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Mary-Kate Says Relax

10/23/2006 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mary-Kate Olsen has a unique sense of style -- we'll give her that.

One half of the Olsen duo was spotted in Hollywood looking more like a bag lady than the million dollar baby she is, sporting a black hoodie, big black sunglasses and a "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirt. While vintage is always in style, it's interesting to note Mary-Kate was only one year old when the Frankie Goes to Hollywood t-shirts first gained popularity.

Of course, no Mary-Kate outfit would be complete without pounds of costume jewelry and she didn't disappoint. Our favorite piece - the giant green rock on her right index finger, which probably weighs more than her whole hand.


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well carly what do you know about rednecks? I think she looks like she's on meth!!

2848 days ago


Everyone is entitled to dress how they want! leave them alone. I would love to see some of your closets! Wait I take that back! HELL NO I WOULDNT!

2847 days ago


fro your information it is super sexy and fun. and if all you do is criticize her you have NO LIFE!

2826 days ago

celeb exposed    

I would like to relax with her

2891 days ago


Why does she always look homeless?

2891 days ago


Caroline, there is this thing called "fashion", and sometimes older people don't always get it..but this IS what the kids will be wearing soon. ;)


2891 days ago


I don't understand why Mary-Kate or her sister Ashley looks like "BUMS" instead of looking well dressed. There's a name called "dirty poor " instead of looking like a millionaire , they look very poor , wonder what the reason for that ?

Makes no sense , the girls have there own clothing line and they still look like SH*T. I have a daughter and she has very nice looking clothing and she doesnt
look like a sh*t dum , and we arent millionaires .......Average young adult girls dresses better than the Olsen Twins .

2891 days ago


Yeah, but I'm not older. I'm 24, and I still think she's looks dumb.

2891 days ago


I have a 6 yr old, please TELL me this is NOT going to be the fashionable dress when she's a teenager! SCARY thought. . .and what's with the return of leggins???????

2891 days ago


i like the olsen girls and all but i have to agree with
Caroline on this one....for someone that has a ridiculous amount of money, she
does look "homeless-like and bummy" all the time...her hair always looks ratty
too...and to Etan just for the record im 20 and i do NOT think this is
a good fashion statement at i said i like the
girl and im not sayin shes gotta look like a damn super model all the
time but i mean come onnnn...seriously

2891 days ago


I think they dress this way because they can.....i think they figure since everybody knows they have millions and millions of dollars , they don't have to live upto the styles that only money can buy......i don't think they are trying to make a "fashion statement" so to speak.....if you've ever seen the clothes they design they are very cute and fitting clothes for pre teens so I think they do this on purpose....we all know they are not bums .....they are not homeless and they figure people will still talk sh*t whether we dress like this or that so i'll look like this because I can

2891 days ago


I dont agree Amy, I think that when you feel good about yourself you dress good and when you dont you dress like them.

If you have money you can dress even better so why wear clothes like you just crawled out of bed, thats just being plain old badly dressed!

2891 days ago

Christina Andra    

I'm in my forties and I always think Mary-Kate looks cute. I used to dress like that. No, I didn't do it to get attention - I just liked it. I also think Helena Bonham Carter looks great sometimes, too, even though they always call her worst dressed.

To me, worst dressed is when they carry the ugly hangbags that cost thousands of dollars, when there are starving people everywhere in the world (including this country). Also worst-dressed would be the hideously ugly print dresses that are in style and all the celebrity lemmings are wearing them.

To the mother who hoped her girl wouldn't dress like that in the future, you should be so lucky. If she doesn't dress like a whore and copy the sleazy celebrities of today, you should be grateful.

2888 days ago


Go girl. Dress for yourself- Why give a s__t what anyone else thinks about it?

2888 days ago


Just because she has millions of dollars doesn't automatically make her a happy person. Maybe she is dressed to suit her mood. We should all be allowed to feel what we feel whether we are a celebrity or not. Leave her alone.

2887 days ago
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