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Stars Battle The Bulge

10/22/2006 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They might have trainers, dietitians, and personal chefs at their beck-and-call, but sometimes it just doesn't matter. ­ Take a look at how A-listers like John Travolta Tom Hanks, and Tobey Maguire go from svelte to puffy, and we ain't talkin' Combs.
John Travolta in Wild Hogs.


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As far as I'm concerned, there is only more to love with John Travolta. Big or svelte he'll always be sexy to me. Also, not far to use pics of these celebs 20-30 years ago. Which age comes wisdom and alittle weight. Thank God for the wisdom to realize that the little weight isn't worth obsessing over. You're welcome at my dinner table anytime, John!!

2924 days ago


WHO CARES??? Why do people put more "weight" (excuse the pun) on what somene looks like on the outside and tends to ignore the most important --what's on the inside? I am so friggin tired of seeing articles on who is fat and who is skinny---let's focus on deeds not pounds! Can't we all just accept eachother for who we are? Maybe all you "fat haters" really just need to make fun of someone else to hide your own inadequacies and insecurities--take a good look in the mirror folks--are you all that? Chances are if you are the type of person who makes fun of or judges others than you not the type of person to help anyone in need. Instead of focusing on yourself try to give something back to the world!!!!

2924 days ago


12. No matter how much weight Captain Kirk puts on, I will always be a devoted fan. Wouldn't miss Boston legal for all the skinny actors in Hollywood!

Margie I am with you.

I love him. I love Boston Legal. I love him in Boston legal.

I would pay $20 to see him do another Trek Movie. Old and in a wheelchair.

"Where is that Damn Torpedo!?"

2924 days ago


I think that John Travolta's one of the few celebrities who's happy with his own weight. No, we will never see his slim look that he displayed 1977 on Saturday Night Fever or his '80s movies and he's not going to extremes to shed off those pounds. Hollywood's is so obsessed with their celebrities staying fit and perfect that it's scary. That if someone gains 20 pounds, they yank them off the red carpet premiere to avoid a public embarrassment to their movie studios , TV network or record label. John probably doesn't have time to think about weight because he's working all the time with movies or charitable organizations. I'm sure he could be lazy on some days and doesn't want to get up. Tom Hanks and Sean Diddy Combs gained some weight too, but they aren't complaining. All of need to understand that we're not 18 or 20 anymore and staying in tip-top shape is very hard!!!! And John has a little paunch, but he's no different from some of the men I see everyday with chubby chests and blabber.

2924 days ago

all dogs can bite    

They all look just like... oh, horrors... YOU AND ME...

It's not every person that can continue to lot amazing after they've hit their 40s... 50s... yes, there are those FEW... but ... what a fickle public... too skinny... tarred and feathered... too fat... tarred and feathered... just right? Well, then they'll find something else to bitch about...

2924 days ago


Who cares??? I don't care if they gain weight, I don't care if ordinary people gain weight, including myself! It must suck for them to have to be so aware of that all the time, and if sometimes they want to let themselves go and enjoy life, then so be it. People point out stars who are too thin, then stars who are too fat, they complain if they lose weight with trainers, then complain when they have plastic surgery...there's no pleasing this world!!! Leave them alone, they are still human beings, they are still viable, and they are still loved. Now how about tackling some issues that really matter!

2924 days ago

Lisa D    

Johnny looks great,,,for sure he was 18 in the other picture,,ppl change after a few decades,,He's still hot in my book,,,and can come over for a sleep over any day,,feed him lots of pasta then go for a plane thats what i'm talkin' about, pasta and planes,,,with John Travolta,,sexy................

2924 days ago



2924 days ago


Come on people, as we all get older our bodies don't look as well as they may have once looked. I think its refreshing to see any celebrity a little out of shape, makes them seem more human being. We all know they have the money to take care of the "AGING PROCESS" as many do. And I have one question. When women go and get the fake oversized boobs in their twenties, will they still be loving them when they are in their seventies and eighties, and everything else has gone south????

2924 days ago


Is it just me or does Travolta have man boobs?

2924 days ago

Bill Steele    

When you have beaucoup buck's,a ton of free time and you're able to eat anything in the world, you will put on weight. After you buy so many cars and big houses what else do you do with millions of dollars? As you age your "center of gravity" slowly heads south; witness Travolta and Areatha among many,many others. It is a natural thing, you can't fight it. We live in a country where we are bombarded by food commercials day and night. The commercials either push food, where to buy food or on late night T.V., little machines and gadgets to make food . In 1988 I was in Brasil for two months and you hardly ever see a food commercial on their T.V. Candy yes, food, hardly ever.You rarely see a skin and bones person living any longer than those that eat whatever they like except of course,those that gorge on food and become morbidly obese.

2924 days ago

White Girl    

No, those are not "man boobs" those are MAN TIT-TAYS!

Everyone is right, as you get get older.

TO the one guy who is proud of how he looks naked and spends five days a week in the gym, well good for you bunky. Me I look in the mirror and I think life goes on and I suppose I got better things to do then spend all my free time in some gym trying to hold back the endless march of time. Now that I'm older, I find I like the way older broads look to: Hell if I had a young girlfriend all I'd be able to do is watch her get dressed before she went out to visit "a friend"
My dick is still big, I guess I'll have to be glad for that!

2923 days ago

Ginger Gargoyle    

Well lets see both Hanks and Travolta had to put on weight for parts they played. Sally Struthers is...what?....60? Winona has always had a tough time with weight and that pic of Janet Jackson doesn't show much since she is in a hoody and everyone always wears them big.

Lets face it people...Humans are going thru the next phase of evolution and it includes more body fat. People can blame it on junk food all they want, but it is a world wide "problem" where nutritional standards have risen.

Fat celebs? Are we really suprised that hollywood would be obsessed with wieght enough to make an issue out of it?

2923 days ago

Ginger Gargoyle    

>>>26. #23
>>>No, those are not "man boobs" those are MAN TIT-TAYS!

We call them "Breasticles" around here!!

Not pretty to look at but it all comes with age...what do people think they will look the same in 20 yrs? When Travolta was doing SNF and "Welcome Back Kotter" he was doing some pretty unhealthy activities...he's cleaned up. If he enjoys an occassional cheeseburger I say let him least he's not driving around drunk!

2923 days ago


First of all, Tom Hanks has never been good looking but fat he looks hideous. John Travolta has seen his better days so it doesn't matter how fat he gets. I Know I'm being harsh but if these were women they'd be crucified for being fat. So there you have it.

2923 days ago
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