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Stars Battle The Bulge

10/22/2006 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They might have trainers, dietitians, and personal chefs at their beck-and-call, but sometimes it just doesn't matter. ­ Take a look at how A-listers like John Travolta Tom Hanks, and Tobey Maguire go from svelte to puffy, and we ain't talkin' Combs.
John Travolta in Wild Hogs.


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how dare tmz to do that to these celbs !!!! they all have aged like everyone does. ITS PART OF LIFE!!! its just a sad world we live in. that normal people cant accept DIFFERNT i dont care if you white black fat ugly gay or whatever a person chosing in their life ITS ONLY THEIR OWN PERSONAL BUISNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! not someone else EVER

2800 days ago


Um~ and alot of people wonder why there is such a weight issue if Hollywood and all over the world? When these peoples weigh gain and weigh loss are all over the internet and will end up in a magazine, then they are scrutinized for being to skinny or to fat, hell I think I would end up with a eating disorder as well. Who cares if they gain weight, they will just join the rest of the world in being overweight. God, what has this world come to?

2889 days ago


American's are overweight in general so it's no surprise some celebrities are getting fat as well. Look at Marlon Brando before he died he could have eaten John Travolta for lunch. The problem is, it's very unhealthy and has an impact on the healthcare system in general. I always hear the excuse that it’s a medical condition. Sorry I have a medical background and medical conditions that cause you to become fat are rare and would only account for under 3% of all of all the fat Americans. Also there is no such thing as "big boned", it just doesn't happen. People need to push away from the table and take a walk.

2888 days ago


It an AGE thing. Most people gain weight as they get older. Some do nod (lucky, lucky).

2888 days ago

celeb exposed    

Hm he is ugly,,,where are the girls

2888 days ago


If the media would leave the celebrities alone and stop pestering them about how they look, whether it is too skinny or too fat, then maybe we would start to have some balance again. It is awful to see someone’s picture on the cover of a magazine in a bikini and the headline state that they must be pregnant because of a small bulge. New Flash!!! Not everyone is born with a flat stomach. I know lots of women who were genetically made up with a small bulge just below the waistline. I have struggled with mine my whole life, wondering why I can't get that flat stomach look like the models and such. I finally came to realize that everyone is made differently and while I have rock hard abs that little "bulge" is never going to go away. Maybe if we can get the media to focus on something else for a change the role models that our children are looking to will stop looking anorexic and everyone in general will start being and looking more healthy.

2888 days ago

shelia hubbard    

if isaih washington is so bad with a temper why do they not replace him with someone else. there are a lot of actors out there that would love to take his place. many actors would give everythng to do that part and get the money he makes. he should remember that when he went to the soup line.

2888 days ago

Princess Poon    

face it--people in the USA are lazy, and the food they eat is a disaster. Go out and buy yourself a fat calibration scale that tells you exactly what percent of body fat you have. I work hard to keep my fat percentage at 15 percent and go to the gym 5 days a week. Trust me its a great feeling to be proud of the way you look naked!

2888 days ago


John Travolta is a very kind human being. Before attacking him for what his exterior looks like between films, please take a minute to look up his charitable contributions all over the world. On one occasion he even loaded up his personal jet and flew needed supplies to earthquake victems. He makes many other contributions of signed memorabilia to organizations which help everyone from sick children to homeless shelters. He has employed his sister June to facilitate his charitable contributions. A man who has a kind heart and takes care of his family? To me this makes him a very beautiful person!!

2888 days ago


Has it ever occured to anyone that celebrities get older just like everyone else? Often with age, comes a little extra weight. You compare these people to photos of themselves that were made as much as 20 years ago. Take a look in the mirror, do you look the same as you did 20 years ago? Probably not. As we age our bones change, our skin changes as do other things in our body. Not to mention the fact that you don't know what kind of health problems some of these people have had. Some of them may be on medications that cause weight gain. I personally know of several people in my live who have to take meds that cause this. And of course as women age, with menopause comes some weight gain. I'm not saying that the folks in the photos couldn't stand to take a little better care of themselves, but lighten up just a bit. They may be "celebrities" but it doesn't mean they are not human!

2888 days ago


I thought that Travolta has the weight on him for a role. Isn't he playing the role that Divine had in the play Hairspray? Either way, he is a stunning man.

2888 days ago


Why is anyone surprised that a celebrity would get fat? They've always had fat heads, now they have a body to match.

And if these celebrities really didn't want the media's interest, they'd all pack up and go and live in the suburbs.

2888 days ago


No matter how much weight Captain Kirk puts on, I will always be a devoted fan. Wouldn't miss Boston legal for all the skinny actors in Hollywood!

2888 days ago


if you published a l960s photo of me as you did with travolta..and a current one you would see 30 extra pounds...i am a mom grandmom. teacher, church goer, charity donater, in other words what's my tonnage got to do with it?

2888 days ago


John, i started a health and fitness website. You can even create your own web pages , blod, email, all kinds of stuff and it's free. Give it a try. I would love to have the after photos, when you get into shape!

2888 days ago
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