work? Please.

2888 days ago


How dare they complain about Ceasar after all he does? He is looking for better space. They are just jealous cause they are not as popular and their work is not as sucessful. They do not rehabilitate dogs, they only cure them physically and if they have any problems other than physicial they are unthenized. Ceasar on the other hand physically and emotionally rehabilitates animals.. shame on them for complaining.

2888 days ago

im just sayin    

HELLO idiot you cant talk to animals anyone who buys into this rediculous sh*t needs to find a rich husband or boyfriend to go buy them a fancy minx coat soon you will forget all about that animal bullsh*t They are only animals people I have two dogs that I love very much but no matter what they will NEVER talk to me or to anybody else they are animals If the world comes to an end all you nutty animal lovers will think differently and start eating them first. So save all your animal rights sh*t HELLO they smell each others asses they eat each others sh*t. They are animals.. Crazy people go find a man or women and get laid and realize that animals are just that. PETS

2888 days ago


This is in response to number 8's comment.
Who in the first place said anything about talking to animals???? Second I feel very very sorry for your two dogs, if that is all you look at them as, is just a dog. Your right dogs cant talk, but they do project body language to let you know what they want, what they feel and this is they're way of speaking. They have feelings, they feel pain, they respond to love and have many times saved humans. I think they deserve to be looked at as just some animal.
As far as Cesar goes, he is an absolutley amazing man, who has a very special gift, the dogs respond to him and he understands the dogs. He takes in animals that would otherwise be put to sleep simply because they are food agressive, is it right to put a dog to sleep because they are hungry and dont want to share.... NO he takes them in and teaches them how to share, therefore sparing they're lives. The Human Society does just the opposite, rather than TRY to train the animal, its easier to just shove a needle in them and say goodnight.

2888 days ago


Wifey, I totally agree with you. Obviously, number 8 is a Homer Simpson character in that he wouldn't know his dog wants food
if the dog took his food dish in his mouth and started banging it against the wall. I think if the world came to an end, and if I were still in it I would eat number 8 first but I would end up wasting all the food by throwing the leftovers away.

2888 days ago

Mom of 2 in PA    

I have been watchibg The Dog Whisper for 3 yrs. now and have bought Cesar Millans 1st book.
Cesar has done wonders for dogs who otherwise would have been euthanized.

I personally have found out that a daily walk of about 45 min. will "unwind" a dog who has been in your house all alone all day while you are at work. Even if you don't have 45 min. and say you can only spare 25 min. it does do A LOT of good.
And for those people who say a dog is just an animal, you may change your mind if one night that "animal" wakes you in the middle of the night and alerts you to a fire or some other emergency.
Rock on Cesar, you are trainning a lot of pet owners to how to be the alpha in their home.

2888 days ago


Cesar is a great individual and his work is phenomenal. The way I look at it is that he takes these dogs that are on the verge of being put to sleep and rehabilitates them. So which is better a dog that has been put down because of aggressive tendencies, which will never be adopted. Or would a once aggressive dog, that is rehabilitated and is able to stay with his family better. I know which one I would choose for my family. Cesar is talented and able to help these animals, so just let him be.

2888 days ago


What is with Brandon Davis why does this guy hate women so much?

2888 days ago
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