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Can O Clean Up Madge's Malawian Mess?

10/24/2006 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MAdonnaNow that Madonna's third world adoption of one-year-old Malawian boy David Banda has become a bigger PR nightmare than her trilogy of terror, i.e. "Shanghai Surprise", "Body of Evidence" and "Swept Away," Madonna is turning to a higher power for guidance -- Oprah!

Madge is scheduled to tape an appearance on Oprah's show today, which will air Wednesday, and plead her case in front of the throngs of O-lovers.

The way we see it, the Material Girl can either announce that she is returning David -- after all Malawians are soooo last month -- set his family up in a lavish Kabbalah kingdom of their very own, and begin adoption proceedings of some poorer, parentally-challenged child from an even lesser known nation. Djibouti anyone? But this time, just so there isn't any confusion, proof of true orphanhood will be required.

Or, assuming she gets the big O's blessing, Madonna can continue as planned with her Malawian motherhood and chalk up the experience and the mounting backlash as fodder for a tribal house concept album with a tour and Gaultier designed outfits to follow.

But perhaps her Madgesty will choose a different path and once again prove why she is the queen of reinvention. She'll adopt not only baby David, but his father too and simultaneously usher in the new Hollywood trend of adult adoptions. Zahara Jolie-Pitt be damned!


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the wise old owl    

CNN just covered this piece last night. Seems there might have been some misunderstandings because of the language barrier. In Malawawi it is standard procedure to have your child cared for at an orphanage for up to 5 years. You don't give the baby up forever. You just leave the baby there TEMPORARILY.... to be cared for and fed UNTIL you are able to provide for the child yourself. It is common practice and procedure there.

The father is saying now that he was not advised that this was " an adoption " He believed it was temperary and he would have his baby back someday.

It's hard to know at this point who is being forth right and who is not. The lawyers will have to hack it out at this stage in the drama. Stay's not over yet.

2884 days ago


How are they to wisely and happily conclude a illiterate man knew everything that happened, and it's all his fault he lost his child not knowing better? Are they not going to say.. well if he doesn't agree.. all the money I would have invested in the country is gone, and put the burden on him and the child the charity is now gone?

2884 days ago


At any rate, this looks like it's already turned into a mess. I think she should at least give the child back to his father. It is hard to believe the orphanage allowed this in the first place.

2884 days ago


I feel for them all but if Madonna is just adopting this baby to look good than give him back. You have to love the child as you do your other children. I really don't care if the father thought it was temp. or not . Like he is so stupid that NO ONE told him what adoption means before hand. I know there was people there to communicate for them and they didn't explain this to the father ? I see that hard to believe. Plus in was in an orphanage. What if another person came and wanted to adopt him that wasn't her than what? This just isn't right . Good luck to them all I guess.

2884 days ago


Look this is an illiterate guy living in a mud hut. You know he is not educated enough to understand all the fine print in this adoption and what it means. If he wants the baby back, Madonna should return him. And if she wants to help David, help Daddy out. I'm sure $10,000 goes along way in Malawi.

2884 days ago


I am wondering why TMZ doesn't have the scoop on what was said on the OPRAH show.

2884 days ago


Robbers - you got your 3 scenario joke from Jossip.

2884 days ago


I saw a few minutes of this mess on Nancy Grace, and for the life of me, WHY, did I wastes my time? I guess the way I am right now, I need to get out more, but this story has gotten on my NERVES, every station you see something about this foolishness. Madonaa, the boy's father is an idiot and is ugly as hell to bott, give him his boy back and be gone!

2884 days ago


madonna's a hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

2884 days ago


I am outraged that Celebs think that just because they have fame and money the laws do not pertain to them. I truly believe that Madonna paid off the Malawi Government for them to allow her to adopt this child. Furthermore this innocent child is not an orphan he has a father who loves and cares about him. Madonna should go through the proper legal steps to adopt a child that is actually an orphan. Madonna's actions just make it harder for honest law abiding citizens to adopt children.

2884 days ago


I am certainly no Madonna fan, but I AM a Mother and in my opinion any parent who abandons their child FOR ANY REASON is no parent and should not have any rights to them no matter what country they live in. I find it shocking that it is actual legal for him to have rights to a baby he just decided to give up to someone else to care for until he got around to coming back for him. I suppose once the boy was old enough to care for himself he would have been allowed to come home then?

Why are people defending this?

On the other side of the coin.....are there no orphans in the US that need a home?

2884 days ago


I don't understand, this person goes overseas and adopts a baby.This is very big news????But someone like Danzel Washington donates a sum of monoey for the families of recovering solders at Brooks Army Medical Center(BAMC) in San Antonio Tx, and no body writes a word.except at the local level. What is wrong with this

2884 days ago


This child is not an orphan....he has a father. Couldn't Madonna at least adopt a child who has no parents. Big publicity stunt if you ask me. Not a Madonna fan...never was....never will be. She is nothing but white trash with money.

2884 days ago


All orphans deserves to be loved, cared and givin a chance at life, but my problem with this whole situation is why can't these Stars adopt American Children, Why don't they help American's. I know there are some countries that are very bad off but for once why don't we take care of our OWN. If these stars feel the need to do some good, help American Orphans, help the Hungry people in America, help the Homeless in America! America helps EVERYONE.
I just think it's time we look in our own back yard and fix our own problems before we help eveyone else

2884 days ago


I don't care who said what...just look at the facts: The father could not AFFORD to keep the child. How can any millionaire take his child away when they are in the position to help him???????????????

2884 days ago
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